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David Dixon from United Kingdom This particular Didj has a fantastic deep sound and the variations in tone are lovely. You can tell that the Didj has had love put into it in the workmanship. Your service has been second to none. Sound Quality Because of the workmanship each didj that you offer has is't own spirit. It doesn't compare at all..... it's much better.
Daniel Allison from United Kingdom I absolutley love it! The shine on the wood makes it ook gorgeous, really complementing the shape - it would be a work of art even if it wasn't an instrument! The sound, as you may remember, is incredibly clear and crisp, it takes little effort to play, and thus responds beautifully to changes in playing, the sound going ever deeper and more refined as your playing does. I have no problems with it at all. I'm not an expert on didj-craft, but I was surprised and pleased to find a mouthpiece already attached - I still find this tricky. I do think, though, that the delivery and bag were a bit expensive - I noticed didgeridoo breath provides cheaper and faste delivery. Workmanship My teacher said you were the best. Your passion, knowledge and sincerity come across in the website. No comparison!
Anonymously To be honest I never saw a didgeridoo before,only on TV,some aboriginal people were playing it.The didgeridoo I bought from you looks very nice,as for the sound,it's mystical. You are very kind and agile,I didn't expect delivery so soon.As for the workmanship I think it's great. I have checked other sites but this one was the best.  
Anonymous from Finland Looks nicer than in your product image Simple, no-nonsense service that works. Sound Quality Depth of website and honest tone in the site  
Joe from USA I really like my didge but it's a little difficult to play-- I think I need to change the opening of the mouth Excellent-- communication was great and shipping was fast Workmanship   Very favorably-- clearly it's the real mccoy
Anthony Johnson from United Kingdom I love its responsiveness, it's light weight (my other didge is 6.4 kg) and how easily it transitions from drone to toot The service was great an overall the workmanship is very good. The coating is a littel uneven and there are a couple of bits in the bell that look like they were shaved out after the resin was applied. Reliably graded I have been a visitor to your shop for many years and think your ethical sales of indiginously made didges are to be commended. Beats all for sound, pricier than my Bloodwood, slide and bamboo didges but much better to play as well.
Ian from United Kingdom Sound quality is excellent. Fast delivery from other side of the world. Workmanship is good. Only way to improve might be to get a high-gloss finish on the didges instead of a brushed one. Workmanship Have bought excellent didges from you in the past. I trust your sound gradings because only the top few didges make it into the 'concert high' category. More expensive, but better quality sound.
Peter from USA That it is the genuine article, that the sound quality is so good, and that it is tuned. Primo. This was the concert class, low G with the big bell on the end. It is massive, heavy and long. Not too portable, but fun to blast away on. Reliably graded The type of information and the quality of information provided on your webpage. I needed to be educated first in order to even know what I wanted in a didj -- and then I was able to find it among your offerings.  
Richard from USA The resonance, volume and back pressure are all excellent making it a joy to play. Excellent! Reliably graded   Far, far superior.
Richard from USA Excellent sound and light weight. Very fast. Reliably graded   Far superior.
Roland from France Beautiful shape and artwork sound amazing: sound clear and strong, didj very precise and easy to play Good contact and very fast shipping (dreaming purchase with dreaming people;-) Reliably graded Possibility to read comments from people who bought on didshop Beyond compare. Very high sound quality compare to my previous didj
Anonymously Not as high backpressure as described, but a decent player Service was good, workmanship good, description a bit overrated price a bit high. Reliably graded No Price was high given quality. My other didj's are somewhat nicer, made by named artists and about the same price.
Jay from USA I tend to like unusual shapes and this one did not disappoint. The sound quality is excellent and the artwork is superb! It has one small flaw, a loose piece of bark. However, this detail is so minor I was almost embarrassed to mention it. Business Ethics Nope, those pretty much sum it up. Though, I must say that the quality of the didj and the ethics of the company are equally important to me.  
Johannes from Denmark It is really wonderful... both in sound and looks. Have not found any dislikes The only word I can find is impeccable... Sound Quality Felt like the only right place to buy from  
Christian Robert from France I'm really impressed by its sound. My problem is that I'm a fairly new player _ I started in July with a didjshop didge_ and that I'm not up to the quality of this new didge, which is rather frustrating. It makes me want to learn more though. You make the world the way I'd like it to be everywhere on this beautiful earth. Workmanship    
Robert from Netherlands It's great! No dislikes whatso-ever! Service was great! Had a few questions, quick answers and quick help when I made a mistake on my order! Workmanship Loved the website, frequently browse through it, and one can feel the dedication to your products. Made me feel I won't bye anywhere else anymore. I have 1 didge made by M*lk*y M*n*ng*rr, may god rest his soul. A superb craftman and player that I admire very much, it's the best one I have, but it's huge and was very expensive. in comparism, this small didge is just as well, and way better than my orher didges.
Anonymously It's lightweigh and has a very good price quality ratio. I just think it could have a bit more resonance (but again this is undestandable due to the price category). Overall I'm very happy. I was very happy with the service. The wole process was very smooth and I felt a close contact at all times. The descriptions are very good and you get exactly what you thought. The workmanship seems to be very good too. I'm not an expert (yet!) but I have three dijs and this one is the best in terms of price/quality. Sound Quality Nice feedback gives strong comfindence. I have one which is clearly better tha ah929 but it was far more expensive. My second didj cost about the same as this one and is clearly worst. I don't think I'll be using it again. In terms of price/quality this is clearly the best didj I have
Anonymous from USA I love the tonal quality with all the microtones that you can't get from any didge other than a termite eaten one. There is a crack about 3 to 4 inches long starting from the bell opening. Inside the opening it shows an attempt to repair it so it won't crack any further. That area of the didge is very thin so the crack is not unexpected. However, it is a fine didge and I think the crack does not distract in any way and the repair will keep it from getting worse. Sound Quality I have a couple of your didges and have always been very happy with your service and product quality. I also value the fact they are Aboriginal made. Very well.
Stephen Jones from USA The included mouthpiece was perfect to play right out of the box. Very fun to play didj. The vocals come through sharp and clearly and almost perfectly balance with the instruments resonance. No dislikes at all! Considering it took less than a week to ship the item half way around the world, in the condition it arrived in, was very pleased with the service. Low Price The fact that this site has basically all the information you could ever want about the didjeridoo and more was a big plus for me. The individual pages for each didj were extremely and accurately descriptive about each product as well. The didj I bought from this store is on a whole different level than my others. It is so much better in every way I don't know where to start.
James from Australia The description of the didj and how it played was accurate. I did not like the product code being so visible. The service was great, I was so excited to hear that it had arrived when it did so qickly. Sound Quality Great selection, of styles and prices. I have not found any that sound nearly as good. The overtones, vocals, everything is superior to other didj's I have played
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