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Anonymous from Costa Rica I looking for a stick that weighed under 5 lbs, that would be small enough to take on an airplane. The sound is not as big as I had hoped, and the mouthpiece is oddly shaped, which takes some getting used to, especially if I have been playing my other didj a lot. Otherwise, it is a pretty good travel instrument. The didj was shipped fast and securely. The didj bag, however, is a tad bit too short for the didj, and the mouthpiece sticks out the end unless I force the top closed. The workmanship of the stick appears pretty good, but I would have preferred to know the name of the person who crafted it. Reliably graded I was a previous customer satisfied with my previous didj purchase It is inferior to my first didjshop purchase (a concert medium D) but serves a different purpose. This didj is a travel instrument, while my D didj is for performance. Unfortunately, after about 10 months of use, the D didj began developing multiple cracks. I still use it for performance, but I have to keep the cracks sealed or the back pressure is terrible.
Jeremy from USA I love the tone and the artwork on my didj. The back pressure is excellent, making it pretty easy to play. The shipping was very fast on my didj and the workmanship is some of the best I've seen. Workmanship The most important reason was Aboriginal Made and supporting their culture. It was of course more expensive, but the sound and quality are far superior.
Jocelyn from Canada The sound, the shape, the artwork The didge is an aural and visual work of art. I am fortunate to own an authentic didgeridoo from Autstralia. In regards to your service you were very helpful in guiding me through the various financial directives to make this transaction possible. Low Price Because, in my view, a purchase this important is best done through people who know the business and have a deep respect for the instrument and how it's made. This is a completely different class of didge. The others are fine and they were good to learn on but they do not have the richness of sound, the real sound and the hand crafted art. They were much cheaper. Some I made myself using ABS pipe.
Petri from Finland Really love the way it resonates the air around me. Furthermore, I like it's looks, feel and the way little bit of bark was left at the bell end. Service was very good. My e-mails were answered quite fast. I liked that could track the delivery along the way. Workmanship I Believed in You, in your expertese and ethics. Sound is much deeper, yet clearer. Easier to play trumpet sounds alongside the drone.
Kenneth Houghton from United Kingdom I like the "playability" of the didj - It's an easy didj to play. I have nothing but praise - Faultless service and a top notch instrument Business Ethics Great choice across a wide price range The AF131 plays slower than my other didj's but has a more mellow tone - Great for just chilling with.
Joseph from USA I love the sound quality of my didj, rich and full with a wide volume range. There's nothin' I dislike about it! Reliable service and top notch workmanship. A great job at making ordering and delivery quick and easy. Workmanship I knew your business was reliable and trustworthy from the get-go. You put effort into keeping your customers informed about your products and crafstmen, and we customers appreciate that! My didj from the didjshop was a bit more expensive than my other one that I purchased and quite a lot more than the others I have made, but the sound quality is unmatched.
Raul from Spain Easy to play it, nice for traveling. It was a long way and it was nice to know where the didj was. Nice service, it was great to listen it before buying it. Sound Quality That was all... I have 2 PVC didj made by myself, and there are nice too (not as good but very cheap) I have 2 more termite hollowed didj, very nices but the sound quality is worse...
Kenneth Houghton from United Kingdom This dije looks great and plays fast enough for me. Service an workmanship - Top drawer Business Ethics   This is the best of my 3 didj's - Plays and looks great.
Anonymous from Canada I absolutely adore the massive size of this instrument, as well as the gorgeous artwork adorning its surface. The sound quality and richness of tone are also extraordinary. I can't really say I dislike any qualities of this didj. The service I received from was wonderfully expedient, and I greatly enjoyed the level of contact between myself and the didjshop sales representatives. The workmanship on the didj itself was utterly exquisite, I could not have anticipated an instrument of any higher quality. Sound Quality My Didgeridoo instructor (Gary Diggins) highly recommended your website.  
Fred Stevens from United Kingdom Beautiful artwork and very easy to play Nothing but praise for your service and workmanship 100% satisfaction!! Aboriginal Made The website is a fantastic wealth of infomation and really comes across as being supportive towards aboriginal people and culture. I felt I was not only getting a superb instrument but also, contributing to a greater cause. Beats the non-termite didges hands down on all points. On a par regarding sound quality with my other termite hollowed didge. Difficult to compare value and price as my other didge is 2nd hand and its history and origin is unknown.
