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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Jorge from Portugal I love the tone of my didj. It sounds beautifuly - a really introspective vibration. the backpreassure should be stronger but I can deal with it. The service and workmanship is excellent, the best I know in the world of didgeridoo. Workmanship   It's the only didj where I get a satisfying sound. It sounds stronger and clearer
Angel Cabrera Rodriguez from Spain It is a great instrument but a large crack appeared only after five days Your service and workmanship are excellent I am a satisfied customer I am not sure of that, so I prefer to say nothing
Anonymous from Canada I like this didj very much however, it seems a little hard to play for a concert didj. I am truly pleased that way as it looks great. Can hear the didj before I buy You always returned my e-mails when I had questions regarding this didj. I am just a bit disapointed with the sound for a medium concert didj. Quality and value are present the sound doesen't seem to be the same as when I first heard it from your web site. The price well, money is an issue for a single parent supporting two children but I absolutaly adore the sound of a didj and wanted to obatain one so I did. it's hard to put a price on a intrument of art.
Andrejs from Latvia I like the finish of the wood. This looks very natural. Very good service, very fast handling. Business Ethics I like this site, how lloks and I like your simple order system. The ah838 have a more powerfull, loud sound and cool overtones. This didge is very resonate.
Mickael Forsberg from Sweden I just love my new Didj from "Down Under". And now I can play with the real sound. I am amazed by your quickness and service. I can't find words for it. You are PRO. Sound Quality Because You are reliable and Safe. Great
Paolo Aldo from Australia Sound it is really great as was presented in the web portal. I really anjoy to play it. even if I am a beginner. Simply perfect and supportive. Reliably graded You give me an image of trust and realiable company. Much better, the ah627 has a wonderful and great sound other than quality.
Dave Walkingshaw from United Kingdom The didj sounds excellent and is on pitch as described. The service was excellent and the didj arrived safe and sound. workmanship wise the didj has a thin section of wall at the bell and it looks like a wood/epoxy mix has been used to reinforce it - this could have been finished off a bit nicer - otherwise a very nice didj. Workmanship Regular newsletter kept me in touch with company and taking part in didj meditations kind formed a connection I think. So became the natural place to buy my didj. Price wise ah798 is a lot more expensive but sounds much better and I am happy with it.
Kenneth from USA It plays well, sounds great, has a beautiful paint job, and is the key (C#) that I wanted. Communication was great and service was fast and efficient. Workmanship appears excellent and time will hopefully confurm it. Workmanship You had what I wanted.  
Doron Vardi from Israel Fantastic sound quality, fenomenal resonance. one of the best sounding instruments i've encountered.. a little more demanding on the backpressure but I still wouldnt change a thing. (its large bore gives great vocals) Magnificent service. all emails i've ever sent have been answered very helpfully.. the packaging is absolutely perfect. you guys certainly know how to pack a didj... the worksmanship on the doos is really great - true for all your didges (coating etc.) and ive seen my fair share Workmanship    
Doron from Israel The didj is really light and great to carry around (just 2kg for a D eucalypt). sound quality is great, and the didj is perfectly in key. cant possibly say anything bad about it. This isnt my first didg from didjshop. the service is immaculate, and as ive mentioned to you before, the packaging is just perfect. i also found all the information regarding the order and its tracking to be helpful. Workmanship I think that from all stores available on the net, you provide the largest variety and best information on quality termite hollowed didges. perhaps more importantly, and in light of my past travels in oz, I find your approach to the aboriginal culture to be truly exemplary compared with many of the vendors i've encountered (and many things i've just heard). great newsletter. good on ya! Its good on sound, and light enough to easily travel with.
Pierre Yan from France This didj got a wonderful shape, it's very easy to carry. Excellent backpressure and harmonics. The overtones are very hard to do, and even the drone is quite complicate to get properly The servie was good. The workmanship was very good, this didj is really original Workmanship You work in respect with aboriginal people. These people deserve respect from the world, they are the last children of our mother earth I made my other didj by myself. It's a very good didjeridoo, with a great sound. The only thing that it miss is that is not a real aboriginal didjeridoo...
Brett from Australia The didj was delivered quickly. It looked and sounded just the way it was described. Great friendly service. I can not tell you just how happy I am with the didj I purchased. I have tried (playing) other didjs at other shops. The didj I purchased I am able to play with ease. It has the best sound, by a country mile, of any didj I have tried anywhere else. The best thing is that the didj has not just achieved but has surpassed the description of it's ease of playing and the sound quality. Sound Quality Your web site is a pofessional job, not just a place to sell didjs. There is a lot of information on your site. I did not purchase any of the other didjs I looked at. The didj I purchase from is by far the most superior didj I have ever tried/ used.
