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Jeremy Prentice from Australia Beautiful sound with great backpressure - it took some learning to play a lower key, but now it just purrs along and has such a fantastic sound. The quality of it has helped me expand the range of sounds I can now make. Well worth the investment, as I thought it would be! I What inspired me to buy it was actually another didj at a different shop (which was also an A), but I wanted to try out your quality ratings and service - well, it was all better than I expected, and when I went back to play the other didj, after playing my new one from you, I realised just how good the one I bought from you was! I will recommend you guys to anyone (and everyone!) looking to buy a didj. Unmatched service and great workmanship. It's a beaut didj, that arrived safely packed and was exactly as you rated it. Reliably graded   Far superior in every aspect. I hadn't played a didj as good as this one before! An excellent instrument that will last a lifetime - a bargain when the quality, price and
Anonymously Easy to play, comfortable Fast, honest, I trust you guys Workmanship As specified above  
Graham K Glover from USA It's beautiful. It's well made, it sounds nice, and I was able to learn circular breathing on it. My didj was fine. I took my family to Australia in August 2004 and saw all manner of didgeridoos. While in Oz, I was able to look online for a quality didj, and found yours. I took sound quality over outside painting and design, and have been happy with it. Shipping from Qld to Virginia was quick (DHL). Workmanship You looked like a good company and the didj looked like a fine, quality instrument. Not applicable
Jay from USA It has the best sound of all three didj's I own. It has excellent resonance and vocalizing on it is great Excellent on both service and workmanship. I direct everyone I speak with regarding didjs to your site. Business Ethics   It was the most expensive didj I have bought but also the best sound quality. It was worth the price.
Rodger from USA Good sound; handsome artwork. No dislikes. Both are excellent. Sound Quality Had the largest selection and variety to offer. Shopping with you - especially being able to listen to many of the didjes - was without question the easiest and most satisfying experience I found when looking for a didj. Ah030 price was higher, but sound quality and value was higher as well. The others do not compare.
Gary Diggins from Canada I like the concentrated sound of this didj, coupled with its clear overtones. It has a good back pressure for circular breathing and is not all that heavy in terms of weight. I didn't have an E in my collection and pianists or guitarists love the fact that it's in tune! From start to finish, I had a positive experience with your company. As a Canadian, I couldn't believe how fast you processed my order. I was so satisfied that I have sung your praises to other Toronto players who have equally been satisfied. Reliably graded I got a good vibe from your website in terms of an ethical respect for the Aboriginal people of Australia and a professional approach to these special instruments. Tops on price. I have two Djaloo (spelling) ones which are my prized instruments.
Kelly Sandy from USA I like the clear, resonant sound made by this didjeridoo. I am quite amazed because the didj was only rated a 1-C. Your quality rating scale does not lie. Also, the didj allowed me to learn circular breathing easily. It's size and carrying case allow for easy transportation. The didj arrived a few days before expected, a nice surprise. I have not yet had to replace the beeswax mouthpiece. The wood is well protected and I am quite impressed by its shape. Sound Quality The testimonials on your website were a great help in comparing to other websites I considered buying from. N/A
Anonymously I love my didj! I have gotten pretty good (I think) at playing it, although I have still not figured out the whole circular breathing thing. Once I got past your site owner defaming me in his newsletter, your service was great, and shipping time was very reasonable. Workmanship   N/a
Joseph from USA Great artwork. Overall a nice didge, though not really exactly what I was wanting. Overall, I'm pleased with the didge, but I probably wouldn't have paid what I did for it if I had played it first. No complaints   This is the most expensive didge I have. As far as sound goes, it's probably in the middle of the pack, maybe a bit higher.
Anthony Kubiak from USA I love this didj. I love the deep, loud, resonant tones, the easy playability, and it is beautiful! I also like your responsiveness to indigenous concerns Delivery was prompt. Inquiries were quickly answered. Much info was given about the product, and the info was right on the mark Reliably graded You seemed, as I mentioned above, very responsive to aboriginal issues. It was quite a bit more expensive, but greatly worth it. Sound is better, playability much better, workmanship better, overall quality (heaviness, solidness, etc) better
Sascha Wolsfeld from Luxembourg What I like about my didj are the paintings and the sound. What I dislike is, that it's hard to play circular breathing. The back pressure isn't so high as I thought when I bought it. Service: quick replys by email, very good information and support, fast delivery Workmanship: perfect Reliable Trustworthy Business Great choice in didjs  
Murisa from USA The decorative paint and finish are of an extremely high caliber and the sound is full and rich. Loved it!!! So easy and informative to navigate on the internet. Came well packaged and within the time frame as expected. The didj was beautifully painted and had quite exquisite sound quality. Workmanship Thorough and informative website, better than any other out there. Between the expert ratings you give and the choice to see & hear the didj before buying was a huge, HUGE reason why I went with your service. Very well. I bought one while I was in Alice Springs and shipped it home which has an AMAZING sound. I bought another while in Sydney and that one was just not as good. I was nervous to buy off the internet for such a personal item such as a didj but was VERY happy with the quality of the one from It might even be better than the one I got in Alice Springs.
Guido Cifali from Australia Most beautiful in its uncomplicated appearance. Great sound. I continue to like it and enjoy it unreservedly. Service and workmanship are top class Low Price Before buying I tested the sound with an Aboriginal friend who is an expert Tops them on every one of the parameters
Martin from Thailand Love the resonance, clarity and overall sound, and the lightness for travelling. Great.!!! Reliable Trustworthy Business Highly reccommender by friend.  
Anonymous from United Kingdom I like it all, especially the artwork, the shape and general quality Excellent Workmanship I like supporting independent businesses. N/a
David from United Kingdom I like the size/weight of this particular didj, I use it as part of a sound healing practice, it resonates very well, a real bone shaker! The service from you is very good. The didj came only five days after it was ordered. Workmanship on the didj is to a very high standard. Your website is excellent. Sound Quality A very easy to navigate website and a good sound quality grading system. You walk your talk..... Price wise it's better than all the other didj's given the sound it makes, it is also excellent value for money. If I had to rationalise my didjes I would keep only five and af398 would be one of them.
Richard Huijbregts from Netherlands There isn't anything I dislike about my didje. I like the print and defenitly the sound it makes. It shows the didje is made by people who love what they're doing. Easy to understand website (as a bonus even different languages to choose from) and the delivery of the didje was faster then expected (common mail between our neighbour countries takes the same time). Workmanship   The other didje is just for display only, because my wife liked the design. It doesn't come near to the quality of your didge. The prise was cheaper, but in relation with the sound quality it was less value for our money.
Claudia from Germany It is practical for me because it is short and so easily to transport for meeting with other players. Also it is good to play and with the g-tune fine to combine with other instruments. Service was excellent and a pleasure to buy. The ddj is a beauty. Workmanship The combination of grading, sound file and reasonable price.  
Kim from Finland The service was fast and it was nice to follow up the didge journey via DHL on the web Reliable Trustworthy Business Fast delivery Quite well, but they are so different so it's a little hard to compare them
Anonymous from Norway Like the sound Very good Workmanship    
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