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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymously This didj is beautiful and it sounds very nice Very good. The package was at home in three days Sound Quality No Sound quality
Laurent from Switzerland The sound and de wood Very good Sound Quality   More expansive but the sound is very good and it is an aboriginal instrument
South West from Australia I like the didge because it sounds so beautiful especially with all the other didges It was so good, you kept us up to date with everything, If we had a problem we would call you and you would get right on it very good service Sound Quality Didge shop crew is just a good bunch of people you helped us out alot so thankyou There all good
David from Australia I Love it it has a great sound and a great feeling to it its perfect I already did in the above Sound Quality Well I looked at to many shops and yours is buy far the best It is my best didj yet in all aspects a good medicine didj
Anonymous from Italy I like this didj. it has a very specific aesthetic and well-crafted. the sound is clean and deep. it's an excellent instrument. The service was perfect, precise and faster than I thought!!!! Sound Quality No, it is are the best for me. the aborigines are the best for the culture and the didgeridoos... I'm sorry for my english!!!!!  
Anonymously I like its shape, its color. I don't control my sounds very well yet, but sometimes It's just perfect. No comments.It's just perfect. I appreciate very much that you inform the customer during the order, delivery and support processes. Workmanship You seem to respect the aboriginal people by integrating them in your "business" and give them a way to continue to exist with their beliefs, culture and know-how. You seem not to alter their roots. Your didj is really an instrument, and very well made. It's night and day compared to my first one I was offered.
Joseph Carringer from USA It was the perfect didge for my client The didge performs amazing under strong percussive playinh Workmanship Your the best!! Equally
Michael from USA I am a beginner, so I'm still struggling to get the basics. Any help would be appreciated. I am following your website instruction. I play guitar and do appreciate a great instrument. I wanted a quality didj and feel this one is a good one.. I just can't quite play it yet! You seemed to know alot about didj's and had easily accessable information I am a beginner, so I haven't quite found the sound on this new didj as yet. However, Another didj purchased while in Cairns seems to play a little easier.
Nikos from Greece I like the look, the shape, the wood... everything I'm more than satisfied,but I can't say much about my didj because I can't play yet,but the service was great! Aboriginal Made I found your website better from all the other that I searched  
Anonymous from Germany Excellent sound, especially the rumbling when using deep voice. Mouth piece too soft when it gets warm. I exchanged it with a little plastic cone, covered with bees/carnauba wax mixture. Very friendly and fast service. Perfect workmanship for wood and varnish inside and outside. Not consistent: Order confirmation stated "UPS" as shipping option, actual shipping was with FedEx. Workmanship Bought two other good didges here before. More expensive, but better sound and wood quality.
Bart from Belgium I like very much the sound of the didge: beautiful, and very "open" with good overtones. The only thing that lacks a bit is that with the didge-presentation was mentioned that it could easily be played slow and fast, but when it's played fast, it sounds a litte bit muddy, the rythms don't sound very powerful on it because of that, but on the other hand, when I use more traditional techniques (like we learned from Jeremy Cloake), those things go easy and sound good. I bought some stuff (also a didge) from you earlier, and I'm always very satisfied Workmanship   I usually play my hemp didge, because it has a powerful and raw sound, and it plays like a train, and I needed this one for more calmer playing. About sound quality, each didge is different and there are different types of interesting good sound qualities, raw or full, etc...
