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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymously I'm completely astounded by the sound quality and deep vibrations coming out of this didje which is alive. I've so far discovered that it corresponds faithfully to the ratings given on the site and find it really beautiful as seeing it up close is so different than even a good picture. I am really happy to have made this choice as I was going for something different at the beginning and was lucky to stumble on this one. Service was excellent as I had the chance to have close contact with Svargo himself who answered all my questions more than fully more than once and facilitated my final choice with which I am extremely happy. Preparation and delivery were prompt and I had the joy of an extra benefit! Workmanship is also very good, the didje is clearly well treated and coated to offer good protection against weather changes. The natural beauty of the wood seems to stand out and of course the sound is amazing! Sound Quality I' d been visiting the site for months now and receiving the newsletter which showed the overall attitude towards the Aboriginees and to sound and music quality, also you were the only site I came across that offered such high quality didjes and such thorough information for each one. It really can't compare. Even though the price was not low, the sound quality and looks of the ah221 more than compensate any cheaper didje.
Amanda from USA I liked the desiged. It was very hard to choose. I was very happy with the product. Being a first time buyer I was happy to see you included beeswax for maintanance Reliably graded Your website was just very inviting. It contained the info I needed on my first purchase. Very exceptable
Shelley Alexander from Canada I love it!!! It is beautiful, the wood is gorgeous and the artwork is fantastic. I think that the service is amazing. I really like the fact that you put money toward planting new trees and give local artists an opportunity to share their artwork. The workmanship is great, excellent skillwork demonstrated. Workmanship I found that your website was the most up-to-date implying that you were popular and actually sold a few pieces. I enjoy the newsletters I had been receiving about events, etc and like the world didgi meditations. Brings the instrument back to spiritual roots I am not sure as I am still learning myself. I am trying to figure out how it sounds while I am playing it, different than being on the bell end for sure. The vibrations tickle a bit, I am getting used to that and teaching myself how to circular breathe. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
Scott from USA This Didj is THE best sounding Didj I've ever heard in person. It surpasses all it's "ratings" in my opinion and is simply a joy to play. Personally, I am drawn to the clarity more than anything...The deep lows and the crsip highs. Excellent communication/service before, during, and after my order. Didjshop answered any questions I had even before I ordered, and followed through with my order after it was delivered. This being my first Didj from Dijshop, I have nothing to compare the workmanship to besides my other "Non-Didjshop" didj's, and it is WAAAAY better. Reliably graded I've heard nothing but GREAT things about Didjshop FROM didgeridoo players, so it is a no-brainer. No comparison. ah440 blows all my other Didgeridoos out of the water.
Garry from United Kingdom Exactly how you described it. Good Travel Didg Service was EXCELLENT workmanship on didg v.good Can hear the didj before I buy You seem to be very realiable and I was very happy with my last didg Ah549 Price lower,sound quality not so good,value ok
Francis from France I mostly like the sound (deep D#, great overtones, good backpressure) and the painting (crocodile). I like the turn the wood takes just before the up-end. Also like the lightness of the didj' even though the wood seems heavy and compact. And I like the rough "root" bell. Only slight "negative" point is that the painting seems faded in white... As if white paint has been scrapped over the painting... But it is maybe artistically intentional and it was visible on the picture on your website anyway so I was aware of that! For other "like/dislike" I guess I will have to play on it a bit more! (and I can't wait to do so!) I had problems with my CreditCard (it was a National one so it could not proceed to international transactions) and your services kindly waited (and kept my order) until my bank send me my new VisaCard... So I thank you for your attention! Workmanship Your shop is not just a simple online-shop... It seems to have real implication in Aboriginal Culture's acknowledgement Uncomparable!
