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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymous from Spain I like the sound quality and the workmanship. I like very much is aboriginal made and it looks different that others didj. Customer service is very good. Quick and friendly responses. Workmanship I was looking for a Didj made in Australia by aboriginal people. It was the most important for me. When I found your web I felt happy. Is different. I can not say if is better because a I have a short time playing. I hear the drone sound and I feel is quite different to the other didj I have.
Peggy Adams from USA I really enjoy the sound and have wanted an E key for a long time. This an705 is beautifully finished and rather heavy but I rest it on the foot stool so the air flows freely while I play. I am very satisfied with the purchase I was very pleased with the packaging and the bag I ordered extra. The bag fits perfectly and is cushioned and will help keep the digj in good condition. Workmanship I am a returning customer and have really enjoyed playing my travel didj I bought from you several years back. I trusted you to deliver a quality product with delivery a breeze from so far away. Packaging and tracking were exceptional. Much better quality for a slightly higher price but well worth it.
Anonymous from USA It is beautiful FedEx changed the exporting procedures so my didj was held in AUS customs on its way to the US. I let the team know at didgshop and they handled everything and got the package cleared immediately. Very impressed with my experience. Low Price The passion of didgshop is the main reason. I could tell from all then information and tools to help pick an appropriate didg that the didgshop are dedicated to authenticity, respecting aboriginal customs, and experts in the field.  
Laura from Czech Republic We connected with the didg from beginning and bonded since;) The sound is very clear and beautiful. This is another level of experinece. I took some time and trys to figure out how to get the mouthpiece fit, but now its good. All my questions got emediatly answerded, good vibration followed the hole process. The didg is very well made, a wonderful piece of work that will follow me my hole life. Workmanship Our friend got threw the years 3 didges from you, and we had the oppotunity to try them, and they are absolutly uncompareble with other didges. they got spirit. Price is higher but absolutely worth it, sound quality is uncomparable- different level of expirience. I have some didges that are very nice hand made but still not termite hollowed, so the value for me personaly is higher.
Karim from USA The Didj has an amazing deep sound and is so easy and fun to play. I also love that’s it’s natural looking. Excellent on both. Workmanship Your dedication to working with aboriginal people and having stewardship with the tribes and the environment. Well exceed them
Karim from USA I love the art and the playability of the Didj as well as the tone. I do wish it was a bit deeper but the higher tone is because of the key and I am ok with it and still satisfied with it. I just ordered another Didj from you guys that is a lower key and longer for more bass to compliment this one. The workmanship was amazing. The art and the shaping of the Didj is great and the sound is so clear and sharp. Also the service was top notch. Shiralee was a very professional and helpful associate. Workmanship Your commitment to honor the original people who make these instruments and to work with the craftsmen who are still upholding their tradition and respecting that tradition. The sound exceeds them greatly. The price is fair and more than a PVC Didj for sore but the quality of sound and build is not comparable so the termite hollowed side are a way better value.
Mitchell from Australia I absolutely love the shape, the look, the sound, even to how the mouthpiece was fitted.. I appreciate so much the raw wood look of the didge, and the coat/finish feels really nice. I apprecaite the size of the didge, it's long but is not so heavy - I'm happy I can stand/walk and play with it.. There's nothing I can say I dislike about the didge, there seems to be a small hair sealed in from the coat/seal but I couldn't care less about it, not sure if it's a human hair or something else haha. Your service is epic, I appreciate the efforts you go to on your website to share the information you do, and you seem to have a nice inventory system which makes things smooth to work with from my end. I called up and asked for a sound demo, you've had your studio flooded but called back and played it live, I appreciated that a lot and the comment on the rather rare look.. What I appreciated most is the authenticity of those I spoke to - genuine service and love for the yidaki and its culture is what I feel and I appreciate that a lot.. I could see how you may come across dry or unhelpful to some, though I would say for the most part this would just be skewed expectations of service - I appreciate you guys a lot. Workmanship is epic, I only have a 10 year old yidaki to compare to, the workmanship is far greater quality than that.. Big gratitude for the work. Workmanship As above, the work you go to to put out the information you do is clear and I appreciate it.. And the service over the phone was direct, to the point and I got a demo that I asked for - what more could I ask for? Far better sound quality, price I can't speak for as I was gifted though from what I have researched the price is very reasonable compared to say didgeridoo breath, or other shops I have found (of which there aren't many). Overall value is top. My honest feedback on price is that the price feels very fair to me, especially as I was given 10% off the didge cost due to double estimated shipping cost - I almost forgot about that but I do really appreciate that - thank you guys.
