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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Norm from USA Seems like a very nice didge, still trying to get it to talk to me, just learning. Probably should have bought a C instead of an E, like the lower sound better but my fault. Thank you.....Norm Your service was great. My first didge so not sure what to expect. The finish seemed to be quite rough with lots of grit or something in the finish coating, maybe this is the way it is supposed to be? Please don't get me wrong, just being honest. I think you are Good people and would buy again from you. Only wish I could visit you there and try different ones out. Thanks again........Norm Low Price Great web site, seem to be very nice people and get right back to me with answers to my questions. Care about the Aboriginal people and there culture I have one cheapie plastic C sound and a large bell, easy to play and sounds good but not aboriginal made which is important to me. I have to others that I made and decorated myself, just to see of I could do it. Sound not bad, made out of ABS. I'm retired and on a fixed income so unfortunatly can't aford a really good one that I would like.
Tony from Canada Sound and artwork still amaze me each timei pick it up Top notch Aboriginal Made Descritions and picrures sounds and history Great
Jaygopal from USA I absolutely love its deep resonant sound. I can vocalize with it in ways I never imagined. Outstanding: dedicated, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in aboriginal culture and the promotion of indigenous rights. Workmanship   Far superior sound quality, a bit more expensive, a definite value
Anonymous from Australia The didjshop's willingness to provide help and services as well as excellecnt info about the didge was very reasurring when purchasin from the didjshop Seems very well shaped and worked as well as finshed with very few impefection especially for hand made items Workmanship This shop seemed more organised and willing to provide help and information  
Joao Carvalho from Portugal By now I can do circular breathing, some rythms and vocals. At first I was getting the sound distorced but I concluded that's bc I was used to the PVC. Now, I get a clear sound that I like. I'll have to keep learning and improving to be able to get more from my didj. And that I like: that it has lot of space for me to evolve and discover it. The TUTs are a bit dificult to make. Specially the 2nd. Maybe that's bc the mouthpiece is too narrow. Also the saliva along with vernish (or some liquid) started to ppor down from the didj. Should I be worried? I rate it 5 bc there was no invoice attached to the order, which gave me a lot of trouble to make it pass in the customs. I had to call you (Svargo) and UPS lots of times to get the right invoice with the value stamped by the australian customs in the order. And that, gave me a lot of trouble and problems.I should have extra points in the didj contest for it;) Also, I was not getting your emails and that made the process even harder. In the end I had to pay 106€, which I was not expecting at all. Reliably graded Lot's of variety and product description (pics, sound, rating...) I can not compare al006 with my PVC type. Uncomparable..
Gregg Nardozza from USA Ah959 is a ch didj in C#. It displays wonderful playing abilities in all aspects. Drone and vocals are especially clean. The didj displays two hoot keys and the first hoot key is effortless to play. The paint job is especially good and displays properly right down the front of the didj as it is played in the proper position. Just an outstanding instrument. Everyone at the didjshop are very curteous and efficient to deal with. A first-class establishment! Workmanship I trust the didjshop! This is the best sounding instrument I own.
Gregg Nardozza from USA Ah672 is a ch didj in the key of F. It is a wonderful didj with clear vocals and a first hoot that is fairly easy to play. The didj responds well to my fast playing style in this key. The paint job could have been better in that the patinting does not display down the center of the instrument as it is played properly, it is off to the side and does not show off well because of that. Didjshop service is always excellent. The staff are all wonderful and easy to work with. A first class operation! Workmanship is excellent, except that I would have liked the painting to display properly when playing the didj. Workmanship I trust the didjshop! This didj is excellent. I bought this didj for fast playing and it really does the job. Wonderful instrument!
Euan from Thailand Tone and resonance are excellent Service very good but delivery was not so smooth. Your email automatically went to my trash folder and I missed planned delivery. Thai import tax was needed on delivery so my appartment would not accept it initially until I left money for them to take sign while I was at work. I did not receive any t shirt though am not concerned about this. Regards Workmanship Previous good experience buying a didg On price the sound quality is second to none which was my primary requisite.