Lionel from France Like all, without retained, it is the best of my collection. The service is very serious and very near to the customer. I must say that even in the event of problem, you take time to make the steps nécessaires.really, very effective Sound Quality Because I estimate that your site and best done has any point of view and that it respect the musiscian and those which manufactures these instrument, like your philosophy and your transparency.  
Gregor Wessoleck from Germany The sound of this didj is outstanding. By starting to play the room is vibrating and eveyone listening to that didj is fascinated by the sound. The service Svargo provided to me was absolutely outstanding since the didj was cracked by DHL. But with Svargo's help the didj had no further cracks. So I love this very special didj and the high quality of it. Low Price Very good web page with many information and the very good newsletter. The other didj (ah292), rated as high concert, is also very outstanding. In comparison to ah292 the fx923 is fairly sound graded. Quality and price is absolutely ok. Thus I will never buy a didj from anyone else but didjshop.
Greg High C/o from USA The sound for this lower key is rich in harmonics,great vocal clarity...shape and weight makes handling more difficult...i have dropped twice! Keep this beauty on the floor now Every didj I have bought from you has been well made and has esceptional sound. Your service is straightforward and organized. I like the quick email confirmation and tracking info. Reliably graded There is something about your didjs that are more unique...they are more unusual..have natural quality and character... It is similar in price....sound is bigger and more harmonic than other G#. All your didjs are special to me. This one is at the top of my most important didjs.
Jussi Keranen from Finland Hello my didjn is Very good looking the sound is just incredible. I have so much fun whit this didjn(: I have experienced new sounds from this aborginal didgeridoo. This have very low sound you don't here it in speakers exatly same rich sound. So easy to play the musical key so pure is the sound. Ihave medium concert didgeridoo whit full rated at resonance. You can play exatly what you want for this didjeridoo. I have experienced connection to the earth. Very good customer service I did have a litle broplem whit paying whit the master-card so they helpd me paying at the banktransfers. And workman ship is very skilful paints are so good. I like very much the aborginal symbols like kangaroo in my didgeridoo. Sound Quality I did trust for you as an comppany and supporter of aborginal people and they culture and scilful of their workmanship suppurting the culture Is the best it's my didjn!. When I heard the sound I already know what can I do whit it and I was suprised even more! Others was good but the sound was uniq for my hearing from the others. And it was medium concert and I did trust that it is very good and so it is.
Jeff Johansen from USA The quality of the sound and craftsmanship of this didj is incomparable to any other I have played. I can feel the quality when handling it and playing it, and I am sure I will have a great relationship with my new didj for several years, if not a lifetime! 1-10? I wish there was 15's! You guys are the greatest! Fast email responses, excellent packaging, and just plain outstanding quality and care for your instruments. Thank you!!! Before I found, I almost bought a low quality didj from a local shop. The sales person told me they were of a high quality, but couldn't even tell me what key they were tuned to!!! I returned after doing my homework on the and found out they were low quality bamboo didjes which most likely were not made by aboriginal people, and were never really made for anything but expensive decorations. I know for sure I WILL NOT support that store in the future, because I am already sold to this website! Workmanship I bought from this website for your product knowledge, There is no one out there that could be more specific with their products, and as proud about your products as you guys are! The other didjes I own were made by me! But the do not even compare, I made my own to see if I like the instrument and taught myself to play it. ever since I have been looking for a concert quality didj to play, I have played didjes at local stores, and didjes my friend have perchased elsewhere or have gotten as gifts. The funny thing is, the didjes I have played are worse quality that the ones I have made, and the didj I purchased from is infinitely better than any didj I have seen or played before! Your products are just plane superior!
Kym Day from Australia Looks good, souds good, easy to play Top class Aboriginal Made Cathy's friendly and helpful attitude Much better
Dennis from USA High key, great sound quality Service was great, workmanship seems to be good Reliably graded I want to support Aboriginal businesses Hard to compare, but itis just as rated
Olivier Ionescu from France Great sound, very easy to play even for beginner a little short to play very confortable...but easier to carry! My vocabulary is not good enough to comment the work,but globaly it's excellent and the surface of the didge is very smooth and pleasant, very good to décorat the flat Workmanship I thought you were serious and your didges better than those I can buy in france, and in fact your made a very good jod Uncomparable....
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