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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Anonymous from Canada I love the slick unpainted look, the ease of play, and the nice sound. The only thing I wish it had was a bit more volume. The didge came in perfect condition and has held up well over the last year. I'm very satisfied. Can hear the didj before I buy There is really no place to buy fine quality didgeridoo's where I live (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). I wanted to be sure that the didgeridoo I was buying was authentic, had a good sound, and was made to last.  
Jakob from Slovenia I really like almost everything about it - authentic look, weight of the wood, quality, sound. It is a bit harder to play than I expected and compared to the plastic one I made myself. No complaints here, it's perfect. Reliable Trustworthy Business It is very important to be able to see and hear the didj, and read good feedback from other customers on your site. The other one is PVC, made myself, so much cheaper and sounds surprisingly great and it's easier to play.
Joseph from Canada Great tone. Good sized mouth piece. Since I am a beginner, I didn't find any dislikes. Great service. Quick replies. And patient with the payment process (working out credit card details...) Didj looks great and has had no problem in the last 7 years i've had it. Can hear the didj before I buy Had a high customer rating and satisfaction... Many years in business. Very good quality and good prices. Much softer sound, yet still very crisp comparing.
Guenter from Germany My didgeridoo is very easy to play, it has an excellent sound, and it looks good! Very good, no reason for any critics Sound Quality No As017 is the best of my didgeridoos on price and sound
Lee Ann from USA This didj has a fantastic sound, higher pitched than my other didjes, but it's also harder to play, requires a lot of lung power! and is heavy for its size. The only reason I rated workmanship 8 instead of 10 is because it isn't painted so just didn't require that level of workmanship but even though unpainted it's still a beautiful instrument. And your service is amazing. Shipping is really fast!!! Got my didjes from you quicker than many products that shipped to me from a couple hundred miles away!!!! Business Ethics No I think those stated above about cover it. I like this didj but not quite as well as my other two termite hollowed didjes - mainly because it's heavy and takes a lot of lung power to get a good sound.
Michael from USA It has beautiful tone, artwork, and clearly carries with it respect for the place it came from. It was my first time buying a didj and I was quite concerned that I would make a mistake. Your website, access to the artists and craftsman, etc. helped me to feel confident that the didj you shipped to me from across the world would reflect the love and care you have for the art. Sound Quality See above Well, the other didj I have is one that I made using pvc. There's no comparison.
Ryan from USA Great tone and volume. I have played this in concert with my band. I also like the blood red color. Svargo called me to clarify my internet order to make sure he sent it out right. No mean task since it was the middle of the night when he called me in the USA. The didj is of excellent craftsmanship. I've never had a problem with it. Workmanship No other didj seller like you as far as supply high quality Aboriginal crafted products. It was more expensive, but of a vastly superior quality to other didjes I bought in the USA.
Tony from Canada Love it-sound,look and feel Great Reliably graded Long term trust and quality Yes
Robert from USA I like that it works! I enjoy the workmanship very much. I haven't needed to use customer service. Business Ethics Huge selection. Very well.
Tony from Canada Like the sound first then the art work, must also thank the termites Great Made in Australia Trust Compares well
Joe from USA I loved it. It was actually a gift for a very close friend of mine. Back during the Olympic coverage from Sidney there was a US track athlete playing one during one of those 'athlete spotlight' sesction they do. My friend was blown away by the look and sound. So as he approached his 60th, I remembered how the digj struck him. I went on a search and found you guys online. I was very pleased to have come across such a good group of people on a blind search. I really knew nothing coming into this and I feel I hit the mother load with your site and you guys. I think I impressed both our wives with not only remembering how much he liked them but getting one from Australia. It was absolutely no problem getting the didj up here to the US and the shipping was even reasonable from what I remember. You guys kept me in the loop along the way. As for the workmanship, I was blown away when I opened it. I don't know how you know this, but you can tell when something is made by a person that cares about their craft. That is the feeling I got. You guys seemed to be the experts and I enjoyed all I learned on your website. Made me realize you guys are in it for the love of what you do. Well, as I said it was a gift so answering I have one is not meant to be misleading. I thought the price was great and having the sound of someone that knows how to play it def. helps in picking one out. I wanted something that looked good and sounded good. You guys delivered on both! I have heard my friend play this digj and it is awesome.
