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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Travis Morgan from USA Fantastic artwork (with a story), unique shape, and superb sound quality. You obviously care a great deal about your product, and this shows through your attention to customer service. Workmanship Diverse selection, range of price/ quality points available. Much better
David from Virgin Islands (british) Its cool From Australa to a small Island in the carribean in under 72 hours, thats good Can hear the didj before I buy Liked web page Much much better
Brian from USA I love my didj. I am still a beginner and this didj is very easy to learn with. The service from your company was amazing. I was shocked at how fast my didj was delivered to my doorstep. Workmanship I was trying to decide between your company and another I had found on the web. The fact that your company was based in AUS, and had competitive pricing was making me lean towards your company. The final deciding factor was that I was able to listen to the didj sample.  
Hajo Hoffmann from Netherlands Very clear sound. perfect. easy to take with me on journys. Quick delivery. I got what I dreamt. Workmanship I bought one before and I am still happy wiht this instument. The didgeridoo from your shop has the same quality as ah570 i am very glad with this instuments. if I buy e new one only from your shop.
Anonymously Incredible shape, interesting artwork, very nice tone. The opening was a little large for me, but that was easily adjusted. The entire experience was excellent. The sound clips were extraordinarily helpful in choosing my didj. Sound Quality Seemed to be the most authentic of any of the sites I found. Well, seeing as how I made it out of PVC pipe, I can hardly compare!
Bruce Cartwright from USA I like it very much, it has great tone and is beautifuly crafted. I love this didj. Its beautiful and sounds great even though I don't play very well. Customer service was great and I received it when promiced. Didjshop would be my first stop if I buy another. Business Ethics The whole website exudes warmth and friendlyness. I felt like I was doing business with friends not a business. No compairison. Actually I disposed of my other didj, it didn't even come close.
Dmitri from Finland Great didj. We were on a honeymoon in Australia 2003/4 and were so stupid not to buy didj there (airline rules). Next year (2005) I ordered it for my wife's B'Day as a surprise present. You should see her happy face. Now this didj is culture/decoration object #1 at our apartment in Helsinki (Finland). All neighbors knows the sound of this didj, because we mostly trying to play when we have party at home:). Just in Right Time delivered great product. Aboriginal Made Well planned and evaluated web site  
Anonymous from USA Beautiful look, nice sound Excellent Can hear the didj before I buy Good track record.  
Vangelis from United Kingdom It is compact with a very good quality of sound. As it was my first 'real' didj I chose something that would be easy to play and that was true.! I choose something plain, but it was very well crafted. Arrived fast. Low Price So many satisfied customers all over the world. Well done! You can not compare a real didj with counterfeits.
Anonymous from Spain I like his sound and its hacabado Excelen   Good pretty and economic
Anonymous from USA There is nothing negative about my didj. I absolutely love it and would not trade it for anything, period. My didj is beautiful to look at and even better to play. I'm so happy with it. Customer service was fantastic as well. Workmanship Just a great reputation and I felt that I was getting a good deal, as are those making and selling the didj - very much the epitome of good capitalism. Seems to be comparable.
Eric German from Spain Me like so much this didj. It is easy to carry, because it is small, has a very good sound and a beautiful painting. All ok!!! Sound Quality Because I see trought the internet that you are a serious and professional business, and I really want to have a genuine aboriginal didgeridoo too. Ah058 it is not possible to compare with those other didjes. His sound and quality is impressive.
Nathan from USA I very much like the extremely powerful vocals of this didj and its bizarre shape is a great way to get people interested in trying the instrument and looking at others on your website. I also like how hardy these instruments are. The sealant is tough and helps the didj survive the harsh climate in my cave of an apartment. I can only think of one thing that I dislike and that is the weight of this instrument. It is so heavy, I do not feel comfortable carrying it around by the shoulder strap of the case that came with it. During the time of my purchase, the people who I spoke to at the company were incredibly friendly and helpful. I don't think I could have asked for better service. Can hear the didj before I buy Friendly service. It was far more expensive, but I spent more $ for higher quality in sound.
David from USA Authentic aboriginal construction, interesting shape and authentic decoration Overall very good; have had a bit of a problem with breakage of the wax on mouthpiece Reliably graded Bought in response to my daughter's interest in learning, with the hope we would share it. Too bad for me, she has kept the didj and video at her place, so I haven't had the opportunity to learn the breathing and play regularly as I had hoped. But, at least she has an authentic instrument... N/a
Sandra from USA Like the shape and the sound don't like the pattern on it as much as the one that was smashed but can't play that one The packaging of the didj was phenomenal not a scratch on it Aboriginal Made All of the abovre Well
Anonymously It is great sounder and beautiful too. Very good Workmanship I trust you guys and your sound grading. The price is higher, but artwork is Brad. I have one other E made of gourd which has stronger resonance, but that is the nature.
Mark from USA We love everything about it. The beautfiul wood, the painting and most importantly the sound. Both the service and quality of the workmanship were outstanding. I bought this didj for my husand's birthday present. He had always wanted one and I wouldn't buy from anyone else. Sound Quality The main reason was that it was aboriginal made and the ethics of this company - I felt that I was buying a quality piece from good people. Looking at other websites to compare, I felt that didgshop offered the best quality for the real thing.
Anonymously It is a good one. You guys are the best. Reliably graded You are the best It very good.
Anonymous from Costa Rica I looking for a stick that weighed under 5 lbs, that would be small enough to take on an airplane. The sound is not as big as I had hoped, and the mouthpiece is oddly shaped, which takes some getting used to, especially if I have been playing my other didj a lot. Otherwise, it is a pretty good travel instrument. The didj was shipped fast and securely. The didj bag, however, is a tad bit too short for the didj, and the mouthpiece sticks out the end unless I force the top closed. The workmanship of the stick appears pretty good, but I would have preferred to know the name of the person who crafted it. Reliably graded I was a previous customer satisfied with my previous didj purchase It is inferior to my first didjshop purchase (a concert medium D) but serves a different purpose. This didj is a travel instrument, while my D didj is for performance. Unfortunately, after about 10 months of use, the D didj began developing multiple cracks. I still use it for performance, but I have to keep the cracks sealed or the back pressure is terrible.
Jeremy from USA I love the tone and the artwork on my didj. The back pressure is excellent, making it pretty easy to play. The shipping was very fast on my didj and the workmanship is some of the best I've seen. Workmanship The most important reason was Aboriginal Made and supporting their culture. It was of course more expensive, but the sound and quality are far superior.
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