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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Matteo from Italy I like very match all Very good service Reliably graded La serietà  
Serhiy from Ukraine I like it, the beautiful didj with a good sound The didjshop service was excellent. Workmanship is very good, the bark didj is nicely varnished. Workmanship   Al053's price was the same as for my old Agave didj, but obviously al053's sound quality is much better
Anonymous from Belgium It was better than expected, its light and handy, beautiful artwork and most important, verry easy to play Had it in one week(fast).Was verry glad doing business with you and I am verry happy with this superdidje. Can hear the didj before I buy The first one I bought with you was exelent and did not expected otherwise with this one The best!!!
Anonymous from Italy I like how it looks, feels, weighs and the beautiful sound that comes out of it!! I thought it was made extremely well with a lot of care in mind. The picture was nice, but doesn't come near to what it looks like in person. Sound Quality I liked your selection and your commitment to ethics and the aboriginal community. It was significantly more expensive than the bamboo didj I bought to learn on, however, it it well worth the price as the sound quality of a bamboo didj doesn't even near come close to the sound quality of a eucalyptus didj.
Fernando Celaya from Spain Is perfect for me, is really better than I supposed in photo. I could follow muy didj travel via UPS web, and I call with you by telephone (from Sapin, Europe), and I received a professional and friendly treatment. Workmanship No. HAHAHA, that comaparaision would be a nonsense!
Dominic from Italy Excellent finishing touches on it. Well treated and nice length. Sound quality is perfect for my current needs. Weight is good and sturdy at the same time as not being overweight for travelling. Service was good and workmanship was second to none. Low Price Such an easy to navigate website...great search engine for finding specific instruments. Much better.
Ahmed Malik from Sweden I like it very much. I am quite satisfied. Reliably graded Things/ information/ data was quite clear & satisfied I was lucky to have this price, it is cheaper than I expected
Debbie from USA There is nothing to not like about it! It's beautiful and a wonderful sound. The didj came extremely fast....was very surprised! Arrived in perfect the cover as well. Highest quality. Workmanship    
Anonymously Beautiful in sight and sound Great advice and prompt Aboriginal Made Mainly because made in australia  
Andrew Andrew Brown from USA The didj I purchased is wonderful. The resonance and ease of back pressure truely seperated this didj from any other I have played. I love this didj, I play it up to 4 hours a day, my nieghbors probably hate me but oh well "keep on didjin" cheers! I have to admit the service of your company is excellent, my didj got here in 4 days, I was expecting two weeks, the ease and mobility of your web page also made it very easy to make a purchase. the didj itself is primo! I think this one ways a wopping 10 pounds and has an excellent paint job of a narley duckbillplatypus. Workmanship Very easy page to use, tons of choices and the ability to hear what you are buying. Brilliant I started making didgeridoos out of pvc pipe a while back, have to be honest they turned out pretty good, fully painted and fabricated. I thought they sounded pretty authentic, when I got my didj it was totaly different, no comparison, sounded alot better
Anonymous from USA Very beautiful artwork and good sound Very easy website to use. Great product selection recommendations. Faster delivery than I expected in the U.S. Best vendor I found on the internet - you could see and hear and the selection was wide. The advice for a first timer was well appreciated!  
Shaun from United Kingdom My new didj,sound quality out of this world,mind blowing volume and looks as cool as she sounds Didjshops service was very good,web site easy to use.workmanship excellent Workmanship I liked the feel of your site Ah301 sounds much better than my outher didj but was a lot more money but its money well spent because of the quality of sound and workmanship
Thom from USA This is a Brad Gossam didj and I love both the artwork and particular style (e.g., heavy bark bell). This is a beautiful item to have and to play. Your service on the sale and the workmanship on the didj are without parallel. I realize this sounds like a "gushing" endorsement... and it is. I do a large amount of internet purchasing and found your site and service to be hands down the best. Can hear the didj before I buy Your reporting on and support of Aborigines. The sound quality is as good, although it is the trickiest of the 3 to play. Bear in mind, however, this is a Brad Gossam didj which significantly boosts the value.
Jacques Raczynski from France I like the sound, his depth, his resonance; I like the piece of wood very pretty, natural, glossed, heavy. A brilliant instrument. I had problems of payment and the person who have to help me was very professionelle; the instrument arrived very quickly for my annniversaire. Thanks you Reliably graded I put the price but I knew that that was worth the sorrow of it and it for this I buy it on your site. We can'it speak about the price. As very good instrumant have his good price. But there are no comparison.
Angel Cabrera Rodriguez from Spain An excellent didj, better than expected Excellent, as usual I'm a previous customer It is better
Carlos from Portugal I loved that natural touch and the quality sound You've been a great help to me, always ready to help. I think you have in there a great team. Good luck I've likked they way you treat me in thecontacts we had  
Norm from USA Seems like a very nice didge, still trying to get it to talk to me, just learning. Probably should have bought a C instead of an E, like the lower sound better but my fault. Thank you.....Norm Your service was great. My first didge so not sure what to expect. The finish seemed to be quite rough with lots of grit or something in the finish coating, maybe this is the way it is supposed to be? Please don't get me wrong, just being honest. I think you are Good people and would buy again from you. Only wish I could visit you there and try different ones out. Thanks again........Norm Low Price Great web site, seem to be very nice people and get right back to me with answers to my questions. Care about the Aboriginal people and there culture I have one cheapie plastic C sound and a large bell, easy to play and sounds good but not aboriginal made which is important to me. I have to others that I made and decorated myself, just to see of I could do it. Sound not bad, made out of ABS. I'm retired and on a fixed income so unfortunatly can't aford a really good one that I would like.
Tony from Canada Sound and artwork still amaze me each timei pick it up Top notch Aboriginal Made Descritions and picrures sounds and history Great
Jaygopal from USA I absolutely love its deep resonant sound. I can vocalize with it in ways I never imagined. Outstanding: dedicated, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in aboriginal culture and the promotion of indigenous rights. Workmanship   Far superior sound quality, a bit more expensive, a definite value
Anonymous from Australia The didjshop's willingness to provide help and services as well as excellecnt info about the didge was very reasurring when purchasin from the didjshop Seems very well shaped and worked as well as finshed with very few impefection especially for hand made items Workmanship This shop seemed more organised and willing to provide help and information  
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