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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Peter Huber from Germany Low budget and nice painting First class Business Ethics Friendly contact to you
Peter Huber from Germany Low budget, nice painting good volume First class service, professional workmanship Business Ethics Friendly contact In my first group
Peter Huber from Germany Sound and special painting Very good service and also very good workmanship Business Ethics I can trust on you With other didgshop didges in first group
Peter Huber from Germany Whow it is a absolute first class didge Top Reliably graded Our very good email contact Absolute one of my 3 favorites
Peter Huber from Germany Very nice painting good quality Very high quality, very good service Business Ethics I can trust on you With other didges from you in my first category
Peter Huber from Germany Very good pressure, good sound and painting I can trust on you Business Ethics Very good contact before Very good category
Peter Huber from Germany Painting and sound Absolutely professional Business Ethics Our good contacts In my first category
I like everything on this didj. It is great. Your service is very quick and customer friendly Workmanship Quality of instruments, specially sound. It is the best one - sound quallity
Jacquelyn Mcdonald from USA The didj is gorgeous!! great craftsmanship, beautiful artwork, much more technical than my older didj, so were still getting acquainted...but I love it!! This is THE place if anyone wants to know anything about the didgeradoo, its spirit, and the culture behind it. Sound Quality You guys ROCK Much better
Anonymous from France I like his quality, his sound and his beauty. and it's an aboriginal didj!!! Your service is excellent, the expedition is really quick (only 6 days to france) and I feel you are really present for us Low Price I was sure about the quality, because you are really seriously and professional The price is 50% less, the quality and aboriginal is garantee with youand the sound, my god!!!
Anonymous from USA Easy & fun Excellent Workmanship Grading system clear 892 much better sound
Susan from USA The resonance is incredible. No other didje that I have can match it. It's kind of funny, but in one newsletter you mentioned that you liked visitors and I took you at your word. While my son was studying in Australia my husband and I took the opportunity to actually come to your "virtual store'' and buy this didge. Unfortunately we were rushed at the time but your "store'' is simply amazing. Thanks for your kindness and patience with us while we were there. Reliably graded It's quite simple really. Your ethics and involvement with Aboriginal issues puts you way out in front of other didje sites as well as your concern for environmental issues. I consider the didje a sacred instrument and it is obvious you do as well. As for price, it was on a par with the agave ones I own. However, there is no comparison as far as sound. The ah382 is so much better in sound quality that I hardly play my other didjes.
Anonymously Love my didj. Love that it is authentic and made with care. Smooth and beautiful. Reliable Trustworthy Business Came highly recommended  
Philippe from Switzerland Outstanding workmanship Beautiful paintings Superb sound and playability Outstanding workmanship Reliable and fast service Sound Quality    
Marcel Canisius from Netherlands I like every pat of my didj. sound, shape, colour, mouthpiece and lenghth. But the shape of the didj looks different on the website! not at the end of the didj but if you go near the mouthpiece it looks smaller on the site than it is in the flesh... this isn't a problem for me though. I find it beautiful anyway. Sservive was very good and friendly! also quick answering questions. workmanship of my didj is very good, as far as I can comment on this. Sound Quality Especialy the authenticity and aboriginal made fact. the sound of the didj was alsou very important to me as wel as the looks. Very good! everything this didj has is valuable to me/
Anonymous from France I like the very good backpressure, it's easy to play, the harmonics are very nice, can be play fast or slowly,... There's nothing I don't like about it for now! Eveything is all right! Maybe I'd have prefered to be told about the import taxes I had to pay. I had not thought about it and it's 30 euros! Maybe a sentence like "think about the tax you may have to pay in your country". Sound Quality No My other didj is bamboo so my didjshop didj is far far better!!!
Anonymously I like his tone (base) an overtones. I like the way it looks and I like its weight. All of it was better than I expected. Your didjshop is easy to find and customerfriendly (also the website) Initially I send a mail with some questions and you answered it well. It helped to choose, as does your wensite. I like the most the opportunity to hear all different kind of didges: It helps me the most to make a choice. And I rate your website as very reliable according to other websites I visited, and even more reliable than a live shop here in the Netherlands. And I like the idea that the didj is genuine and the money paid for it will go into the right hands. Workmanship See answer above The other one I made myself out of PVC. Well, its obvious the aa 960 sounds a lot better!
Gary Lockwood from USA I like everything about this didge. It plays easy, sounds great and works very well with my healing practice. There is nothing that I dislike. The service has been outstanding. I could not have asked for better service. The workmanship is also outstanding and beautiful. Workmanship The main reason was the service, I would only by my next didgeridoo from The Didjshop. No comparison at all al471 is the best didge I own in all areas.
Anonymous from Australia The wood is beautiful and makes a good sound. The sound was higher than I expected although that is my own fault as you had properly described it on your site. Perhaps if you have a sample sound bite for what all the different keys are, would be very helpful (or do you already & I didn't find it). Below score is only because I hadn't expected the sound to be so high, otherwise great quality. The didj was delivered very quickly and packed really well to ensure no damage occurred during transit. Very happy with the service! Workmanship The information on your website was very helpful with it's tips on what to look for in a didj, how to play, shaping the mouth piece etc. The quality of your didjs seem very high and they all looked so beautiful. Your information on all the didjs also made it easier to know that I was getting the right one. This was a present for my partner who has been learning on PVC piping for the last couple years, so this is really his first didj.
Brandon Barnard from USA I love everything about it. It has a full sound, good resonance and is decorated beautifully. I also am very keen on the weight, because I travel a lot and take my didj's to drum circles at least 8-10 times a month. I am completely satisfied in every way. It is one of the lightest authentic didj's that I have every held or played. It looks and feels like a lot of love and effort went into it's making. I received it approximately 48 hours after you shipped it out, it was completely intact with no signs of stress what so ever. Sound Quality Because, so far you are the most conscious didj sellers online that I have found. I discovered your site on the 4th of July and spent 4 hours searching for the right Didj for me. The MP3's and closeups of the artwork were a definite plus. It definitely has the edge on all my other didj's, I have one that is bamboo and 8 that are PVC and self-made.
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