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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymous from USA I absolutely love my didge! It is the first one that I purchased and I'm so glad I found your store and that I got an authentic aboriginal didge with artwork. My didge is so beautiful to look at and to hold and sounds amazing. I love the artwork! I was originally going to buy a didge from a USA store..but then I did a google search for authentic aboriginal didge and found this site and learned about authentic aboriginal didges verses "knock-offs". I shopped the site and filled out the questionaire about my abilities (none)..then I placed an order for a didge that I thought was good. Shiralee then contacted me after reading my abilities..and instead of just filling my order, she advised me on choosing another didge as a beginner because the one I originally picked had low backpressure which was not good for learning on. She gave me a list of didges to consider and I picked one and she agreed it was much better than what I picked, and then she adjusted my order for me to include the didge, DVD and carry-bag and then I paid for it. I was really impressed that she would take the time to help me pick what was best for me instead of just making a sale. Workmanship See comments above  
Gerhard from Austria Excellent sound Competent and friendly ssupport Sound Quality Informative website All termite my hollowed didjes are excellent
Ed Spence from USA I have been traveling and have had very little time to work with the didj, but so far I am 100% happy with it, and with your service. I got your name form a customer of yours by the name of James Foxall in Omaha NE. He was very satisfied and so am I. Incidentally, the text that reads "Please tell us which search engine or website or other:" doesn't make sense. Excellent beyond expectations. Workmanship Incidentally, you asked me to rate how important it was to be able to hear it before purchase, but I was not able to hear the didj before buying it.  
Mark from Switzerland Like: Sound, the quality of the finish, natural look Dislike: Nothing. Workmanship of a very high standard. Service excellent, including responsiveness, quality of packaging. Workmanship No Better
Glenn from Australia Love the didj thanks - style, artwork and sound are brilliant. I'm only a beginner but already in love with it! Your service was the best I've come across for any online service provider. The amount of information (including MP3 files) available before I bought the didj made me very comfortable in making the purchase. Then your regular email contact provided great confidence of the status of my order. I will definitely be using again in the future. Sound Quality   An389 is significantly better looking and sounding than my old, cheap piece of tourist shop junk
Jerome from Switzerland Nice didj, great sound. Top Low Price Trust  
Gerhard from Austria Light, very clear and crisp sound. In general I don't find the engraved serial number on the didjes very appealing, although it is certainly very useful for the management for tracking the products and similar purposes. Service is friendly and competent Sound Quality Comparison with other online shops Overall similar to the other termite hollowed didjes, although this didj was cheaper.
Mark from USA I like the shape, and Ialso like the sound, I like how easy it is for me to play. I submitted a form for help selecting the right didj for me and I was more pleased than I could have imagined at the help and responsiveness I was given, I felt like I was really appreciated as a customer and a person. the workmanship of the didj is very fine, it looks beautiful and sturdy. Sound Quality I found the website to be easy to navigate, but more importantly I found it to be very earnest and also informative.  
Robert Froton from USA 3rd didge from you, this one a C#. B has slightly better vocals and sharper, but this is my favorite, overall sound and playability are amazing, better than my D#. this is my 2nd High concert, next one will be as well. All outstanding! One thing worth mentioning is the didge bags, I have one for each of mine since I transport them a lot. Each one is awesome, and as unique as each didge. Reliably graded Sound quality and workmanship, real didges that rock! My favorite player, love the key, sound quality and light weight. Not the cheapest but I'll pay more for sound quality.
Rob Schot from Netherlands Nice small mouthpiece for a women. Very beautiful resonance and sound. I am still making a fast progress. Service and workmonship were excellent. the didges were transported very safe and compact and with us in three days with fedex. Workmanship Cultural and where you stand for Beyond compare
Rob Schot from Netherlands Nice mouthpiece for a man. a beautiful paint by brad gosam. Service is excellent. didges were transported very compact and safe and with us in three days. Workmanship Cultural reasons and where you stand for with the aboriginal people. Beyond compare with the other didges.
Anonymously I like my idgeridoo very much. It has got a nice beautiful sound spectrum. Only the hoot sound is hard to play Service is excellent Workmanship Best didgi shop online Didg am902 is the best
Anthony Ford from USA Big, deep tone are things I like. Your service is remarkable. Communication was top-notch and I appreciated Shiralee's help and advice. The workmanship was what I expected and I wasn't disappointed. Workmanship Good explanations about cost and manufacture justified the higher cost. Much higher price, sound quality equal. "Value" is hard to specify.
Robert Froton from USA Awesome sound and quality, I'm used to playing a D#, this one is a B, lower key and sharper drone, vocals and overtones. Takes a lot more air to play and still working on it, but plays very fast for a B and I'm advancing my style and quality of playing. Workmanship is top notch. I emailed Svargo about 4 didges and he evaluated them. Later I called and he played them for me, and I made my choice. Shipping was 4 days to USA, packed very well. Workmanship Best REAL didges on the planet I have found. Sound quality on this didge is a bit better than my other one, just not as fast and takes more air. I like the looks of the burnt art on my other best, but the natural finish and quality are outstanding on this one as well.
Kristin Kin G. Oedegaard from Norway I love the sound, the feeling and smell of my new didjeridu, and the maouthpiece was just perfect. Very good service, quick delivery and very high quality indeed Sound Quality This is a healing didj - I would not have bought without this I have a plastic didj. The am 597 costs more, of course, but sounds, feels, smells nicer and give a warmth an debth that I cannot achieve on my plastic one
Anonymous from Canada Everything is awesome! The art work is unique making it a one of a kind artifact. a great selection of timber. Payment processing and delivery was quick as well. Workmanship    
Michael from Germany Great didge with a great sound. Perfekt service! Great website. Can hear the didj before I buy Perfect Website with lot of interesting background information. Much better.
Chris Ostrowski from USA It sounds amazing, feels amazing, and looks amazing. Didgshop is really built on trust and quality. The universal prime force runs through your work and is evident n your service. Workmanship Universal Prime Force flows through you. No comparison.
Anonymous from Sweden I like the didj very much and so far I don't have anything I dislike of it. I cannot rate the sound quality or workmanship as I am new to didjes but to me it seem very very good! Very fast service, also no problem with the shipping, the didj was well packed Can hear the didj before I buy Apart from already hearing from a former customer that you were reliable and sold good didjes a very important reason was to be able to listen to the didj before. I might have bought a cheaper as I am learning, but there were no audio files.  
Anonymous from Austria I like the naturalness! The service was excellent. The look of the didj is straightforward. I am happy! Reliably graded   Much better!
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