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Eric from USA I love my Didgeridoo, I play it all the time it has an excellent aura and relaxes me every time I play it and sounds fantastic for my skill level. Obviously this is not a concert level didj, but for the price I paid I consider it an outstanding value and I could not be happier with my purchase. Aboriginal Made From the research I did, I was confident that a didj bought from you would be authentic and sound and look good, and I was not disappointed. Ah021 is easily my favorite didj, its the only one that I play regularly. I obtained my other digjs at a reasonable price, but the authenticity of one or two of them is questionable.
Charles from USA I like the quality of craftsmanship and the sound is superb. I used to tech music and thesound was very very close to your advertised key and quality. Upon preparing my order you found a crack defect and repaired it before shipping it to me and sent me a bull roarer as consolation for the defect. The defect is repair is visible but not noticable to most. Sound Quality I lived in Austailia for a while in 2002-2003 and visited Kuranda and was interested in buying after seeing them there. I found that your place was the best to select and buy from because of your quality and it was aboriginal made. You are the shop anyone should buy from if they truly want a quality didj. No comparison, ours is the best!
Anonymous from France What I like: - very beautiful didge: beautiful wood, it smells quality, very nice artwork with fine details. - excellent sound. What I dislike: nothing!! Service: as allways, Cathy and Svargo are really kindfull with me. When I can't find exactly what I want they do all their best to meet my needs in order to make me a happy customer. And it works:-)! It is the third time I buy from Didjshop and I really appreciate the service. Workmanship: Excellent workmanship on thif didge. The best I had, really better than the other two didges I bought from Didjshop. Sound Quality Because Didjshop is the best shop to buy aboriginal goods. But above all, because Didjshop is more than a shop: it is a multicultural exchange for promoting aboriginal culture and for alerting the wolrd about the issues of the aboriginal rights in their native land in Australia. It's the best on all points.
Travis Wernet from USA This didj is fantastic, it's really one of my favorites, so the only thing I dislike is the weight, just inasmuch as it's ~a slight chore to carry/and hold up, however, I think that the density is part of it's great sound, so, it's "all good". On this didj, the beauty of the physical form is awe-inspiring. The painting and the wood are just gorgeous. I generally find that when I order from didjshop, the product arrives swiftly and I particularly like the feature of keeping info 'on file' about the instrument. Reliably graded I find I can trust didjshop's consistency - thanks! Superior on all counts.
Anonymously I really like the look and the sound oh that didj I hab a little bit of trouble with the payment but everything else was well Workmanship No  
Anonymous from Italy The only I dislike about the didge, that I fear someday it will break, so I am "paranoic" cautious with it. All the rest is great, the workmanship, the sound, everything is fine. I can only congratulate to your service and workmanship. I always get answered my emails in short time. Business Ethics You're just ok! and if with buying a didge from you I can help the aboriginal people a bit, it's even better. I always try different didges whenever I find them, but it's hard for me to decide which didges are better or worse. Ok, comparing a cheap didge from Senegal with a didge from your shop, there're big differences, but a simple bamboo didge has a quite nice sound, specially the overtones. But then, I did not find many didges the same quality I am used your didges have.
Anonymous from Italy With this didge I understood what backpressure means. Till today it's the didge with the highest backpressure I played so far.... What I dislike? Again, I'm "paranoic" that someday it will break, so I do not like it to hand it out to others, I really can get pissed off, if someone stomps over my didge, cos he didn't see it... If something ever can be perfect on this world, your service and workmanship surely will be. Sound Quality There're no other reasons. I'am hapyy that I've 2 didges from your shop. Boths I like to play, both are very different to play. One has a a big mounthpiece, the other a small one.
Marcus Belassie from United Kingdom I like minimalist things, so the simplicity of the design is great. I had a pretty bad didge before, and am amazed at how much difference this one makes to the sound and ease of learning. No problems, bad communication from UPS but not your fault. Workmanship Trust basically - u seem to have genuine integrity  
Jason Shaw from Australia I love the sound of it - especially after having mucked around on bits of plastic piping/a rubbish bamboo didg I bought a while back from a street seller. It sounds great even for a fairly beginning player like me. The mouth piece was a little small for me, so I need to sort that out by putting a larger one on. I am very pleased with the finish - it looks and feels like it has ben made with care and will last. Workmanship is great. I rang up for some help with the small (for me) mouthpiece and the guy I spoke to was really helpful, explaining how to change it/that doing this might alter the key etc... Workmanship A good selection to choose from. I got the feeling from the site that you knew what you were talking about. Far superior - can't compare to the others (plastic and bamboo)
Donald Cassel from USA Absolutely love this didge - It happens to be a great sound healer. Great service and workmanship- my only suggestion is that the serial no. in my opinion should not be placed on the outside of the didge. Workmanship Had good experience from before At the top
Vincent Sanders from USA I love it. Great sound, clarity, back pressure, vocals, and overtones. Excellent customer service. I received a phone call after my purchase to let me know my didj had shipped. Lots of good follow up to make sure I am happy. Workmanship Many didj's to choose from.  