Anonymously I love the depth of the sound. I love the clarity of the sound. This is a very responsive instrument. The didj takes a while to warm up. The didj is beautiful natural wood. The didj finish is very durable. The wax miouthpiece is comfortable. The service is great. The team replied to my emails and called me to demo some didjes for me. Reliably graded I liked the service I received. This didj is over and above anything else I have.
Anonymously Nice solid resonance Great help and communication when purchasing. The didj is nice and solid, well sealed Workmanship Support aboriginal craftsmanship and business I have owned a non termite hollowed didj in the past that was picked up at an antique store, it sounded pretty decent for what it was but cannot at all compare to a true didj. I did not know any better at that time though
Anonymous from Germany My new didj is amazing. Great sound. Easy to play. The circular breathing is no problem anymore. Do not change. It's great. Workmanship   I do not know other didjes of this quality or price.
Anonymous from United Kingdom I love the sound and natural look of this didj. There is nothing that I dislike. The didj has been tuned very well, and the mouthpiece is very nicely formed. The didj is well sealed and very nice to look at. The service was second to none, the team at didjshop were very helpful and pleasant every step of the way. Reliably graded Your fantastic reputation when looking for recommendations.  
Joe Solus from USA The didgeridoo was above and beyond what I expected. Painting and carving is beautiful sound is excellent. Only critique’ I have for it is the AP374 is engraved in the side of it…maybe could have been hidden a little better? And theres an excess amount of sealer in some of the carving grooves, this might be inevitable tho given the multiple layers of sealant. Workmanship is above and beyond expectation. The pictures of it do no justice lol. Service was excellent, prompt shipping. Business Ethics The message you deliver in your story about authenticity and honoring the aboriginal people was huge for me. Blows them out of the universe
Stephen Tredwell from United Kingdom The painting is really nice, struggling a bit to get a good sound but more related to my ability rather didj Web site is a bit tricky to negotiate could do with an upgrade Can hear the didj before I buy I like the idea of grading, once I gain ability I will be able to judge A little more expensive than UK produced
Layne from USA I'm happy with everything concerning this didj. The service was spectacular. As well as the workmanship. Reliably graded An Australian company was important. The information I received helped me make an informed purchase. The other companies did not give me that same confidence.  
Justin from USA It’s awesome! Plays well with lots of clarity It was great Reliably graded Recording Sounds way better
Anonymous from Belgium I like, the look, its origin, the sound, quality of workmanship I dislike the paint used to protect the wood, it makes the didge looking 'plastic', too glossy Service: nice contact with people before ordering (thank you shiralee), fast delivery, different didges proposed Workmanship: the work is really well realized in terms of design and quality, very well finished Reliably graded The contact with people Much better sound, easyness of playing, high value for money!
Angelino from Japan I love it! What's not to like? The actual product was better than the image on the website. And the sound is awesome. The one thing I will say is that the didj was classified as C# but in playing along with YouTube videos and subsequently checked on an electronic tuner, it seems closer to C. No worries, though. Totally happy with it and can't wait to get another one! The service was excellent! I remember calling from Japan on New Year's Eve, or thereabouts and had Svargo play my a bunch of didjes. I think I might have called three or four times. He was kind and willing to oblige, explaining the nature of the didjes and the differences between them. It was difficult to choose and I really wanted more than one! My wallet only allowed for one good one at the time. and I am very happy with the final choice. Workmanship The authenticity of these didjes and the genuine love of the instruments displayed by Svargo at the time was impressive. My Google search was not just about where to buy a didj in Australia, but started with a search of didjes that are used in performance from orchestra and bands to street performances. Eventually, I landed on the Didjshop website. Not Applicable (yet)
Rayan Balghonaim from Saudi Arabia In all honesty, there is nothing which I don’t like about my purchase. I absolutely love it. Absolutely wonderful service, I had the opportunity to speak with the owner. very friendly and knowledgeable. The workmanship, truly exceeded my expectation. Workmanship I simply wanted to be sure that I was able to buy a traditional didgi, made by aboriginal hands.  
Steve from USA This is a rare key and finding one at all is very difficult; finding one of quality is hard. It plays well. The art work is well done. The service and support has been good. Workmanship Didjshop has hard to find keys both high and low. I now have two that play the low A and high A. It plays a rare key very well.
Anonymously Love the complex sound, the beautiful shape and finish of the wood. Excellent Workmanship Authentic, benefits aboriginal peoples  
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