Margaret from USA I love the sound and size, I am very pleased with my instrument. The service was wonderful, quick delivery. Workmanship I trust your company and believe you have a good work ethic that can be trusted. It is better then two of them.
Mike from United Kingdom Like - Easy to play, sound and artwork Dislike - None Prompt service and kept informed. I've only seen/handled about five didj's and have to say this is the best one so far. Reliably graded I really felt the didj had to be authentic and made in Australia. I would not have bought it without this. No other didjes
Anonymously I like the size, I like big openings, and decoration, and key; I dont like the price (but my friendsays I am stingy); the only thing is I hoped better for vocals but maybe the problem is with me. It is a lovely didj. Service and wormanship fully satisfying, good packaging and quick service! Can hear the didj before I buy   Price was about the same, and quality: in the top 3 of the 6, ex aequo 2 and 3. Number 1 has some magic in the sound, dont know if it is special wood, it is a warm dark brown red and dense, heavy one, when buying I had been told this kind could not be exported anymore...
Rob from United Kingdom I love the simplicity of the didj that and the concert class quality of the B key - this is why I chose this particular stick. The didj is great - the quality is faultless! as with my last purchase (ah845) your serivce is great - personal; cimmunication is really important. Workmanship You only supply aboriginal made didjs and the mp3 files are a very important part of the choosing process! All didges are different - but it is my olnly one in the key of B so in that respect I have to say ae697 is fantastic!!
Paul from USA There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this didj. I love the tone, the feel, the comfort, the energy, the care that went into making it. It is a work of art that sounds beautiful. This didj could not have been better made. Delivery was prompt and the packaging was impeccable. Not a scratch. Workmanship I can't think of anything else. Far superior.
Rob from United Kingdom Great balance, great weight, the sound is outstanding and the description on the website was absolutely spot-on, The communication from the sales dept. is excellent - the personal emails I received were a great comfort especially when I am buying over the net as well as from across the other side of the world! Reliably graded The vast selection, the wealth of info on the site and the sound grading and mp3 files all make the didgshop a real one off top internet site. Ah845 is my favourite didge at the moment. as you know, each didge does a different thing for the player and the listerner alike, but ah845 really gets peoples attention - the real sound of a didg.
Anonymously Love it! The quality is beautiful Extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship. Shipping was faster than expected Aboriginal Made    
Don Landrigan from Japan I love it. Still learning, but the sound is nice & resonant. It's cool - nice & clean looking. It looks like the real deal (because it is), not just some cheap touristy memento. It is a beautiful instrument. Words fail me... I am looking forward to be able to play it (I bought the DVD, & I'm working on it!)... Additionally, I requested a 'darker didj bag' - and got just that! It's beautiful - and the kangaroo motif on it stands out: exactly what an Aussie living in Japan wants! Business Ethics Searched & searched - this was the only place I was certain that the didj I bought was authentically Aboriginal-made and run. N/A
Anonymously It has a beautiful sound and is easy to play Your web site is superb! It helped me pick out just the right didge. I fell in love with it before I even received it in the mail. Reliably graded Even though I couldn't examine the didge in person before I bought it, I felt your web pages gave me all the details I needed, (including sound samples!) for me to make my decision on which didge to purchase I consider it equally high quality and a good value.
Anonymously There's nothing to dislike. for my sense it's exactly what u promised. Everything's fine. very automized Business Ethics Recommendation for my disered priceclass from different people (around the world).  
Massimo Maddaloni from Italy Gorgeous wood grain. Very nice artwork. Very easy to play even if I am a beginner Flawless Reliably graded By far ad large, the main reason why I bought for didijshop is that this site shows seriousness about business, commitment to customer and love for the products  
Donna from United Kingdom Clear sound, quality appearance, very smooth finish, can be played both fast and slow but sometimes struggle getting vocals through, but I think thats more to do with with me than the didge! Excellent service, great communication & tracking service, knew the minute the didge touched down in UK, was pleased as punch when opening the excellently wrapped didge as seemed better than the pics and the sound quality was spot on Reliably graded Firstly because we could hear good samples of the didges and the data given in the gradings is very informative There is no comparisson, you cannot achieve the same quality of sound.
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