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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Rayan Balghonaim from Saudi Arabia In all honesty, there is nothing which I don’t like about my purchase. I absolutely love it. Absolutely wonderful service, I had the opportunity to speak with the owner. very friendly and knowledgeable. The workmanship, truly exceeded my expectation. Workmanship I simply wanted to be sure that I was able to buy a traditional didgi, made by aboriginal hands.  
Steve from USA This is a rare key and finding one at all is very difficult; finding one of quality is hard. It plays well. The art work is well done. The service and support has been good. Workmanship Didjshop has hard to find keys both high and low. I now have two that play the low A and high A. It plays a rare key very well.
Anonymously Love the complex sound, the beautiful shape and finish of the wood. Excellent Workmanship Authentic, benefits aboriginal peoples  
Anonymously I like that it's made from natural material and is one-of-a-kind (not mass produce) Service => awesome! Answered my questions and shipment was fast - reached BigCity USA in 10 days. Workmanship => shows thoughtfulness to long term durability and quality of the product. Workmanship Healing didj category. Bountiful honest information on the website. Testimonials, Visitors' Comments, Guest Books, and Forums I can't comment on the sound quality since I'm not a musician and haven't try any other. I saw didj on Amazon and other websites that cost less or more. I didn't rush to buy since most appears to be mass produce, so I can order at any time. didgshop website was more informative and provide me with sufficient info to finding the didj for me. I feel the quality and value is better than what others are offering at the same price or more.
Clyde from USA I like the clear sound and the great harmonics with or without voice. High quality finished product and excellent service Reliably graded Past purchase experiences were good and appreciate aboriginal made product. Top three
Eric from USA I enjoy it’s ergonomic shape. The last 8 inches curve upwards making the instrument very pleasant. I also like the interesting bends from side to side. I also enjoy it’s sound of course. I had mistakenly entered the incorrect security code when ordering and customer service followed up so as to correct the problem. Workmanship See above comments N/A
Anonymously Great sound, easy to play! Very nice mouthpiece. The sealing is a little „loveless“, there are some noses I‘m total satisfied with your service and your product. It would be nice if you had more soundsamples for the didges Workmanship Extremly good system of graduating the soundability of the didges (sorry for my english....) It is nearly not compareable,MUCH better!
Henry from USA It is wonderfully resonant, clear, thunderous! It wasn’t the easiest to get circular breathing on it because it requires so much air, but once I got it, it was a rush! Excellent instrument, beautiful quality and it arrived quickly! Sound Quality I promised to buy an instrument when you graciously provided a database of sound files and instrument gradings for my science-research students! Very favorably! It’s the most resonant, thunderous didgeridoo I own!
Aaron Jerad from USA It is fantastic! Excellent sound quality, fun to play. Excellent service, good communication a great business to purchase from. Workmanship I have purchased 5-6 other didjes from you and they were all exactly as described and great to play. They will last a lifetime and beyond. It is on par with other high concert didjes from Didjshop which means it was top notch.
Jesus from USA Like: The artwork and the sound Don't like: A little "fat" and "short" Very smooth service, great product. I a complete beginner just trying to learn circular breathing. Just began looking at the videos you sent. Workmanship -I did not know if you were reliable, but really liked the aboriginal connection. I do hope you have respect and kindness toward them No comparison
Edward Teck from USA The didj is high quality and has a beautiful d# drone. I am very impressed with this didj and highly recommend purchasing from! The didj is beautifully finished with high sound quality, overall a superior instrument. I recieved excellent communication via email after I ordered and it arrived in 4 days. Workmanship Your reputation and website were key to my decision This didj is so much better, the workmanship and sound quality are are far superior to my other didj.
Neil from Australia I like the professional way the instrument was crafted along with its safe delivery. The solid fee, shape and painting also appeal greatly. I have looked in other places for an instrument of this type, and was basically 'unimpressed'... but when I went to the Didjshop web site and explored the various pages relating to the instrument I was convinced of the quality and true craftsmanship of any instrument I chose. Workmanship I felt at ease using your 'old' style web site.. gave me the impression of a business that has remain viable for quite some time. Far superior... but then the other didj was a Darwin tourist item ( although made locally by an Aboriginal)
Anonymously Good service, reliable and easy to deal with. Very happy Workmanship I wanted a genuine didgeridoo made and painted by an aboriginal NA
Gil from USA This didj is perfect for my needs. Excellant in both service and worksmanship. Workmanship   I recieved a high quality product for the price.
Anonymous from USA I love the appearance/finish of my didj. Great service and responsive to email questions/issues. Workmanship I’m pleased with the communications and answering my questions in a timely manner.  
Anonymously Didg-tastic! I love this didg!.. great overtones, resonances. Great service and communication, excellent workmanship Workmanship   Definitely a step above my other two didges
Anonymous from USA Excellent quality Fantastic Aboriginal Made Authentic Excellent
Gil Powell from USA I bought this Didgeridoo for my 7 year old son who plays this instrument like a champ. Although, he is not circular breathing he can maintain long and various drone sounds with this didgeridoo that blows me away every time. I love that this Didgeridoo represents a beautiful piece of Aboriginal history. Very exceptional and expdeint service and your workmanship is beautiful and very natural. Reliably graded Nothing better than going straight to the source. Ap 216pays a unique drone key F and when comparing value and price. Money well spent.
Anonymously I am satisfied with it as a beginners didgeridoo. It was created by aboriginals an decorated in a manner appropriate to their beliefs and not two expensive Service quite satisfactory and professional. Workmanship of the Peckams up to expectations Workmanship Seemed to be a reliable and professional company Satisfactory based on expectations
Michael from Austria The sound is very satisfying and it's quite easy to play, but not too easy, just perfect in my opinion:) What I don't like that much, is the finish of the skin/bark. It starts to loose layers and some parts look like I hit a wall with it or something. I've never seen this Material and maybe it's just a matter of getting familiar with it. Another little thing I dislike a bit is the mouthpiece-side. It's cut very straight, so there isn't much room for the nose on some angles. But that's not too bad, just nasty:o All in all a really great Didge. Top, professionel, friendly and helpful! Low Price Sometimes I have really weird questions, but I got very satisfying and honest answers from the service team, that's quite unique too! I had luck and got a very good didge (painted by Karl Hardy) with 2 additional deco-didges for 90€!!! The sound is nearly as good as ironbarks sound, just the volume is a bit weak <3 And another great deal I made was a spiral/snake didge with a bamboo didge for 80€. The spiral has a damn great sound, that was a real surprise. But nothing really compares to the wavespectrum of the ironbark. Everytime I play, I discover another great frequency overlap... hard to explain, I love it!
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