Marie Guillon from France Authentique sound nice key easy playing Very good Workmanship Sound and autnticity The very best of didg
Julien from Switzerland Really great sound and cool piece of wood:) Great job in general, keep like this:) Sound Quality No more reason  
Paul White from United Kingdom I like everthing about this didge it is a beautiful work of art as well as an amazing instrument. The sound just flows from it and it seems to be able to transmit very accurately your intentions as you breath into the mouthpeice, The sounds you try to form with your mouth come out just as you would wish in a crystal clear, open fashion with no hint of dullness or boxiness. This is one special didge and my small piece of Aboriginal culture. I intended to buy just one didge from you due to monetry restrictons. I was so impressed with your workmanship, sound grading accuracy and the customer service I have received from Cathy and Shiralee, that I have now bought four from you in the last few months, making myself broke in the process. All of them are gems, they all sound great and all I need now, apart from some more didges, is the time to get to know them all by playing them for my benefit and those around me. Workmanship Such a brilliant website gave me confidence in your Company, Ethics and origin of all of your Didgeridoos. I also like the way you support the Aboriginal people. Everthing is explained clearly and nothing is hidden, afterall, how many sellers would admit that some of their didges are not good enough for playing or that a good didge can be made from a plastic pipe!!! your website is honest and that was a great attraction to me It was the most expensive one so far but it is by far the most attractive, even more so that my other Brad Gosam didge and has the most open and clear sound of them all. It is the highest graded one of yours I have. I would say that it was excellent value for the money even before the 33% discount. All of your didges though sound great and are easy to play.
Angel Cabrera Rodriguez from Spain It is a light piece with excellent sound. A great didj. It is excellent. I am very satisfied. The only thing I dislike are the custom charges which are very expensive and they have increased even more (from 46,70 euros to 58,92 euros). This is really too much. Of course, I know this problem does not come from didjshop. I must say again that I am very happy with your service. Can hear the didj before I buy I am a satisfied custom. I have tried with other web pages on didjs, but they lack adequate information. They should learn from didjshop. I have seen web pages of famous didj players (I prefer not to say their names) and I found them incredibly poor, you do not really know how good or bad are the didjs. It is similar.
Julien from Switzerland It's really a cool didj. Straight so it's easier to breath in it and make sounds with full power. Great sound in general(shouts and normal breath). In general your didjes are always well done and well shipped (fast and with security (cold and shocks)). Like it is said on your website, it is always REAL didjes:) Workmanship I am always satisfied by your didjes. That is the main reason:) I think the price is normal for a didj like this. I know that there are shops where you can find that kind of didjes cheaper, but in Europe, you will pay the double for a REAL didj like this.
Miles Phillips from Canada I like the beauty of the artwork and the deep rich sound I enjoyed the simplicity of calling and talking to Svargo and then ordering online. It was fast and efficient, as was the delivery. Aboriginal Made Lots of good information on the website. I found when speaking with both aboriginee individuals and not, they did not know nearly the information that is on the site. It makes me wonder if this site is not the most detailed and up to date information on didj's in the world. Better
Miles Phillips from Canada Smaller than expected but nice Good service Aboriginal Made   Smaller but good sound
Mario from Italy A little bit too long (1,30 m), but really good playing, fastly or slowly, and really exceptional sound Because of a little crack in my didj you changed ad787 sending me a new one. I am very grateful for this and I feel to advice everyone your shop and your excellent service and workmanship Workmanship I liked very much to see and hear the didj I was going to buy, and also your descrpition helped me to choose. It is a really good didj and it was not too expensive compared to others in your site such as gosam's ones.the sound is not comparable with bamboo sound at all. the sound and playability is better than other didj that i've played.
Chris Ruffner from USA I like the fact that my didge was made the traditional way. Having just received my didge today I have not been able to play it much. It was super cold and I wanted it to warm up first. I did play it a little and I loved the sound Everything was perfect, It all looks great Business Ethics I liked what I saw, and heard It is a100% better than the one I started with
Tim from USA Excellent backpressure easy to play and great decoration It's always a pleasure to deal with folks who exceed my expectations very quick delivery of an excellent product Can hear the didj before I buy   As expected
Patrick Litke from USA It plays well, has great overall sound and was easy to learn circular breating on. It's fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic. Workmanship Your outstanding reputation throughout the web. Much better, and it's authentic.
Aida from USA I love its sound and although it's plain, it looks great. It is a great sounding didj and very well made. Aboriginal Made I love your site and expected only the best quality and service. I think it is well worth the price and more
Gregg Nardozza from USA I have enjoyed playing this didj for a couple of years now. It has served me well in learning to play. I am now looking for a higher concert didj since my playing is much more advanced. The service at the didjshop is always top notch. The workmanship on my didj is excellent! Workmanship Your staff is fantastic! Much better.
Christopher from United Kingdom I like the burnt-in art on the didjeridoo and I like the pitch when played. It's quite heavy, though that's hardly an inconvenience. Service was excellent. I remember being able to track it online, and the delivery here to Wales was very fast. The workmanship is equally good I think, it's very beautiful. Low Price Not particularly.  
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