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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Sean from USA I love the sound of this didj. the deep resonance and nice back pressure. I don't like the beeswax mouthpiece. But that is just a minor detail. Overall a beautiful looking and sounding didj. The service was great. I bought the didj about 9 years ago and I still remember when it showed up in the box. Unwrapping it and seeing the deep rich colors and some bark left on the bottom. It looked even better than the picture. Reliably graded It was the best site that I found. Everything I wanted in a didj was right there.  
Eldor from Germany I like the sound:) The service ist great and very quickly Workmanship No The didge ist much better in price and quality
Anonymously I love the performance of my didj. It warms up -as do I- and we simply bring out the best in each other. The journeys with my didj are limitless. To be able to share that experience with others is a gift. Your communication skills are impeccable, as are your analysis of the didj's performance and standard. There is a style for everybody:-)) You are 100% trustworthy! Reliably graded Simply the best we could find out there in the virtual world. Despite the incredible ease of playing a plastic tube there is no comparison!
Anonymous from Greece Nothing I dislike. Superb. You excel in both. I would have purchesed more from you if it was not the expences (see further down) Can hear the didj before I buy It seemed to me as a serious and specialized site. More expensive for sure, but definitely better. No comparison.
Anonymously Lightweight, small Service very good. Workmanship excellent. Reliable Trustworthy Business I got a very good didj from you earlier (al220)  
Regi from USA Overall quality and sound Very professional and helpful Sound Quality Very informative site Sound is huge difference, price didnt matter, quality is to notch
Junwoo from USA I really like my Didj that I bought about 5 years ago and still enjoing it. You guys have excellent service and workmenship of the product. Workmanship Nice and well organized website with lots of products you guys carry. Excellent A+++
James from United Kingdom Great tone and harmonics, moderately easy to drive, no decoration, keeps the neighbours awake! dislikes - none whatsoever Service and phone assistance was very good no problems, no issues, straight-forward and simple. Sound Quality Have bought previously from a shop in Syney on each of my visits to Australia, however trip cancelled so sought a difference source!!, plus I wanted a specific tone. Can't compare as they are all different. I do have a 'stonking' early Burton didj which is magnificent!
Michele from Italy Sound quality and workmanship Very reliable and fast Aboriginal Made    
Sheila from United Kingdom I like the sound quality I find my instrument a bit heavy but it is not really a problem I am very happy with your service and workmanship Workmanship I liked your website which gave lots of useful information and suggested that you knew what you were talking about and would supply a good product  
Jan-willem Welbergen from Netherlands The playing is rather easy to do. And I still like the looks! The sending of the didge to Holland was withou anay complaint. Can hear the didj before I buy In Holland we do fancy a real Aboriginal made didge. We can buy here a lot of copied models from Asia (bamboo etc.). It is just good, I happy with it!
Janice from United Kingdom Like - shape, design, colours and authenticity No dislikes Service was excellent Aboriginal Made Being based in Kuranda  
Barnaby from United Kingdom Unique and different from my other Didges Fantastic Sound Quality Awesome choice  
Jutta from Germany Good to handle, a lightweight, nice painting and its sound is great Both is wonderful Workmanship I had a good impression of the shop Dont want to compare, everyone is unique
Art Divecchio from USA Product as advertised, great tone Much better then average Aboriginal Made NA Priced right, better value and great quality
Francis Sergi from USA I like the deep tone of my didj. The only thing I dislike is that it is rather heavy. Your service was excellent. I received my didj in about a week, and I live on the other side of the world from you. I was able to track the didj as it went from your warehouse through Indonesia, India, Germany, etc. It was quite amazing. Sound Quality Large selection of didj's. It is much better.
Richard Appleton from USA Rich tones and volume Quick and easy Reliably graded Simplisity and realiability Superrior
Donat from Belgium I find it is a very difficult to play instrument. The backpressure was not rated correctly. The hoot is impossible to use in a rhythm. It is possible to make the sound of the hoot, but is is almost impossible to return to the drone just after that. The overtones where rated quite high if I'm not mistaken. They are great, but unusable while using the drone. They have to be played as a new drone. The sound it makes is great though. And it reacts to voice in an incredible manner, as was said on the rating. It is thus a very good instrument for meditation. Is was however looking for an instrument to use for recordings and rhythmic melodies. What I like the most about this didgeridoo is that I can play it while standing up:-) and I'm 1m86! The service was very good. I have to make a remark on the didg bag that accompanied the instrument. It is a very big didgeridoo. The didg bag was obviously made from a pattern designed for smaller instruments and expanded to fit the size of this one. The handle does not allow lifting the instrument! If you try to lift the didg by the handle when it is in the bag, one end just stays on the floor. It was not balanced at all. Also, the long strap made to carry the bag on one's shoulder is not usable! I had to adapt it by tying a scarf around the bag at a lower level to be able to use it. The original position of the strap makes it usable only by people who have shoulders at more than 1m80 from the ground... After placing the scarf inside the handle and using it to block the strap at a lower height, it is now usable. And it can't be said that the strap was made to carry the didgeridoo horizontally: you can lift it up from the part closer to the mouth piece or further from it, the didgeridoo stays vertical all the same (the weight being mostly at the end bit due to the big bell) Reliably graded I expected a good sound and high quality instrument that made it fit for concert like usage. This didgeridoo was much more expensive than my others. I have bought a bamboo one at 15€ that is impressively good. I got another one in Holland for a price just under this one. The one from Holland is the one I am using the most for the time being.
Kieran from United Kingdom I love everything about it! You Rock! Sound Quality Your didj's r the best! Good
Jesus from USA This didg is extremely easy to play. Has a large bore so you can make it really scream if you like. Hard to get a toot out of it. Overall I like it for its lite weight and playability. Strong stick. It rolled off the table onto the concrete no problem. Fell into the river no prolem. Workmanship After ordering my first didg from you guys I received a call from the other side of the world to tell me my didg was on its way. That made my day. Fair
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