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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Denis from USA The overall craftsmanship is great as is the art work by Ngamu Kari. The turtle(tortoise) theme compliments my memories of natural places. Similar to the 081 I purchased recently from your shop, outstanding in both areas. Workmanship I was extremely pleased with 085 and wanted to compliment that instrument in key and some artwork Tops
Denis from USA This Digi is reminiscent of the Digis I enjoyed in the 1960's while working in the NT, and it is real. The ordering and shipping was snappy. NIce website and display of products. The site reveals the sound and craftsmanship very clearly. Workmanship Apparent quality representation of craftsmen and artist  
Richard from United Kingdom I like the look and feel very much. The sounds I have managed so far are promising. Service faultless. I am not experienced enough in matters didj to really comment on workmanship but it seem fine. Business Ethics   N/a
Imogen from Switzerland Sound is clear and precise. Overtones are awesome. My old didgeridoo would not allow me to go as far with the playing. Good to do business with. Great care for clients. Appreciate the security took with the information exchange. Reliably graded In my country there aren't many specialized shops about didgeridoos. It's definitely better! It allows me to practice some sounds that were impossible with my others didgeridoos
Uwe from Germany It is a very nice powerful and extraordinary didj. Service and workmanship are perfect Sound Quality Perfect service It is comparable with the others
Ruth Sumners from USA It is beautiful and the sound is very... Whole -- the ethics behind the crafting of this price were very important to me. You can feel the love within the wood. Wonderful all around -- you can tell you love what you do and the shipping speed was great! Workmanship Mainly the sustainability respect and love you put into your products the lands and the process I imagine well -- this is my first big didj purchase
Deborah from USA Beautiful finish and tone I love the product, although if I was picking it out myself I might have bought one with more artwork on the outside Reliably graded    
Anonymously The didj was a present for my wife and she absolutely LOVES it. From my experience, perfect. Business Ethics It took me some time to find a shop where I could be sure to get an authentic, Aboriginal made didj (difficult to figure out in shops here or in other online shops). The fact that something goes back to the Aborginal community was very important to me. N/a
Peter from Germany It is a solide didge with special frequency. All described datas in the description on the shopside are correct. Unusually sound and superb backpressure I know that all orders on didjshop will be always friendly, absolute correct. On that it is possible to order and make no mind for problems. Thank you Business Ethics You are my best didgeridoo dealer and because we meet us person to person It will be an additional new sound to my collection
Anonymously So beautiful, amazing sound All very easy to order and view online. The didj is a work of art. Business Ethics -  
Sofie from Belgium I loved that you guys already put the wax on the mouthpiece, was a pleasant surprise! Th didje resonates like nothing I've encountered, wonderful earth sound. First class service truly. I made enquiries before ordering and the reply was a lot more than I expected. Thank you Shiralee for your patience and elaborate help in choosing the right didj! Workmanship Your extensive website jampacked with information, clear and beautiful photos and easy navigating.  
Marcus Hunter from USA It was smaller than I expected, but plays very well and with a great tone. Perhaps a common meter stick should be placed in all didj photos for scale. This is the first didj purchased through the mail, but the selection and purchasing process was very easy. The didj received is currently my favorite! The email received to write this review interrupted my playing it! Workmanship Your website provides the most selection and easiest browsing of inventory Price: my most expensive sound: far better than my other homemade didjs value: highest due to greater joy in playing.
Anonymously I love my didj!!! I'm very happy because they give me a nice service,they answer all my questions and very quickly although I live in Spain!! Because the djdj are aboriginal made.  
Luke from New Zealand This product was purchased as a gift for me by my sister-in-law for Christmas and is a total masterpiece. It is beautifully crafted and unique with incredible detail. As a Maori New Zealander I am privileged to be responsible for the care of this treasure and feel honoured to do so. I was informed of the purchase of the didgeridoo by my family member and received it just a few days later. The service was quick and packaging enabled it to arrive at my home well protected and safe. Workmanship Nil  
Nataraja from Finland I absolutely love it. The sound is like nothing I have played with before and I have had some good didges as well. It has a strong resonance which is great when I play on people. Well, frankly all I see is quality and dedication to what all of you have set out to do. I have high appreciation for that as it truly is what makes this world beautiful and exciting place to be. Workmanship Well, I have not encountered any other website selling didjes that has so much information and such a variety of quality instruments. You have convinced me long time ago and now I finally got to have the experience I have thought about for a good while. No comparison. It is in a league of its own.
Terry from USA Beautifully crafted. Like that it is made by aboriginal artist. I appreciated you calling me to help get payment straightened out. My son is very happy with the digeridoo and is anxious to learn how to play it. Workmanship I looked at your website and associated pages quite a while and was impressed. I believed I was buying a quality product and that I could rely on good customer service and follow through. Hard to tell because I have not done a lot of comparison. It seems to be a good value for the money as far as I can tell.
Anonymously Amazing didj - I like the natural design Just took a little bit longer on the order because had to confirm credit card details. An email was sent in junk mail, did not see it directly Workmanship Overseas delivery  
Charlotte R from USA Love it... cannot wait to give to my son for Christmas, and then enjoy some music! Although we did have to test it out before wrapping it up:) Love the service and the workmanship;; very satisfied customer and would purchase again as well as recommend. Reliably graded I really enjoyed the service provided, the ability to hear the sound.  
Anonymously I like the sound of this didj very much. Also it is easy to play and it is very beautiful. The service is very good indeed. The only disadvantage is that I had to pay taxes to import it from Australia. Fortunately it was not much taxes and the high quality of this didj is really more important. Workmanship   My didj an152 is much better than the other I have: excellent sound quality and very good finished.
Norberto from USA It's solid and gorgeous; an amazing work of art! The sound is beautiful and definitely has a strong vibration that others notice. The only thing I disliked initially was the size of the mouth piece; I have a bigger mouth, so the initially size was too small and thus really hard to play. Changing it, it is now much better. Amazing quality service, there was clear communication through out the ordering process. The workmanship of the instrument is superb! I would love to have the email address of the maker (Silverleaf) to send a thank you and appreciation! Business Ethics You obviously know your craft and are an honest, trustworthy company. Your respect to the tradition and history and current efforts at education show a pride in the work that was essential to wanting to support you. Excellent improvement in sound; night and day. Quality is incomparable, my other one is plastic.
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