Michael Crossley from United Kingdom From the first moment I opened the packaging to the first tentitive sounds it didn't disappoint. six months on and I love it more and more I'd hardly put it down. Don't dislike anything! Can't fault you! Delivery, service and packaging faultless, workmanship is just outstanding. one word Awesome!!! Sound Quality   No Comparison!
Armel from France It's nice to have a "real" didj. I like the sound and the quality of this didj I'm happy with it! The services are good as the workmanship Workmanship No This didj was more expensive but the quality, the sound and painting are better
Eleanor Hjemmet from USA I'm glad I didn't respond to this questionnaire right away, as I was very disappointed with myself at first when this lovely didge arrive. It seemed a great deal harder to play at first than the Indonesian painted bamboo didge my son bought me for mother's day a few years ago. I set it aside for a while and have recently picked it up again and find it much easier to produce a sound. I seem to be far from mastering circular breathing. All my complaints are with my struggle. I've always been a slow -tho' determined!- learner. When my music performance season picks up again late spring I'll try to order a DVD or CD to help me learn more about playing. Right now I'm really broke! We cannot get fast internet here on my TN mountaintop, so I cannot take advantage of free movies/how-to instructions on the internet. I gained my impression of your service first from the thorough and informative website I have been reading for many years. I remain totally satisfied with all the process of purchase and shipping. Workmanship   Most important is that it is aborigine made and the maker benefited. Can't say that at all about the others. I hope over time I will be knowledgeable enough to make a comparison on sound quality. I am sure it is in total a far finer value.
Anonymously I bought the didj for sound healing since it is lightweight. However the sound quality is poor ('thin' and 'muffled') and the harmonics are weak Service and workmanship were fine - the sound quality was not. Reliably graded It was advertised as being suitable for sound healing and of low concert quality - so I expected it to be on par with my other didjes -- it wasn' Ok on price Very poor on sound quality / value
Jacques from Canada There nothing I dislike About that Didj it is still my best quality didj, the only thing I have to remake was the Mouth piece but that its something normal after all this years. The Shipping service was excellent Sound Quality One single Reason Helping Aboriginal Peoples It is not comparable to a real Aboriginal Didj NONE. The 2 Others Didj I got was Made by me and I got one from Charlie McMahon the Didjeribone The reason I didn't buy Other DIDJ from Didjshop is only a question of Money I don't work Anymore because I don't like the Slave work system here in Canada.
Byron from USA I of course love the sound. I also like the weighty wood which is two tones. It is exactly as you represented it. I think it was great. Sending things from Australia to the US requires a lot of handling but it came in tack with no problems. You also sent some extra bees wax which I have not needed to use but that was a great deal Sound Quality You sound site was great. The sound come up very quickly and your rating system made it a lot easier for me to chose your site over others. I have since bought some more from you because I bookmarked your site. Much better
Chris from USA I really like the size/shape, and the note. I had access a few times to a lower tone (low C or D, I think), and it was a fairly simple task to produce sound. This one is much more of an enjoyable challenge--and a great auditory reward! I'd only purchased didjs in Australia (Sydney), and was nervous about buying online/being able to find the 'right' fit. With the photos, pointers, and sound files, it was a very no-stress exercise with Didjshop Business Ethics Ease of purchase (in large part because of the reasons above) Hard to directly compare, but I'd say better value and sound quality for ad831
Christopher from USA I'm very pleased with the instrument. The sound is very good, but I might have picked a different pitch to make learning the instrument easier. The one I chose is a simple design and fits my aesthetics well. I'm glad you had the right combination of the low pitch and simple look available. Can hear the didj before I buy Your site made it easy to make a decision. Lots of information, good pics and sounds. N/A
Drew from USA Very solid with great artwork. The specifications were very close to the actual experience. I have purchased two didj's and both have been great with really good service and shipping! Reliably graded Great website with good pictures and search engine. Favorably
Drew from USA Really nice lows and overtones. Great shipping and service. You even called me to let me know when the didj would be shipped. I have had two excellent purchasing experiences with Workmanship Great website, pictures and search engine, really easy to pick an instrument. It really stands out.
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