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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymous from France I like all the didj, everything is perfect, amazing job!! It's very good Made in Australia The better way to get a real didj  
Anonymously The aboriginal art/painting design. Very well done great service and follow up.!00% satisfied customer! Workmanship Coolest looking/sounding Didjs on the market! Was worth every penny
Thomas from Australia It's magnificent to look at, truely beautiful. The sound quality is also amazing, so much feeling and resonance. Excellent service and inspiring workmanship Workmanship Trust and didgshops concern for aboriginal affairs. Far exceeds my other didj's
Fred from USA Love the artwork! Not quite the sound I was looking for when I play it compared to didj recordings, perhaps a higher key might provide it. Thus the reason for the following answer selection. Excellent service and I received my shipment in less time than in country deliveries. I was satisfied with the workmanship though I do not have any comparative base. Reliably graded Your website is by far the most informative and comprehensive site. I felt the most comfortable with your sound quality rating system. More expensive, which was expected for a real didj. Superior sound and fair value based on sound rating and artwork.
David Vanderpoole from USA More than like, I love this didj, for all that it is. It is my dream come true. I agree with Svargo, that this is an excellent didj: very good back pressure,easy to play, loud, responsive and very versatile. I'm disinclined to disagree with his further assessment of this didj, when in a December e-mail Svargo said about al146, "It should really be rated as a high concert...". This leads me to something I do dislike at least a bit. That would be the preface to the next survey question, "al146 was rated by us as Medium Concert." In my months of researching which didj to be the right one I only ever saw al146 to be m-h. Your online website said for Sound Quality: Medium to High Concert. In the Didjshop Help Dept. e-mail to me, Shiralee said about al146, "This didj is a Medium to High Concert Class didj...". Even the attached 'Genuine Aboriginal Didgeridoo' tag that came with al146 designates it as Concert Class as well as m - h, if I'm reading the handwriting correctly. I love this didj enough that it was actually painful to read, "Medium" associated with it. I must assume that 'medium' is just short for 'medium to high' or is otherwise an inadvertent typo error in your survey. No harm, no foul! Service was thorough, attentive to details, nothing was overlooked with respect to questions or concerns. Service was extraordinary. Workmanship is impressive. I have not seen anything like the 'inner' sealing of this didj on any other didj I have been in contact with. Sound Quality My wife's research compelled her to believe that your didj shop was the best of all other possibilities. My hours and hours of reading, studying and listening via your website convinced me that I would not be disappointed & my dream would come true with a real didj finally. My molded & painted pvc didjes were under $50 ea w/pretty good sound but limited range w/vocals and nuance yet were worth the price to learn circ. breathing and more in past years. On Sound, my new didj hums and sings and ever surprises me with so many things. Things that are possible that I did not know it could do and things that I didn't know I could do too. It plays better and sounds better.
Anonymously Is genuine made by a aboriginal Very high Business Ethics No  
Blaza from Netherlands It's my firts didj and I'm already loving it! The service from Didjshop was excelent: fast & efficient. One remark though: there are some remainings of the protection varnish (or glue) - two fat streaks on the inside wall at the outlet end. Therefore, I've given 9 for the workmanship - apart from visual, I don't know should this adversely affects the sound quality... Workmanship Aboriginal made, authentic, good business record, available sound sample, good website with a lot of information  
Anonymous from USA It sounds and looks excellent, didn't dislike anything about it. Didj was well crafted and alot of effort put into the artwork. I was happy with the customer service, very good communication. Reliable Trustworthy Business You seemed to be very interested in keeping business going with Australian made aboriginal products. Its the first Diji I have bought.
Lars from Germany There was a large woodchip standing inside the pipe I had to clear out. Your service is really good and workmanship generally to. Workmanship Solid informations on your website. It's the most expensive one, about as good as my other termite hollowed didj (didgshop to) and very much better then the other ones.
Anonymous from Canada I like all of it! Well made, awesome sound... Even the shipping was incredible!!! Awesome service, listening anytime, responding very fast, helping me in all my purchase! No!  
Raymond from Belgium Hij is prima Zeer goed Ik vond julli de beste Zeer goed
Steven from USA The sound quality is wonderful. I have no dislikes. I was impressed by the fast delivery to the U.S.A. and the didj was in perfect condition. Can hear the didj before I buy I wanted to make sure I was supporting the aboriginal community in Australia with my purchase instead of a corporation or ethically challenged business. It is a much higher price but it cannot be beaten as far as sound quality.
Anonymously Didn't dislike anything. Like all the information that it came with along with the personal service when buying it. Everything has been great. Very quick responses to questions and delivery was quicker than expected. Workmanship Range available to look at. Easy to search website. Very informative and experienced.  
Anonymously I like the length and colours and design of the painting Fast delivery and answer on my emails Workmanship Very good background information on your site  
Anonymous from Poland I like the shape and the sound and the smell of the bee wax Thank you for put less price of the custom document becouse we have paid less tax in Poland Workmanship Becouse of professionality and many explication, many choise and aborigeen work.  
Alessandro from Italy I really liked the sound and the artworks!I regret nothing! Service is pretty good,workmanship too! Workmanship You're doing your culture  
Bradley Bradley Topping from Canada I really like the sound maneuverability of this didge. This didge was the highest rated in all categories as well as being a high concert rated didge, so I thought I had met my match, it did fall somewhat short of being the perfect didge for what I wanted to do with it in that it takes more effort than some to reach the second toot ( what I call 'teet'). And therefore I am not able to play the songs I would like to play on it that I am able to accomplish on other rare didges. The didges I have ordered look great, and the service has been excellent. Just a comment on the rating system that could potentially help a guy like me find the right didge: When I used to build didges, I rated them into 3 classes, the higher the class, the rarer the didge. The lowest class was the simplest shape, with nominal difference in diameter throughout. Next was the class that had maybe one or two differences that set them apart from the bottom class. These didges had a bell, or some slight anomolies on the inside that would change the sound at certain spots within the playing spectrum, these always had decent backpressure (what I mean by back pressure is they took less air to play, and were usually easier to reach the toot and teet. ( the first and second tones).The last class, were far and few in between, but I have crafted and played on termite didges that had a very unique internal anomoly or several slight bends, that provided such an exceptional back pressure that the toot and teet were extremely easy to initiate, and only on these didges was I able to play the song "Hold on" by the band "Outback". And play it very well (This is the best "least subjective" example I can provide, as anyone who knows of the song or has played it or tried to play it would be hard pressed to do so unless you have a didge with certain necessary characteristics that fall into this category of didges. I put alot of effort into my comments, as I think you have a great business, and I have always been proactive, I placed this comment here because I felt it may be useful. Reliably graded Seemed like a respectable site with a thourough rating system, and after reading that the high concert didges accounted for a small percentage of your didges, and finding one in that category with so many 5 out of 5 ratings was hoping it would be a contender with some of the rarest sounding didges. Price was about right for this didge as it is a nice didge, I can't say I was expecting it to be the best didge I had played because they are more rare, but I was really hoping it would be due to the ratings of this particular didge in all areas.
Anonymous from Japan Nice piece of wood,good shape, colour, plays well nice timbre resonance & reasonably easy to play, good length. Prompt, personalised and informative service. Workmanship   Actually this my first real didje so can't compare accurately.
Sam from Australia The artwork is very nice. The service was prompt and efficient. The didjeridoo was of a high quality. Workmanship You had a wide range s that I was able to chose a style I liked.  
Brian from USA Well once I do receive my learning DVD from you that you can be sure to hear from me By all means a very beautiful looking instrument and the delivery service you provide a 10 is an understatement Low Price A very reliable company to do business from  
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