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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Colin from Canada Like the sound. No complaints Can hear the didj before I buy Best website  
Randy Wilson from USA This didj is exactly as it was stated, sound, sound quality, playability, etc. It is loud and crisp with great harmonics. I expected a great didj and I got a great didj!! Your service was as to be expected. You guys have a great reputation and I trust buying a didj from you. Workmanship I appreciate and respect your integrity as artists, and as a business. As well as, your commitment to keeping the best interest of the aboriginal culture in mind. I also like your information regarding the steps you take to maintain this fine balance. I have 5 Agave didjs made by Rob Thomas of Inlakesh and 4 split and hallowed Aspen didjs from Ben Hicks. The Agave from Rob are all GREAT didjs, and the ones from Ben are great didjs as well. In a side by side test, the subtlies in sound between my best Agave and al229 are hard to compare. Mostly because of the materials. They are both amazing instruments. As far as an overall comparison, it is in my top 2 or 3, out of 12.
William Bassin from USA I love everything about it. It is incredible!! The Best! Workmanship You have asked it all.  
Jill from Canada The didje sounds great, it was my first and I still love to play it. sometimes I have troubles getting a good sound from the mouthpiece. but I think thats just me since I have changed the mouth piece many times. The service was really good. we had to call to comfirm the order from canada. and we were helped very well. Workmanship Hearing the didje really helps. The second didje I bought from you was more expensive. but was larger and painted. both are really nice didjes.
Adrian from Australia It is light weight and was an easy didj to learn on. I disliked the cracking in the wood after a year or so It was a plain didj, so looks weren't that important to me. The service was excellent. Business Ethics Good website - Great service and good range of quality didjeridoos for all from learner to concert player. My other didj is a Brad Gosam so not much comparison to the EY878 didj:)...
Anonymous from USA It looks and sounds good and is well made. The mouth opening was a little on the small side (for me). The only gripe I have about your service is that you got my address wrong.The didge kept going from Buffalo N.Y. to Fla. (You had it labled to Buffalo, N.Y with a Fla zip code and I live in Buffalo Wyoming). We did track it down and I did get it. Can hear the didj before I buy There were others that I checked into but I had the feeling that you were the best and I could trust you.  
Carl from New Zealand Great size and weight. Smooth playing with heaps of potential with the more I play. I found them both to be very efficient and I would happily recommend to others. Very impressed with the website, which I found to be trustworthy with the information for a beginner. Excellent
Elias from Mexico I like the exelent soud and the painthing I prefer if it has a biger bell Your servis its exelent I have some problems whit the paiment because my bank wont let to make the charge because im frome mexico and the charge whas coming frome australia but the sales people thel me about this an I call mi bank and evrithin gouse smood frome then Sound Quality The best Ifind I have one that is as god as yours in some things an in others not as good, an in others beter
Anonymously The authenticity has never been questioned. The sound is a little dull. You are a wonderful site and have wonderful didj's... I can't wait to buy another one from you guys. I have been focusing on my guitar and songwriting skills, but I will want another one soon. You will be where I buy it from... Workmanship I "felt' like you were the real deal I had a pvc didj that burned up in a fire, but it really popped when I played it. I got some wild depth charge sounds out of it that I still miss...
Anonymous from USA I like the painting. I don't like the length/weight ratio. It is too short to weigh as much as it does. Good enough Workmanship Davini It is better than most, and a lot better than the ones I made from PVC.
Anonymously Beautiful song, not like a teck or pvc didj Very good, i've received the didj one week after my order. Workmanship No Perfect:)
Kei Tomono from Japan I love it Very much and Brad's Dot Painting is Super High Quality Very Very Beautifull. Very Good Service and Shipment Packing is Perfect. also Custom Didj Bag is Very Nice Workmanship Because World largest Didgeridoo Shop and many Types of Didj handling also Freight cost is Better Al076 is Very High Sound Quality and Super Best Brad's Dot Painting Very worth for that Value.
Anonymous from USA I love everything about it. Everything arrived on time and intact. There appears to be a few coats of paint/varnish on the outside to protect the finish, the inside also appears to have an excellent seal. The wax mouthpiece that it came with was applied very well. The sound is amazing, the build quality is wonderful, and the artwork is very complimentary but not over the top. There is some heft to it and it seems quite durable. Workmanship Cathy from your customer service dept was very nice and helpful. The other didj I have is a PVC pipe that I made myself. So this one that I bought is in every way far superior.
Jay from USA I like my didj -- the first one I bought from DidjShop. It has a deep rich sound. No question, you are excellent. No complaints, fast and prompt service and very friendly communication. Business Ethics   Not as good as my other two, but it was the first didj I bought from you.
Anonymously Beautiful deep resonance, rich tones... easy to play First rate, really like how detailed and complete your website is very helpful Reliably graded That about covers it Really good
Jeremy Prentice from Australia Beautiful sound with great backpressure - it took some learning to play a lower key, but now it just purrs along and has such a fantastic sound. The quality of it has helped me expand the range of sounds I can now make. Well worth the investment, as I thought it would be! I What inspired me to buy it was actually another didj at a different shop (which was also an A), but I wanted to try out your quality ratings and service - well, it was all better than I expected, and when I went back to play the other didj, after playing my new one from you, I realised just how good the one I bought from you was! I will recommend you guys to anyone (and everyone!) looking to buy a didj. Unmatched service and great workmanship. It's a beaut didj, that arrived safely packed and was exactly as you rated it. Reliably graded   Far superior in every aspect. I hadn't played a didj as good as this one before! An excellent instrument that will last a lifetime - a bargain when the quality, price and
Anonymously Easy to play, comfortable Fast, honest, I trust you guys Workmanship As specified above  
Graham K Glover from USA It's beautiful. It's well made, it sounds nice, and I was able to learn circular breathing on it. My didj was fine. I took my family to Australia in August 2004 and saw all manner of didgeridoos. While in Oz, I was able to look online for a quality didj, and found yours. I took sound quality over outside painting and design, and have been happy with it. Shipping from Qld to Virginia was quick (DHL). Workmanship You looked like a good company and the didj looked like a fine, quality instrument. Not applicable
Jay from USA It has the best sound of all three didj's I own. It has excellent resonance and vocalizing on it is great Excellent on both service and workmanship. I direct everyone I speak with regarding didjs to your site. Business Ethics   It was the most expensive didj I have bought but also the best sound quality. It was worth the price.
Rodger from USA Good sound; handsome artwork. No dislikes. Both are excellent. Sound Quality Had the largest selection and variety to offer. Shopping with you - especially being able to listen to many of the didjes - was without question the easiest and most satisfying experience I found when looking for a didj. Ah030 price was higher, but sound quality and value was higher as well. The others do not compare.
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