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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymously It's lightweigh and has a very good price quality ratio. I just think it could have a bit more resonance (but again this is undestandable due to the price category). Overall I'm very happy. I was very happy with the service. The wole process was very smooth and I felt a close contact at all times. The descriptions are very good and you get exactly what you thought. The workmanship seems to be very good too. I'm not an expert (yet!) but I have three dijs and this one is the best in terms of price/quality. Sound Quality Nice feedback gives strong comfindence. I have one which is clearly better tha ah929 but it was far more expensive. My second didj cost about the same as this one and is clearly worst. I don't think I'll be using it again. In terms of price/quality this is clearly the best didj I have
Anonymous from USA I love the tonal quality with all the microtones that you can't get from any didge other than a termite eaten one. There is a crack about 3 to 4 inches long starting from the bell opening. Inside the opening it shows an attempt to repair it so it won't crack any further. That area of the didge is very thin so the crack is not unexpected. However, it is a fine didge and I think the crack does not distract in any way and the repair will keep it from getting worse. Sound Quality I have a couple of your didges and have always been very happy with your service and product quality. I also value the fact they are Aboriginal made. Very well.
Stephen Jones from USA The included mouthpiece was perfect to play right out of the box. Very fun to play didj. The vocals come through sharp and clearly and almost perfectly balance with the instruments resonance. No dislikes at all! Considering it took less than a week to ship the item half way around the world, in the condition it arrived in, was very pleased with the service. Low Price The fact that this site has basically all the information you could ever want about the didjeridoo and more was a big plus for me. The individual pages for each didj were extremely and accurately descriptive about each product as well. The didj I bought from this store is on a whole different level than my others. It is so much better in every way I don't know where to start.
James from Australia The description of the didj and how it played was accurate. I did not like the product code being so visible. The service was great, I was so excited to hear that it had arrived when it did so qickly. Sound Quality Great selection, of styles and prices. I have not found any that sound nearly as good. The overtones, vocals, everything is superior to other didj's I have played
Matthew Stapleton from Australia I love the didj, it sounds fantastic, all my didj playing mates love it. As an artist, I was impressed by the artwork, the didj feels solid and strong, It feels great to hold. Reliably graded Great informative website tells the story.  
Engin Esen from Turkey Like everything and dislike nothing Any word can not explain how perfect it is. Low Price Very good service and awesome craftmanship and quality To be honest it's cheap for overall quality and I can't compare this didj any other didj I ve listened or played. AL155 is much more better than most didgeridoo on the market
Anonymous from Italy I like the colours and the sound Everything was very good Aboriginal Made None  
Bernie from United Kingdom I Love its sound, the workmanship, just everything about it...! Beautifully painted, wonderful workmanship. Fab service, didge well packed & I didn't have to wait too long for it... Workmanship I was very impressed with my friend's didge & he'd recommended you.  
Anonymously For now I totally happy with my didj!! Good work!!! Sound Quality Your didjeridoos are the best!!! Is the best...professional material!
Anonymous from French Guiana Good quality, but the code (al620) who is written on the top of the didj is too big and really awfull. Servcie: good and quick ansering, but you have to precise in your payement formular that you will ask more information if the card holder name is différent to the customer. workmanship: the code who's written on the dijd, is really too big and bad done! Workmanship Delivery all around the world. Al620 is ten time better and the price is really attractive.
Robert from United Kingdom Plays brilliantly and looks fantastic!! Excellent Workmanship Large stock to choose from and graded didge's on a variety of area's unlike most other websites. Similar pricing but better sound quality.
Bernat from Canada I Like the natural colour and texture The natural sound ans easy of play I just would like it a bit bigger!!! Excellent, atention in all moment. Really helpfull advice!!! Sound Quality Intuition Better sound and easy of play
Sue Cadigan from USA This didj has soul. It has a beautiful vibration and It has resonance that fills a room and heart. I like/love everything about this didj. Simply beautiful. I don't go for ornate too often...I went with the sound of this-but the design puts me in touch with the maker of this didj. It is a wonderful didj. Rustic, eathy, curvy, and burnt in turtles...peaceful is gorgeous. Thank you! Reliably graded The information on the history of Aboriginal People and the didj and how it helps them. Very informative web site, homey and experienced...also seem invested in the people and culture. This didj is outstanding. On all price, sound quality and value...this is glorious. I celebrate daily with it.
Sue Cadigan from USA The sound is handsome and deep. Service was above and beyond! I really trust a company who is proud and does their best to help customers. Reliably graded Represent culture and people. Community and history. Non exploitive. Hmmmm, I think I paid a little less for this didj. I was unable to get grading but knew it was 1st. It is much more difficult to play and feels empty. It does not have the resonance or vibration of the others. It does have deep handsome sound and is the longest. Value is still very good and most appreciated was the beeswax already on.
Sue Cadigan from USA This didj is bright in sound and very easy to take around with me/the boy. Its color is rich and warm. It is very easy to play. Lovely. I especially like to see the scraping inside. It puts me in touch with the maker. I think the maker is very important in the didj experience. Your service is the best. honest, prompt and reliable! I appreciate the quality of service. Very personable and helpful. Reliably graded Promotion of culture. The photos and education of the didj and people/culture. It seems like you know your didj and business to the bone. It is easier to play and wonderful resonance. It is as good as my beauty al389, but plain and short. Sort of like me. Thsi is for a 20th birthday-my sweet son's. He loves it and is delighted he can take it with him. Very good value and very good sound. It is bright, happy, rich and warm.
Anonymous from Italy Perfect Perfect Can hear the didj before I buy No  
Beverly from USA Like the way it looks. The snake is very important in the shamanic tradition I follow. Workmanship is good, don't have any complaints. Business Ethics No, I think you covered it. It was important for me to get a didg which was made my a native person and that that person would benefit from my purchase.  
Anonymously I love the simplicity of this didj! It is the perfect size and has a great tone. the carrying bag is also extremely satisfactory. Very good workmanship, and quick delivery. I am certainly a satisfied customer. Workmanship    
Anonymous from USA I like the shape and sound of my diji The instruments is very sturdy yet lite to hold. Workmanship Shirlee was very helpful and patient Comprable
Anonymously J'aime tout dans le didgeridoo le son la variété des rhytme possible. Site trés sérieux j'ai recu mon didj dans de bref delais et le service est trés bien géré Sound Quality Large choix de didj de qualités Le meilleur! son parfait
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