David Winter from USA I love it...Nothing I don't like...It exceeded my expectations and I am enjoying it very much. Everything has been great and I will recommend you guys to others whenver they express an interest. My only complaint is with UPS who shipped my didj all over before getting it here. I am still interested in a shipping refund which I was told by UPS I am eligible for but that it must be requested by you guys. Workmanship Once I saw on your website what you were all about I will never get a didj from anywhere else. There is no comparison. Other didjes I have had in the past were no where near as good on any level.
Troy Johnston from USA I like everything about the didj. It is just amazing. I wasn't able to circular breath with my old didj, but I picked up yours and began circular breathing right away! The service was excellent and the workmanship was even better. Can hear the didj before I buy I highly valued all of the information on your site. It was amazing how much I learned just by browsing your site. I good a really good feeling about the site because of the information that you presented. There is no comparison! I can't even pick up my other didj after playing ah420.
Rafael from USA Sound Quality was excellent, but the mouthpiece seems like it was made a little hastily. It stated falling apart after just a few hours of playing. My didj is plain, but looks amazing and seem very sturdy. I got the didj here in the US in about four days! Great service. Workmanship I talked to a friend who said that you guys were awesome. It is better in every way.
Anonymous from USA Like everything. Dislike nothing. The ordering process was simple and straightforward, and customer service was great over e-mail. As for workmanships: excellent craftsmanship and beautiful paint scheme. Workmanship No  
Gary from USA The didj itself is wonderful, and all the information and support that surrounded it on the website and on the video have made me feel that I am in good hands. The didj looks better than I had expected from the picture and is also easier to play than I had feared. It is much heavier than I expected compared to ones I had seen earlier, but then I would have known this if I had paid attention to the weight you gave for it, and from the places where you mentioned that lighter ones are better for healing and some other purposes. For my present purposes it's quite nice. The service could not possibly have been better. As for the workmanship, I have little to compare it with, but I'm very happy with it, can't see anything that could have been improved, and I was surprised at how thoroughly it had been prepared---I was expecting it to be rougher---without doing anything to it that looks or feels hokey or ostentatious. It looks both beautiful and durable. Workmanship The quality of the information on your website, the thoroughness of your descriptions and explanations, the trust that was expressed in comments both on your site and on others, and the explanations on other sites of why they recommended you. They other two are just PVC ones that I made (one by following your directions), so they cost almost nothing and therefore can't be compared on price and value. The real one clearly sounds better in general (although the PVC sounds better than I would have expected), and also produces a greater ranger of sounds, and produces sounds more easily. It also looks much more impressive.
Matthew from Australia The small size is great and the key is the one I was after.i wasnt happy with the fact that I thought it said it was a med to high concert didj on the site but it isnt,maybe I read it wrong.o well. Good very reliable delivery system. Reliably graded I previously bought a didj from you guys and I was more than happy with the purchase. Price is way more expensive than the others.i made the oter two didjs out of bamboo,one has excellent sound qaulity the other not so good.
Marc from Belgium I realy was amazed when I opened the package, this didge realy looked wonderfull... after a few day's I managed a litle CB already, got a good drone and some more different sounds, I love it, thank you verry much for such a great quality. Unfortunately my dogs also liked the didge and have eatin the beewax away, but with this info on the site I managed to replace the mouthpiece perfectly:-) Ofcourse the workmanship is great, but I cant rate at 10, cause almost everything always can improve so I rated it 8, rating a 10 for my didj's looks is easy to explain... ofcourse, its mine, and mine just looks best:-) Your services are much much more then ever seen online before, the site, the respond from Cathy to my first mail, the shipping... those are only a few well done things that I think of right now. Reliably graded If I was spending some large amount of cash, that it is to me, I was looking around to find the best available. Nowhere else I could find another shop with all this refs, such a site, and all this info, it all together just stunned me, this had to be the best place to buy a didj, and yes... now as a proud owner of an original high quality didj I only can tell there is no other place where I ever would buy another didj then in the didjshop. Rofl, this is a verry easy one, my first didj was made by a kid out of a piece of bamboo, done during a tv show where I also took part in, we had to fullfill 5 chalenges, one of them was collect 500 people playing a didj, and at least 300 of them had to be selfmade. It was here that I learn about didj and wanted to have my own original.
Judy Echols from USA The didj was almost perfect, but had a little loose chip in the tongue of the snake, that came out when I touched it. It isn't anything that I want to complain about but is the only possible fault. I love the sound and it plays beautifully. The looks are pure art and I have gotten so many compliments on it. Svargo Freitag was so helpful and answered all my questions. He even played it to be able to answer questions about how it played. Everyone was terrific and I was really happy. I expected this didj to be awesome. It is the fifth one that I have bought from you, so I can't in truth say that it was much better than I expected, but I am always so happy with your didjes Sound Quality I love you guys. It is so much better.
Michael from Japan After trying many didjs I now know that its easier for me to play the larger instruments. The bore is a little narrow/small for me and the tone is a little high. I think your service was outstanding. And the Didj is a work of art. I love the bare wood bark bottoms. I just wish I had gotten a larger one:) Workmanship I wanted to purchase a didj from you because I believed your company really knew what you were talking about and I also knew that I wanted to be a part of your network for the Forums, and future information etc.. Its very useful being able to see and ask questions on in the forums. This didj is one of my nicer Didjs. They all sound a little different and feel a little different when playing them so its very hard to compare them to each other. I have 2 bare wood didjs and yours is the best one of them.
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