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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Ales from Czech Republic Didj is generaly great. Especialy I like the vibrations on it. The tone is maybe too low, but it's nothing to be worried about. Very proffesional. Everything went on track and very fast. Sound Quality Very well arranged rating of didjeridu sound  
Beat from Switzerland I like the deep sound, its curved form and paintings with story about it. I dislike wax mouthpieces, relatively low bachpressure. Good presentation at the didjshop, good billing siystem, feedback is fast and delivery very fast. Workmanship: fine paintings, nice carving, wax mouthpiece a bit uneven, lack and inside treating hard to tell; I like the original bore when it is not worsening sound qualities. Can hear the didj before I buy From first and following contacts with You, especially Svargo's support. Some are a little bit better, but there are not many to compare really on the same level (low G!), some didges were even more expensive, others have a fuller sound and allow faster playing and strong blows
Anonymous from Germany It's fantastic. It was my first didg and I used to learn to CB. It plays well slowly and I can get some hoots as well. I'm not so good on this with faster breathing compared to the other didg (see review). I had to repair one fine crack. Used a mixture of wood dust (took a file and got some fine saw dust from a piece of wood) and mixed with while, water soluble wood glue. This worked though. Can hear the didj before I buy Like your site!  
Anonymous from Germany Love to play this one quicjkly. Superb Sound Quality Great site. Well looked after. Seems a nice team!  
Jerome from France It's quite a big didj. Impressive indeed... But still more impressive is the sound it delivers. I really like the way it sounds and the quality of the workmanship. It took a little longer than expected due to the making of the custom bag... But it was worth waiting for it fits perfectly. All services are high concert class with a 5 for everyone. Good work! Workmanship Because of all the knowledge around not only didjeridoo but also aboriginal people, termits and so on... And of course because the first didj I bought from you was perfect, as the service was too.  
Peter Buckley from Canada Love the sound and the artwork Wonderful on both counts Business Ethics Great information on your website - helped make my buying decision  
Carl R. Roberti from USA Nothing to dislike! It has a fantastic sound and is easy to play! It was played by Ash Dargan on a visit to my home and he gave it great compliments on its quality and sound. The service was excellent, taking extra steps to ensure a secure, valid transaction. A discount was applied to the didj two days after I made the web purchase, and was was honored for my purchase even though it came after. Workmanship Didjnet, the forums, everything I need is here! It is one of my top two.
Triinu from France The tree-like form and the sound Very personal approach of service, you are very far in kilometers but I do not feel it! the workmanship has a personal quality and warmth Sound Quality Quality of the website I think it is a good choice for a beginner like me
Darren from United Kingdom Easy to get used to playing once I got the circular breathing To be honest I was dubious before buying this online due to distance from uk channel isles and chance of damage in transit, when didj arrived I was made up, well packed no damge, plays really well, good comms from didjshop Workmanship Referred by friend No comparison
Bernard from USA Like: Overall sound quality. Clarity, richness and resonance are all superb. Dislike: Nothing Both are top notch. Reliably graded Large selection of great instruments It is a benchmark didge in a number of areas. No didge can be the best in ALL areas, but this one is excellent in many areas.
Bernard from USA Like: Appearance, sound quality. Dislike: This didge could use more backpressure for the way I like to play, but it is a lower key, so that is somewhat understandable Top notch Reliably graded Good experiences with past purchases It is comparable, but has the lowest backpressure of any didge I own. Having said that I use it as a training tool to improve my ability to move large amounts of air throught the didge.
Travis from USA I like the fact that this didj allows me to play in different keys, without switching up - however, it's extremely heavy and hard to hold and play at the same time. Also, it's difficult to play, in terms of how much force of breath is needed and the mouth-piece for the 'f' side is really small, making it tricky to get strong sound out of. For this order, great service and clear high quality. My only 'regret' about the workmanship is the small (narrow) mouth-piece on the one side (low 'f' side). Workmanship Satisfied time and again with your service. As good as or better.
Travis from USA This is on e of my favorites... The overall sound quality is excellent and the tuning is very precise. The only issue I have with it is that the mouthpiece narrows/ is 'fluted' - which on the one hand gives it a certain quality which I love both in terms of sound and playing 'feel'; so, the drawback is that I don't quite get the same effect as with a a more ~open/wider mouthpiece. Both excellent in this case. Low Price Previously satisfied by my experience with you all. This didj rates as well as or better than any other didj I own.
Travis Wernet from USA I like the shape and sound quality, and the light-weight aspect. In my expansive experience with you all, impeccable service every time - to date I have never had a problem with your service. Low Price Always reliable in every way! As good as or better.
Travis Wernet from USA This is another one of my favorites... it's got a great sound and is lightweight, can't think of anything I don't like about it! Very good. Low Price Just really good service in every aspect. As good as or better.
Travis Wernet from USA This didj is one of my favorite painted didj's - because the painting is extraordinary and beautiful. I bought it because I wanted a shorter didj for ease while performing and it just fits that need. Clearly a work of love well supported by the artist and service providers alike. Workmanship Consistently great service and instruments. This didj is of heavier wood than other didj's in my collection and can be a little weighty, but this also gives it the unique, strong sound that it has, so I think that when I decide to use it and haul it around, it's worth it.
Travis Wernet from USA This didj is a little thin in tone for my preference, but it's still a good instrument. No problems here, I just didn't like the actual feel overall once I got the instrument - I think it sounds fine, it just has a more narrow mouth-piece than generally works for me. Low Price High rate of satisfaction over three or four years of buying from you all. I have another instrument in the same key which I like better for the overall feel, but I bought this one for travelling and it does work well for that purpose.
Travis Wernet from USA I bought this didj for traveling and I think it's perfect for that. It is not my favorite key, in general, and is very high and usually I don't go for that area of tuning/sound. This is a very very light-weight didj and is certainly well made, very good service attached to this and all previous orders. Low Price Just always dependable service. Due to the thin / light-weight construction and nature of the instrument, it has a thin tone in my assesment, which is great if that's your thing.
Travis Wernet from USA This is on e of my top 3 favorites. It's just the right weight for being a low 'B' didj and the artwork is stunning. I also find that the mouth-piece is just right for the kind of overall sounds and style I like to incorporate. It is fairly easy to use on stage with the spatial dimensions also. What can I say - always in my experience I receive what I am told I will be getting and this instrument is exceptional to my mind and heart in every way. I find that I get my orders in a timely fashion and sometimes I am shocked by this given the actual distance from Australia to where I live. Low Price On all my purchases, which number at least 8 didj's to date, the info provided is thorough on each instrument and it's almost as if I am there checking out the didj in the shop. The only concern I have had, and this could be my own oversight, is sometimes the mouth-pieces have been too narrow for my liking, however, on this didj, the mouth-piece is practically perfect! This didj is ideal for Live usage as it is shorter in length from my other 'B' didj... which is exactly what I bought this one for. The sound is really excellent for what I like to create on this key.
Massimiliano from Switzerland This is a unique instrument with a unique sound. It has a deep and powerful vibration. The service is very efficient. The workmanship is accurate and professional. Reliably graded The detailed description of each didjeridoo, with the corresponding sound files, as well as the professional content of your website.  
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