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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Michael from USA The amount of education and information on the website. The sincerity of those I was in contact with. The service was very good and the quality of the didj was exactly what I would have expected. No  
Stephen Pickering from Australia What a beautiful piece of timber. the back pressure is almost unbelievable, I am only a beginer and sometimes the back pressure actually blows out while the drone continues! I have even started playing traditional hard tongue style and actually am achieving the simple stuff in a few hours. As I said the didge is a beautiful piece of timber and has been treated with the respect it deserves. the service has been great Workmanship I discovered svargo's name on a website as a major participant in a university research paper on the yidaki. The indonesion teak drilled didge was a gift so price and value don't count, but it is not even in the race as far as sound quality goes. don't think i'll pick the other 1 up again.
Anonymous from France My son is very happy with the sound and the beautiful paintings on it. You should specify that we will have customs to pay to the delivery service. It adds to the total price of the Didj. Sound Quality People from France would charge extra money for Didjs coming from Australia. We thought it would be more reasonable to buy directly from Australia and your web site is very clear and simple. It is better
Bernard from USA I like the overall sound Quality: Harmonics, resonance, and richness. The only thing to wish a bit more of would be volume. The workmanship is top notch as usual, and the only thing that I could possibly say about the service was that it took a bit longer than I expected to get the didge, but this was not a typical transaction as I traded back a didge I had previously purchased, and as such, the shipping agent (Kingfisher) apparently held up the process by not swiftly sending the total. Reliably graded I have purchased 4 high concert and 1 medium concert didged from the didjshop, and haven't been disappointed. I was fortunate to be able to play this didge prior to actually purchasing it because I was on a trip to Australia I have a fair number of didges that are very very nice in terms of sound Quality, and I would rate al399 as among the nicest didges I have in terms of sound Quality. It wasn't an inexpensive didge, and I do have didges that have similar sound Quality at 1/2 to 2/3 the price, but I consider price a part of the Aritsts interpretation, so I focus mainly on sound Quality and just try to have the money to make the purchase.
Anonymous from Canada I adore the artwork, backpressure, toots, overtones, and manageable size of this Didj. Exquisite workmanship and impeccable service. Workmanship The website was recommended by a highly respected friend.  
Minh from France My didje is very easy to play: very good back pressure, I can play very fast on it and try some new stuff!! Maybe the power is a little low, because it's not a big bell.. but it's enough About your service, I'd liked the direct contact between the customer and the different person of your team: If there is a problem, they contact us very quickly with a personnal mail. and about the workmanship, it's what I expected for the price... and it's so difficult to find same quality of didj in france...or it's very expensive!! Sound Quality I had a friend who buy a didj on, I try it and I ddid'nt esitate to buy mine My new didj I more expensive than my first didje, but the sound quality and playability are incomparable.
Calvin from New Zealand I really like the shape. Really happy with the fact that I can travel with it. I had problems with New Zealand Customs, and Shiralee helped me through it. UPS here in New Zealand are absolute garbage. Workmanship Great advice on didjs and keys Apples and oranges
Jack Silver from USA I've only started to play and I wanted a good playing didj. This is easy to play. The sound is big and resonant. When I'm in the right state the didj speakes to me. The service was great. The didj arrived sooner than I thought and in perfect condition. Workmanship You were recommended by a friend. 4 times more expensive, 10X better sound
Gabrielle from France I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product and high standard of service. When viewing the product on-line prior to ordering, I was apprehensive wondering if the product shown would be the same as received especially as I live in Europe and questioned the return policy and what it would entail. To my total surprise and delight the product was everything and more. Not only am I ecstatic, the person whom it was a gift of thanks for now has the Didgeridoo in a place of honor in his government office. Incredible - fantastic and speedy delivery. I was able to ring and speak with someone who could elate my fears  
Anonymous from France I like its look simple and rooty. I like the sound and its playability. There 's nothing I dislike for the moment..maybe its weight a bit heavy. Great informative service about my order and high tracability. Great reactivity and customer good as amazon for the whole service, good job, feel secure and amazed by the quickness!! Workmanship The large amount of informations and advices, the economic ethic. Nothing compared!!! rolls versus tata?!
Anonymously I don't like anything Any problem. Service very efficient Workmanship Any more reasons at this moment Any comparaison possible because this one is a real one made in Australia
Carey from Switzerland Nice wood, and tasteful painting. Harder to play than my other didj. Shipping confirmation was good, but the order confirmation should be better - not very friendly or informative. The workmanship is really good, and your website is excellent and easy to use. Aboriginal Made Comprehensive website - indicated you cared about the product, not just making a buck. A bit more expesnive, a bit harder to play, but looks more authentic
Paul Murray from Ireland Like the weight and feel of the tree. the sound just resonates thru my bones.finish is good except for a small piece chipped off at base on design otherwise perfect. Service cant be equalled and the delivery of such magnificent workmanship is a credit to all the team at Reliably graded Authenticity guaranteed. to allow aboriginal skills to be given the acknowledgement and praise it deserves from a world stage Cannot be compared as each one speaks with its own voice,outside tells its own story therefore completely individual,no two speak the same or tell the same story, like peas in a pod, same mother but different children
Carlo from Italy Very good backpressure Very fast Sound Quality You are the only one The best
Louis from Canada I love the cool lizard design Your customer service is second to non.All of my questions were answered quickly and in a proffesional and friendly manner.Keep up the good work guys! Workmanship Mostly the craftsmanship.Well done. It is of the highest quality as are all didjshop didjs regardless of the price.
Barney from USA The brown tones used in the art work are an excellant blend with the natural blonde wood that is left exposed. Very pleasant for the eye to look at it. Like the lightness and small size. Had not realized the size and weight would be so nice. Well I think I have already commented on how I feel about the looks. The workmanship seems to be good. Do not have a lot of experience in that area, so I can only speculate. Something that did impress me was the selection of questions on your website that helped Cathy determine a selection of didjs for me to choose from. That was a service that was a great help. Another thing I have noticed about your website is how informative it is. Good stuff!!! Can hear the didj before I buy It was a combination of all things together. Your company seemed knowledgable; presented the company in an ethical, open, and down-to-earth fashion. Some thing that I have learned to do is go with my feelings. If it feels harmonius or intune with my feelings then that is what I tend to base my decisions on. Sort of, "let the Spirit guide me". The ah906 seems to have a better resonance than the other didj. The workmanship is better. After I bought my other didj, I stripped off the finish and have been refinishing it by sanding it down so that it is a little smoother. That didj is also heavier and longer. Plus I am not sure what type of tree it is.
Luc from Canada Great backpressure, easy to play and great sound. Service was good, would be perfec except for hicup when I did not get the notice of shipping and tracking number Reliably graded Feedback was positive from buyers Ther other didjes I have are PVC so there is no comparison
Anonymously The look of the didj was a lot better than I imagined from the pictures. Sound Quality It was great to be able to listen for the didj I was about to buy.  
Hans Hanssen from Ireland I like the simple design and great sund quality. Sober but brilliant Very efficient and well informed Workmanship Recommended by a great didge instructor /
Harry from Australia Looks fantastic and has a great finish to it. perfect weight- not too heavy or too light, and the sound quality is amazing. However, I wish I had purchased one with a smaller mouth opening as it took a while to get used to initially, but now its fine. Everything was perfect. Service really exceeded my expectations - from giving advice on which didgeridoos matched my requirements to payment security and speedy delivery. Sound Quality The website is fantastic and is obvious that lots of time has been spent into maintaining it. Its extremely informative indicating that its run by people who know what they're talking about. This is a sign of a great and reliable business that is producing quality goods.  
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