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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymously J'aime tout dans le didgeridoo le son la variété des rhytme possible. Site trés sérieux j'ai recu mon didj dans de bref delais et le service est trés bien géré Sound Quality Large choix de didj de qualités Le meilleur! son parfait
Anonymous from USA It's a small and simple beginner's didj that is still great quality--exactly what I was going for. The didj is beautiful, the service was expedient, and absolutely nothing went wrong. Reliably graded Again, I was highly impressed at the ethics and authenticity, and was willing to pay extra for that. It would be crude to even compare the two, al683 is so good.
Sébastien Beltramo from France I like rythm, sound and ambiance it can give... so much possibilities only with air and wood.. this is a such incredible instrument I bought 3 didjs at didjshop, and I have to say I never as been dissapointed... Last didj I received is real perfect for me... Great work in design. congratulation to workmanship! And so fast to have it in from australia to france.. less than a week! Reliably graded I had bought two other ones and always have been very satified Others are excellent too!!! same money scope.. better than the first one I had!
Sam from Belgium Superb clarity and resonance So far the best online didjshop I have ever seen! it's my second purchase, no problems what so ever. Almost perfection. As a computer technician I think that the site could need some freshening up (graphical design) although the structure is OK and is user friendly. Workmanship Like I said, never had a better experience Was a bit more expensive than previous one, but plays better.
Chris Bittner from USA It's Beautiful, it sounds great! It's a mite heavy, but I don't mind that much, I figure that contributes to its character I like that the didj has a heavy finish, inside and out, it gives me confidence that it can stand up to humidity changes. The service was outstanding, had my didj, safe and sound, 5 days later. I won't bother with anyone else. Reliably graded Very complete website, gave me confidence to buy. The ratings and sound make it acceptable to buy instruments online. Otherwise you don't really know what you'll get. Better sound, similar price, more value.
Joseph Brown from France The didge without being cheesy change my life I can now play well with rythem and with other people, absolutly perfect Mouth piece perfect love the fact on the root you kept the termite holes on the bark because it doesnt effect the sound and looks cool, awesome workmanship No but I will do again 10 leagues above far better
Kris from Belgium I like the deep sound and the look of my new didg. Very well finished.Very easy to play. Aboriginal Made Very professional site, I was shure it came really from the aboriginals.  
Tobias from Australia Exactly what I was looking for Great service Great service, good reputation  
Charles from USA Wonderful sound... takes strong breath to play well and produce great sound. Circular breathing harder on it than others I use, but fine. I expected it to be easier to play, and get that sound, but once I figured it out, it played fine. This is a beautiful didj and seems nicely worked. Your service left nothing to be desired. Workmanship I am in learning mode, so wanted a didj that I heard played on your site, with your recommendations. Higher priced, better sound... price a bit strong, but was willing to pay for the quality.
Patrick from USA I really like the clear "D" tone and the trumpets are clear and easy to do. I'm getting used to the beeswax mouthpiece. None of my other didjs have that. I wish it had a bit more back pressure though. It makes it super easy to play my "F" which has loads of back pressure. Beautifully crafted didj. Your customer service is outstanding. I love the personal emails back and forth. Can hear the didj before I buy Very very good customer service. Great price for the quality. I have a bloodwood eucalyptus that is superior in sound quality but it was much more expensive.
Kim Spensley from USA I like the lightness of this didge and the wonderful vibration that it gives off. It has a beautiful soundl I love the shape of it -- nice bends in the wood. You guys deliver!!! The didge took a week to get it and was extremely well packaged. Low Price Because you're the best!!! All my didges came from you guys. I'm not interested in getting one from anywhere else. I've researched in thoroughly before buying my first one, and was so pleased that I will continue to go with you guys. Others just don't compare.
Anonymous from Australia I like: Powerfull sound and resonance, low note, mouthpiece and beautiful design. Excellent service =)) Sound Quality   It si the best one!
Gideon from Belgium It's beautiful! And has a fine energy in it. I'm fairly content, only not that I had to pay extra custum duties. Overall this more than tripled the price of the didge itsself. I understand that of course that's not your fault, however it would improve your service to custumers when perhaps some more information (and prices) about this is provided on your website. Can hear the didj before I buy The overall impression of your products, service and reliability felt 'oké'  
Anonymously It's beautiful! It's heavier than I imagined. I wish the mouth opening was just a tad wider, but otherwise I love it. No issues at all. Reliable Trustworthy Business   Blows them away!
Martijn from Netherlands I like everything, except for: I can not get any sound out of it But I am still praticing:) Very good nothing to complain about Sound Quality A lot to choose from good explaination and soundfiles I think it's very good
Anonymously I love the size, the mouthpeice is just perfect for the person I bought it for (I wish I had one too now!). I also love the paint job. I did not like the fact that there were 2 spots on the didj (near the bell and the mouthpeice) where the black paint had been chipped and someone had just filled it in with permanent marker; the marker was pretty much purple in contrast with the original black paint job. I would have given workmanship and looks a "10" if it wasn't for the 2 spots on the didj with the chipped paint; it just made the beautiful paint job look used and beat. Workmanship Very good selection of didj's; good information on didj selection. Much better in all aspects
Kim Spensley from USA I like the didj a lot. It is my first didj ever and I wanted to have a good one. I was not disappointed. Because of the terrific backpressure, I am easily learning how to play it. I still have to learn Circular Breathing, but I can tell that this didj will make that easier than most. I love the way it looks and feels. I love the slight curve in the wood. I shined a light down through the inside and could see that it was not completely smooth... definitely formed by termites!!! It seems to play better the longer I have it... or maybe it's just me!! Service was excellent. I am do glad to have purchased a didj from the didjshop. I had taken a didj class before receiving my didj and was unable to play the didj there. The one that I received from the didjshop -- a beautiful learner -- was so easy to play for me.. a rank beginner!! Reliably graded I read a lot of the testimonies on your website. Fantastic website!!! So much GREAT information. I read a lot of Visitor's Comments also. Compared to other websites, Didjshop is so much more informative, friendly, warm and inviting. You really love your didjeridus and care about how they are made... and it shows!! No comparison!! This is the best didj purchase that I could have made and I am very pleased with it.
Christina from USA It's perfect the way it is. I like the simplicity Very nice Workmanship You had the perfect didj  
Jerome Leroy from France Everything's all right about this didj. Even if I were bad, I couldn't say anything wrong about it. Absolutely perfect. service of great quality, speed and very professionnal workmanship. I'm still satisfied and recommend you as often as I can... Workmanship Absolute trust in didjshop from my previous orders. Same range as they all are didjshop...
Jerome Leroy from France I really like the bottom of the didj with it's natural look. The sound quality is also perfect. Nothing bad to say, sorry guys! Perfect as usual. There's nothing else to say. Keep on going this way! Workmanship Because each time it's perfect. Packaging, service, workmanship, speed and seriousness. I don't know how I couldn't buy from you! Same range because they all are didjshop's!
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