Keenan Leonard-solis from USA This was the first didj that I've ever purchased, and I have nothing but great things to say about it! Your ratings are accurate--am140 has EXCELLENT back pressure, which made it extremely easy to learn on. I have inspired my brother to start didjing, and I hope to purchase more didjes that we can play together--I only hope that I will be able to find similar didjes [Cheap/Concert Learners] that can be played in harmony with my didj [the key of my didj is F#]. am140 has a clear drone, and it is incredibly relaxing to play. Customer service from the Shop is remarkable. I wish to extend my highest appreciation to Shiralee Betuel, who helped me to make an informative decision on my purchase and who also greatly facilitated the process of ordering my first didj. I really felt like the folks at the Shop cared about me and the purchase I made--the didj is an incredible instrument, and the people behind the Shop seem interested and invested in my decision to pick up the didj. Said another way, it felt like you guys were excited for me to buy a didj and that you cared deeply that I purchased a quality product. As I search the web for other didj sites, I can't help but feel that is the only authentic site in the world--you care about your product and [most importantly] about the talented artists who makes the didjes. I feel so happy to support Aboriginal culture. My family was unbelievably excited when I unveiled the new didj--it's like a new member of our family:-). I am the only person in my town to own a didj from the Didjshop, and this makes me quite proud. I will, without a doubt, use your name as a referral for any friends who are looking to buy didjes, and I will always turn to you for all my didj needs! My product arrived within days after it was dispatched, and it is free of any defects. It's a wonderful addition to my life, so thank you for such a quality product! Low Price Customer service--your staff treated me like family, and I greatly appreciate this! Your website is also extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Plus, this site is a wealth of additional invaluable resources for an aspiring didj player [forums, contacting you directly, etc] I'm not really sure b/c I this is the first didj I've ever really been around [up close, if you will:-)]
Anonymously Authentic quality One of the best websites and purchases I've made online Business Ethics Good website  
Dionisio from Spain Can hear the didj before I buy For me, the price was much expensive than other in spain (because travel cost and taxes), 497 $ AUS, and in Spain over 280 $ AUS with a similar sound quality...BUT I should go to make it again.
Diamantina from USA The artwork on my didj is very beautiful. I don't know how to play yet, but I am able to get a very nice sound from it. Your service, website, and workmanship are excellent! I received the didj sooner than I expected, which was great because I was going on a trip and didn't want to miss the delivery. You provide so much information on your website and everything is fascinating. Although I am inexperienced and don't know much about didjs, I can see that your instruments are authentic, well-made, and delivered in perfect condition. I am looking forward to learning to play and create more meditative sounds with my didj. Can hear the didj before I buy I liked the picture and the description of the didj on the website. Reading other customers' comments was also very helpful.  
Mike Ricker from USA Quality of workmanship is excellent. It's a bit heavier than I expected but not to the point of being problematic. Great sound. Wrote for help and I received it within the time stated. Good follow-up as well. I received my didj before I expected it! Business Ethics No  
Juri from Netherlands A high quality instrument and a beautiful piece of art craft created by nature, found on a walk, tipped by some paint with grass, just for the finishing touch. Excellent service, plenty of practical information and examples on the web page to define your choice when you want to buy your own didgee. Well done! Business Ethics Aboriginal and ethic caring web site. I made a pvc pipe for practicing..
James from USA Beautiful looking instrument. I love the philosophy of the Didjshop working with indigenous artisans. The transaction was so smooth and the communication excellent. The didj appears to be very well made and is certainly beautiful. This is my first experience with a didj, so I don't know much about them. Reliably graded All mentioned above in service and workmanship comments, but also, the website is well designed and user friendly.  
Anonymously I love the Didgeridoo, the only thing is with a rating of 4 on back-pressure I knew it wasn't ideal to learn circular breathing on, in hind sight I would have purchased a didgeridoo with a 5 on back-pressure as im finding it difficult to keep my circular breathing going. This is my own fault though and the didj itself sounds fantastic Very fast service, it was fantastic. The diji is top quality. Reliably graded You have everything there is to know about Didji's:)  
Dana from USA I love the authenticity of the instrument and the artistry is amazing. Love the tones that I can generate through it too! Need much practice!! Service was outstanding. I spent quite a bit of time trying to make the best choice and Shiralee was invaluable and incredibly patient with my silly questions. Business Ethics Wanted to ensure that funds generated from this sale go directly back to the aboriginal artists that created it! No experience, but am not at all worried about its performance against any other!!
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