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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Tiago from Portugal Good backpressure Clear drone, rich and warm Good harmonics, could have wider amplitude. Good for meditation, slow playing. The didje feels great, it was clearly carefully crafted, handled and packed. The service was very good, always replying fast to my emails with a caring thoughtful attitude. Can hear the didj before I buy I have search everywhere in my country for a good, termite hollowed, original aboriginal didjeridoo. And there was none with any of the characteristics mentioned above. I made several didjes starting from PVC 3, bamboo 4 and agave 2. kept the some that I like playing but I can't get a backpressure, finish and warmth like ah597. Recently bought a didje at a fair, it was a fast playing cheap hand crafted didje, but the quality doens't compare to ah597
Anonymous from USA Love the sound and the way it feels while playing. Very good service and workmanship. Sound Quality Excellent website. N/A
Anonymously Gift for my wife to help her sleep apnea Outstanding/personal Workmanship    
Tim from USA Good size and excellent quality Your service is top shelf excellent Workmanship Being a repeat customer I can buy with confidence It's in the middle
Anonymously I love this Didj everything about it I love, from the sound to the way it plays to how it looks I love the borer trails up and down the didj it looks like someone has just snapped it straight off a tree. Service is always good very helpful and friendly sales staff I love dealing with you guys Low Price I have looked at alot of other didj sites and been to a lot of aboriginal art stores I still find I like your didjs better I think the sound quality and look and the price I paid was very cheap I am very happy with this didj
Joseph from USA Playing the didj is new to me, so I have lots to learn. However, I purchased this particular didj, not just because it looks terrific, but because I know I'll be able to play it well after I tried it the first time. I have never experienced such great customer service in all my life! You are interested in people and not just selling something. And you take pride in your workmanship! Reliably graded A great web site - And the details count! Much better
Andrew Ian from Switzerland Nice dige, could be a little bigger on the end and have a bit more bass, but sounds fine. Great website, lots of info well done Workmanship Nice layout on the website, I would not buy a didg if I could not see or hear it. You should make short videos of your didges and post them on Youtube, this way people could see more of the didg, you would get a lot more publisity, and you could emebed the vids on your site, not much more work than recording them. I get 1,000 hits a day on my youtube channel. Ok
Valerie Hallett from Canada I like that it is authentic I am most happy with the workmanship and service. Business Ethics I was most pleased with the way the website was presented  
Anonymous from Portugal I like the sound and the artwork It was very good Workmanship You have alot of didjis to choice It is better
Anonymous from Portugal I like the sound and artwork It was very good. I am satisfied! Workmanship Many didjis to choice: It is better in the sound but the price is very high.
William Roberts from USA Very well made. The workmanship is awesome. My new didg is very clear with super resonance and right on key! I love the way my new didg looks and feels. Easily comparable to a fine instrument. I wish I had Trevor here to help me with my vocals. I can't seem to make them sound right. The workmanship is awesome and I want to order another didg right away but alas, I will have to wait for awhile. I love my didg! Low Price The didgshop website is unmatched! It is very well put together, very thorough, thoughtful, helpful, user friendly and informative. No one else comes close. As a newby I really appreciated exploring the site and learning from it. While there are other good web sites out there, they just did not give me the confidence that the Didgshop does. I am still pretty new at this with only about 1.5 years of actual playing time but I have been bitten by the didg bug. I love the responsiveness from my new didg. My other didgs can't even come close! I have borrowed a very nice agave didg but it is not nearly as clear or resonant.
Anonymous from Belgium Sound,design and finishing are perfect Perfect performance Workmanship Very original website, usefull tips Better performance
Anonymously We love it! everything about it~ Great service! Sound Quality No  
Fernando from Portugal I like the sound, the artwork and its shape For me is very good Sound Quality For Quality, for selling autentic and genuine Aboriginal Didgeridoos On the price the others have low price. It costs me 30 Euros. The sound and quality of am054 is much better than the others made in Indonesian
Tim from Japan Good finish, well made, nice simple shape not to big or heavy. My first didj to learn on. I can make the base sound ( I think ) already and will keep practicing with the tutorial files you have online. Photos and sounds on web good. However worried the code is different from above - code says DS - 055M hoping its the same as the one above. Website has lots of good information, sound files photos. Sometimes difficult to navigate as not all sections show until navigated to. Website little dated in look. Didj for sale info very good. Service was excellent. Clear and timely emails on ordering and shipping. Arrival was quick and packing was very good. Didj t shirt and didj bag also great. Very good service will happily recommend to others. Reliably graded Looked like the best site and best selection of didjs and sounds of didjs seemed very good.  
Anton from Australia The artwork, shape and sound (once I master the art of playing) Immediate delivery, good email communication and packaging was good. workmanship was as expected Reliable Trustworthy Business Customer feedback was excellent. good range of authentic products. Got a good feel from your website compared to others which made my online purchase a confident one. Excellent
Anonymously I was impressed with the sound becasue I already had a teak wooden didj but this one is way better:) Perfect Reliably graded Lots of info on the site I didn't expect the sound quality to be so much different but then again it was 50x more expensive
Pablo Barragan from Argentina The instrument is excellent, far exceeded my expectations, has a wonderful sound, with nice harmonics, actually exceeds didjerido cane, thanks for making me enjoy even more of a unique sound, and healing Excelent Low Price   Excelent
Anonymous from Italy Wonderful painted didjeridoo, great sound Good service except the custom charge, great workmanship Workmanship    
Samuel Jean from Canada I like the soft touch of it... I feel it is very well crafted by someone who cares about what he does and why he does it. Every time I play it, I also play it for the human who crafted it whoever it is, whatever he is doing right now... I often play for him as a big thanks for the well crafted instrument. That said... I also play for the termite who did a great preliminary job:) You guys really care about your stuff. The didj arrived here all protected... there were no chances it breaks on transit. I like that you provided some Bee's Wax and that you already shaped a mouthpiece on it. Can't ask for more. Workmanship Very detailed website and the feeling there's someone, a real human, behind the business.. I asked for help... I got helped. Thanks very much. Oh my god... it is by no mean comparable. I learned on a artifact didj trying to do real didj sound... didn't work very well... the sound was very crappy anyway... The al819 is just an amazing didj! Now that I have it, I play a lot better!
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