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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Euan from Thailand Likes, Simplicity, Key D well tuned, excellent sound. Dislikes none No complaints whatsoever, impressed by your payment checks to my credit card. Sound Quality Impressed by sound file attached with instrument, and general quality of website. I have compared with cheaper ones and drilled out didjes, sound quality of AH415 is much better.
Anonymously Appearance and sound Great service on shipping original order and especially pleased not to pay import duties into Canada. Aboriginal Made    
Angel Cabrera Rodriguez from Spain A light instrument with good sound quality Your service is excellent Sound Quality I already am your custumer and I am satisfied It is similar to other didjs with similar characteristics
Angel Cabrera Rodriguez from Spain Great sound and excellent workmanship. It is excellent Workmanship I am a previous customer and I am satisfied It is perhaps better than others
Pablo Solana from Spain It was buyed for my 12 years old daughter, named Pepa. She's learning with Rai de Horna and becoming a big player. She usually plays in our meditation sessions, in the Retiro Park and in her room. She loves the soud, basically, and dislike the weight to carry. She's triying to get from me another didj... and I'm actually surfing the web, to get a log-bell-wellcarry-nice didj:-) (So I will transfer you HER impressions) Perfect Can hear the didj before I buy Solid image No way! is just another soud
Carlos Cabrera from Sweden I liked it very much. Nice work. Excellent. Workmanship I feel I can trust in your business. For me the price is not as important as buying aboriginal made didjs. My other didjes are made of bamboo. These cannot compare to this didj. The sound is a lot better in all the didjs I ordered from you.
Carlos Cabrera Rodriguez from Sweden It is a very nice piece. The sound was excellent and the paintings on it are superb. Excellent. Workmanship   It's impossible to compare. This didj is a lot better!!
Ken Ralph from United Kingdom I liked everything about this didje except the weight! it was far heavier than expected, but that was all. Workmanship was second to none. Service was superb. Full credit to all involved Sound Quality The recommendations and feedback from previous customers I have a Bruce Wunnungmurra (sp?) Didge bought from an individual in N.E.Arnhemland and although louder, they both have individual attributes, Yours is the preffered instrument
Edward.p. La Corte from USA I Like Everything about this Didge,I Like the Looks of the wood...I like the Impressive Length 9 feet and 3 inches...and I Love the incredible subsonic deep sound of the super Low D# Key.Vocals are excellent too!!!I have to admit though it took 3 or 4 days to figure out how to play the thing...but Svargo helped Me out with a tip He gave Me in an email,now it is easy!!! No complaints...Excellent! Reliably graded I never found anywhere a Didge that was anywhere near as Low in Key,as this Low D#.After thinking about it for a year...I final had to get it! It is one of the best one I have,though perhaps not as flexible as a higher pitched one...can't play super fast for sure!
Adrian from Australia I like the artwork on this didj mainly. The sound is far superior to the other didg I have bought of you too. The bell shape is also quite interesting. I have it on a didg stand and it's a great piece of aboriginal art. I don't dislike much at all, maybe just the price for the sound quality - but the artwork is surperb. Brad's didg is finished beautifully and the dot-on-dot artwork is stuning. Didgshop provided fantastic service informing me of dispatch, Packing and delivery was excellent. Aboriginal Made   Good from what i've seen in more reputable shops in darwin
Anonymous from Japan Nothing to dislike. I learned to play on this didge and found it very easy, including the breathing which I was able to pick up within a few hours. My two year old daughter loves the sound and the feel of the vibrations through the wood The whole process was smooth and efficient. The quality is great compared to the limited number of didges I've seen from elsewhere. Sound Quality No  
Kyle Phillips from USA Very well made. Sounds great. A work of art. I was thrilled when I got a phone call from Cathy telling me when it had shipped and when I would receive it. Thanks Cathy. I was a little nervous about damage during shipping. Packaging was awesome. No damage. What was I thinking? I was looking for a new didge for over a year. Found your site from a google search and have been browsing ever since. The hy459 seemed to call out to me. I havent touched my other didge since recieving my didgeshop didge.
Jonny Monument from United Kingdom What I like: it has a HUGE sound. Massive. It is understated in design and decoration, and says it all in sound. What a fantastic thing it is. What I dislike: that I can't afford another right now! Service: you all worked so hard with the credit card troubles: nothing was too much effort, and I really appreciated that. Your website is simply excellent also. Workmanship: what can I say? I don't think there is a word. Fantastic? Fabulous? Amazing? I just love my didj.... Workmanship Great site: great everything!! Not sure: as I have only one other didj. However, I have played others, and it beats all of them easilly.
Marco Battini from Italy I dislike a weak point at the end of it which did not appear in the pics on the site. I personally found the rest more than ok. Unbelievably kind Reliably graded Best site on the net for rapport quality/price. can't trust or find serious italian (!) sellers Uncomparable (two plastic, 2 bamboo didjes, made by myself)
Florian from France I like it very much, and do not find anything wrong. True, I am not an expert yet. I think it is well done. The bee wax Reliable Trustworthy Business There is a large choice of didj. There is also the photo, and each didj is unique, so it highlights traditionnal work. It is much better in all the categories
David Johnson from Canada I was attracted to it's colour and shape originally - It was more impressive in life... The sound and playability of this Didj was beyond what I expected. The service was verry good. I recieved my Didj before expected and was impressed with it packaging. Workmanship   No comparison - the others lack that deep rich tone.
Robert from USA I like the artwork, the sound and enjoyment of playing the instrument. Great job guys, I enjoy showing this off to all my friends, and they are impressed as well Aboriginal Made YOurs seemed to be the best choice on the market, and I was right.  
Bernard from USA Like: It has really pretty good sound for its size. and the drone is easy. Dislike: The first toot is fairly hard to hit on this particular didge The workmanship seems really good. One rare and interesting happening with this didge thought is that when I take it up into the mountains, a crack opens that is about 3 inches long just below the mouthpiece. Then when I get back home, it closes up within a week. Strange, but the same exact thing has happened on 2 separate occasions. Business Ethics I had had a good prior experience On price, it is generally better than some of the other didges I have purchased. As such, on sound quality, it is not quite as good as some of the other didges I have purchased. It is fairly small, and for its size it does pretty well. I bought it for about $320 (US dollars), and many of my other didges are twice as expensive (and up), so I don't expect it to sound as good as a didge costing twice as much. However, I have learned in my didge collecting quest that high price does not necessarily equate to great sound (or more specifically the sound and playing qualities that I may desire for a particular didge), and I have gotten some stellar didges in the $300 to $400 dollar range. It depends on the specific sound/playing qualities that you are looking for.
Guenoun from France To hard to play My first order was for the ae354, so I baught this one too, because the price was very attractive. Low Price A lot of choice! Not really good, but Ihave got 2 didgs from you really better.
Rik Van Luijn from Netherlands I like it's simplicity and the beautiful eucalyptus wood The workmanship was exellent, didj looked beautifully clean and tidy, no spots or ruf places. looked like someone took time to make sure it was done right. Can hear the didj before I buy Site looked honest and reliable, no flashing bars of screaming adds and everything was layed out nice. I actually felt confident in buying an instrument without actually having seen it, and thats a rare thing to pull of! great! Price was quite a bit more, I bought another termite hollowed one while being on a holliday in beautiful australia, and that was only 80AUD so more value for money. but the one I got from you has a more beautiful sound and it looks better. and shipping was 50 EURO and then another 48 for import rights... so in the end the didj was petty expensive, but then, It was exacly as you said it would be and I was all but dissapointed about it.
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