Ed Nelson from USA This didj is beautifully crafted. This instrument has a depth and quality unlike any other I have heard. It seems to improve as it ages. The artwork is outstanding and imparts a spiritual depth and simplicity to the whole of the piece. Didjshop service is the best I have encountered. The didjeridoo industry is fraught with unsavory dealers, cheap imitations and the exploitation of native artisans. Didjshop craftspersons and service personnel are the absolute best in the business! Workmanship After much research and "shopping," I came to the sound conclusion that didjshop was the only decent and reasonable option for me as a first time customer. This purchase was my first. I could not have been more satisfied. Though I have no other didjes, I have heard many, and there is really no comparison. Mine outshines all the others I have heard.
Brian from USA I like the information your site provides as well as the fact that you not only hear but also see the didj before you buy it! The service was extreamly helpful, I had a few questions and your staff was quick to respond to e-mails and helped me narrow down my search to this exact didj which I'm thrilled with! Sound Quality The overall appearance of your organization, through e-mail, and phone conversations as well as the website layout it was clear this was a top notch company with excellent didj's It is one of my best and favorite didj's to play. It has great sound quality and is nice and deep (as I was looking for) although it is a little harder to play than some of my others, it's worth the extra effort!
Danilo Bernardini from Italy There's nothing to dislike about it Very good Aboriginal Made I live in Italy and You are one of the few who sell real aboriginal didj online.  
Brian from USA I enjoy that it is very informative, user friendly and that you can both see and hear exactly what you're getting before you buy it! I had contacted your company with hopes of finding a specific style, sound, and shape of didj. They were quick to respond and suggested two didjs, one of which I ended up buying and am very happy with! Workmanship I had previously bought through your company in the past and was eager to support such a great company! It plays the best of any of my didjes. It is heavy and much bigger than any of my others which takes a little getting used to if you've never played one this size but once you do you're suprised by how easy it plays!
Shannon Slate from USA Its an amazing Didj, it sounds like a dream and I seached for 4 years before I purchased a Didj, I have made many but they did not compare to my didj from the Didjshop The Didj arived carefully wrapped Sound Quality Hearing what I was buying made the choice clear The sound quility is far superior than my other didjes,
Anonymous from Sweden Nice sound, great feel, perfect mouthpiece from the start The only comment I have and I think this is something you could have noticed before shipping is that there was probably a bit to much sealer/varnish/coating wich has resulted in a mark in the varnish, the varnish has probably been (dont know the english word) running(?) down the didg when drying.. But this is not enough trouble for me to make a RMA Sound Quality Wide choice of didgs, good support when choosing didg. Much more expensive, clearer sound, feels better.
Forest from USA I like everything about it except for in one small spot the wood & coating started chipping without me striking or dropping it. You send the newsletter and both it and your website are both very informative. Aboriginal Made Your claimed your didges are hollowed by termites. Not applicable
Thomas from France Firste I would you apologie me for my mystakes, I'm french and I don't speak english very well. I like the sound of my didj and his simplicity.There are not a lot of pictures and I can apreciate the wood of the didj. It is very beautiful. However my didj is heavy, it is so strong to pass time and all the night when I play didjeridoo with my friends. The sent of my didj passed very weel, and came to France so rapidly! Very good!!! Can hear the didj before I buy The good relationship and the ethics with the aborigean The better
Anonymously It's in the key of D, it's fairly straight, not too big of a bell, and the paint job was beautiful!!!! You guys were very easy to deal with and I love your website, and the workmanship is top notch! Made in Australia Everything about your company is very genuine. It is light years beyond the other didj I have.
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