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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymous from Switzerland I like everything Little problem with delivery FedEx or dpd isn't the same!! For track back it's not easy! Workmanship Quality Perfect
Pete from USA Love the tone and playability! My only other experience was with C#'s and this thing just begs to be played fast! Great toots as well. Dislike: Not much... the mouth piece wasn't how I liked it, but 15 minutes molding a new one and I'm jamming away. Only thing I could pick at is the hole in the mouthpiece end is uneven.. the wood is very thin on one side because the hole is a bit offset, but it's very simple to mold the beeswax around so this isn't an issue. Workmanship There was no soundbit on the site for this specific didj. Would have been cool, but didn't stop me from purchasing Quality is very close to my Naiuwa didge, much better than my old, cheap bamboo didj.
Viljami Roivas from Finland I like how it looks and sounds. Nothing to dislike. Service was good, fast and helpful. Workmanship Cool didjes It's out of their league
Martin from Estonia I love nature instruments and a Didgeridoo if one of the interesting ones in the bunch. There's nothing to dislike about the instrument in my opinion. Although my package was broken when it arrived there was no damage on the instrument and the purchase was secure, delivery fast. The quality and the looks on the Didj are just stunning Workmanship Authentic, native Australian sellers and Kesha's instruments are really beautiful. I had my eye on a couple she had crafted. One of the best didgeridoos I've played
Tony from USA Like everything about it. The size, the look, and the sound..... Best I've heard yet. I own another that is also rated 1st quality, this one is far better sounding. Shipping was extremely expeditious.... only about 4 days from order to delivery. The attention to detail and the fact that the didge is protected on the inside makes the price well worth it. Aboriginal Made The detailed descriptions on how your didges are made, the ability to hear comparable sounds to what I was buying, and business practices on obtaining and grading the didges. Price of the an331 was higher than all other didjes I own, but the sound is much superior, well worth the price.
Dean from Australia Love the natural timber and the design. It sounds as good as I had hoped for. There was a few runs in the laquer. Not very noticable but I am a cabinet maker. Reliably graded The sound files were not available for most of the didges I looked at. The grading system was the main reason I bought from you. Not sure on sound quality. I am new to this. The prices seemed about the same compared to other websites.
Bob from USA Like the workmanship and tone no dislikes Thanks to Shiralee for helping me with my order Workmanship Website full of good info for didgeridoo players Price is higher sound is better good value
Anonymous from USA I have not had time to watch the dvd or make a better fitting mouthpiece for my new didj. So I haven't had much chance to try out the sound. But the wood is beautiful! It doesn't have as much unique shape as I hoped for... but I think it looks like the photos. My next one will be more artistic looking. I have been able to get a good drone going, but I can't wait to hear it once I fit the mouthpiece, and start practicing different sounds. The service has been amazing! I feel like I could email and get an answer. You guys really educate about the rating & aboriginal culture, which is so important to me. Thank you! I will not be buying didgeridoos anywhere else! Business Ethics You have been my primary source of didgeridoo information for the past ten years. Price was more, sound quality - unsure because I need to make a better fitting mouthpiece. Value - better to me, because it is important to me to have an authentic didj.
Katie Mchenry from USA Love the sound quality & artwork. Really appreciate the email contact & follow ups + the phone call to compare the sound quality of each option. Low Price Very informative website All dodges I have are reasonable value in terms of quality v's price. Your Didg is the best quality & highest price.
Emily from USA Mainly the sound, it's very clear and the resonance is so attention-catching! Love this one the most! Authentic, real, high integrity of the trade and exceptional quality and service. Amazed at the quality. I feel honored to own a didj created by your company! Reliably graded I have met you, spent time with you and feel like you are honoring the tradition with integrity and passion. I am further impressed at the entire experience of seeing Svargo on the DVD and having a better understanding of his passion with didjs. Can't compare. the non-termite hollowed didj is a plastic pvc pipe.
Bethany from USA The tone and quality is superb. I very much enjoy the wood texture and color. Thank you. It is a real pleasure to play. Workmanship and service was/is very professional. Workmanship It was very important to me to have a real, Eucalyptus, termite hollowed, aboriginal-made didjeridoo from Australia. The gradings was very helpful in my didj selection. The sound quality is far superior to my PVC didj.
Anthony Kubiak from USA No dislikes. It is a beautiful and beautiful sounding yidaki Friendlly, responsive, service and beautiful workmanship and sound Workmanship A satisfied customer Comparable but the previous didjshop didj, but easier to handle and play
Mary Ann Briggs from USA I kind of wish it were a little longer, bur otherwise, I love it. It is beautiful, and lovely to play. Your system of rating the qualities of the didj is very helpful, and I think accurate. You answered my questions promptly, and the didj arrived in a shorter time than I had expected. Sound Quality You had a nice range of choices, of prices, and good guidance as to which one would suit me. Yes. I gave the first one I bought to my son, who loves it. I think the first one was a bit easier to play than this one.
Anonymously Everything was perfect Very professionnal and excellent communication Sound Quality There are a lot of infos on ur website and ur service was very friendly  
Sergio Vacca from Italy Nothing wrong with this didj, it's all ok The only one negative point is that I can't ear the didj sound when I bought it Can hear the didj before I buy    
Anonymous from USA I like the shape and the artwork. I bought it more for looks than sound. Easy to work with. Nice selection. Business Ethics Selection. Unique pieces. I really don't know, I bought this without knowing much about Dijis. The sound is actually much higher in pitch than I thought it would be.
John Siegart from USA I love the unique style and shape and overall quality. It's heavy for its length so I need to prop it up, though playing on a solid floor works too. Shiralee was great to communicate with picking out my first didj. The workmanship is beautiful - the finish is solid. This will be with me for the rest of my life Reliably graded    
Monique from USA Beautiful looks (love the termite tracks and split bell), great weight, solid feel, clear&crisp sound, best back pressure I've ever experienced, smells like fresh eucalyptus (so awesome), the bees is nice and soft, this is one cool didij. Fantastic customer service! The didgeridoo is totally unique and beautiful, I think it's much better looking than the "perfect looking" didjes. My compliments to it's creator! Reliably graded It was a pleasure to join the didjshop community! I really appreciated howe thorough the site is. Beats the hell out of my other didj (my learners didj).
Daniel from United Kingdom I love it. Maybe a bit too heavy. Final price charged from my account a few days later was a bit higher than initial. Low Price All resons covered above. Much better. Incoparrable.
Edward Russell from USA I love everything about my didj.. High quality. Business Ethics Nice people....... It's the best.
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