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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Jeff Johansen from USA The quality of the sound and craftsmanship of this didj is incomparable to any other I have played. I can feel the quality when handling it and playing it, and I am sure I will have a great relationship with my new didj for several years, if not a lifetime! 1-10? I wish there was 15's! You guys are the greatest! Fast email responses, excellent packaging, and just plain outstanding quality and care for your instruments. Thank you!!! Before I found, I almost bought a low quality didj from a local shop. The sales person told me they were of a high quality, but couldn't even tell me what key they were tuned to!!! I returned after doing my homework on the and found out they were low quality bamboo didjes which most likely were not made by aboriginal people, and were never really made for anything but expensive decorations. I know for sure I WILL NOT support that store in the future, because I am already sold to this website! Workmanship I bought from this website for your product knowledge, There is no one out there that could be more specific with their products, and as proud about your products as you guys are! The other didjes I own were made by me! But the do not even compare, I made my own to see if I like the instrument and taught myself to play it. ever since I have been looking for a concert quality didj to play, I have played didjes at local stores, and didjes my friend have perchased elsewhere or have gotten as gifts. The funny thing is, the didjes I have played are worse quality that the ones I have made, and the didj I purchased from is infinitely better than any didj I have seen or played before! Your products are just plane superior!
Kym Day from Australia Looks good, souds good, easy to play Top class Aboriginal Made Cathy's friendly and helpful attitude Much better
Dennis from USA High key, great sound quality Service was great, workmanship seems to be good Reliably graded I want to support Aboriginal businesses Hard to compare, but itis just as rated
Olivier Ionescu from France Great sound, very easy to play even for beginner a little short to play very confortable...but easier to carry! My vocabulary is not good enough to comment the work,but globaly it's excellent and the surface of the didge is very smooth and pleasant, very good to décorat the flat Workmanship I thought you were serious and your didges better than those I can buy in france, and in fact your made a very good jod Uncomparable....
Anonymous from Norway I like the sound and how its made..:) Very good service Sound Quality Nice web site  
Andrew King from Australia I love the didj took a little while to get used to but know ive worked it out and know what I can get out of it,im very happy. Very good communication and and packaging to protect the didj in tnasit is awesome,took me 20 mins to get into it.:o) Aboriginal Made   Very clean crisp sound compared to my other didj,vocals come out a lot clearer
Stanislav AndolŠek from Slovenia I like an excellent sound and real graduation you made. I can trust you in the future. I tried hundreds of didj when I was in Cairns - so I know that this yours is realy good. You are expeditive and very attentive. I feel like they are friends on the other side. Reliably graded I like Australia and Cairns an Kuranda. And I respect aboriginal culture and art. This didj is more expensive but it is better on sound and quality
Anonymous from Finland There is no bad to say about the didj. The sound is awesome and the visual side is allso better than the picture was. Workmanship The website was so full of information about didges that I got to have one. The price was about four times bigger than my other didj, but now when I got this genuine didj I can see that it was worth it.
Anonymous from United Kingdom It plays really well. The only minor problem is the inside varnish - after a while of playing it becomes white & sticky & sometimes starts to run out of the end. Delivery was amazingly quick - it arrived within 1 week and I live on the opposite side of the earth! Workmanship   More expensive but I'm willing to pay a bit more because I trust your sound ratings.
Angel Cabrera Rodriguez from Spain There is nothing I dislike. It is an excellent didjeridu in all ways: great sound, and also quite beautiful. I consider it one of my best didjeridus. Just a single word: Excellent. Sound Quality I am a previous and satisfied customer. I think it is better.
João Aguilar from Portugal My didge it's just perfect! spreads the best positive vibes to me and all arround me.. Very nice people with very good feadback (; Reliably graded   It has nothing to do... the one from your store plays and let play 10 times better!
Vít from Czech Republic I am more than hapy to be owner of this special instrument. The didj ah642 is absolutely super!!! both from the point of sounf and look! It realy coresponds to your declarated characteristics. Service and workmanship was excellent!!The reserve beeswax could be only a little more, but I hope I will find some suitable in our country s well. Just for your information the T-shirt was not arrived but it is not absolutely immportant!!! Reliably graded Very good recommendation on our webside and from friends and a lot of sold didjs. I am not so experience, but I am surre it is not possible to compare with my first didj for only approx 50 AUS. But with value I am absolutely satisfy!
Daniele from Spain I just like it. Wonderful art, excellent sound. Just as expected. Nothing to complain. Sound Quality You look one of the best didji shop on the net. There is no comparison at all.
Caspa Harris from USA Great sound, great player. very good description. Excellent. Reliably graded I can trust your service, and large choice of instruments. Better
Carlos Cabrera Rodriguez from Sweden This didj has superb sound quality and is truly a very nice piece of art. I hav got several didjs from your site. The service has always been the best possible. I'm very pleased that everything goes so smoothly and that the products are exactly the same or better as the information from the webpage tells. This is very important as the customer bys something he/she cant see or play. Best service ever! Workmanship For me it's important feeling that this business is serious, I think its also important that you're involved in aboriginal and environmental issues. Impossible to compare
Philip from USA Likes: awseome Brad Gosam painting, great sound. Dislikes: None! This didj is an absolute work of art. Even surpassed the great pictures on the web catalog. Sound Quality    
Rupert Pratt from United Kingdom This is my first genuine didj and the quality speaks for itself in the amazing sound.I can't play properly yet but I would say my ability has improved because the didj just makes you want to practice. I have ordered things in the UK which have taken longer to come,you are the oposite side of the world and the whole transaction took just over a week.Amazing! Business Ethics Your website is really clear and has some nice features,and the quality and craftmanship is explained clearly so you know you're getting the genuine article not getting ripped off! There is no comparison!I gave my other "didge" to the nextdoor neighbours kid to practice on.
Christos from Greece I like the sound,because the sound its very clear with good overtones,vocals and loudness,,its a very beautiful didg.! Very good handmade work on wood Low Price Its a trust site when you she it for the first time  
Kevin from USA This didj was one of the best things I have ever bought. I tought myself how to circular breath in 4 days. It feels like magic when I play. Im looking forward to many sunset with this piece. This didj is rugged. Im a wood worker of 18 years and I know good quality. Workmanship I wanted the real thing not some piece of crap.  
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