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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Denny Houff from Canada Well nothing bad to say at all it is amazing!! Um second try I started getting a sound...and after watching the learning video. Sounds amazing now that im hittin the right note, still was awesome before too. Beautiful artwork!! Wicked mouth piece, all in all it just feels great to play, sounds amazing and looks great and authentic as well Like I said before in short everything has been excellent! Workmanship Well overall when I started lookin into didj's and just searched ya on google and clicked on your site was first on the list and every question I was thinking you guys answered and more. Website is awesome easy to get around  
Alexander Kaye from USA I love the tone and the artwork. The service was extremely professional. The workmanship is exceptional. Workmanship My previous didj from you was exceptional. As055 is higher priced, higher sound quality and superior value.
Scott from USA I love the shape and looks. It is a little harder for me to play as I am a beginner. I like the weight, easy to handle. This is an absolutely beautiful didg. It really has a beautiful look and finish. Sound Quality You were very kind and patient with my questions. You helped guide me throught my purchases. Your website was great!!! This is my first didg, so hard to compare.
Scott from USA Love the looks, and hand painted detail. I like the craftsmanship and the sound quality. Your customer service is great. Reliable Trustworthy Business Good customer service. Good website with great descriptions and able to listen. This and the other didg are my first, so I cannot compare.
Elliot from Canada It's awesome, I know that if it sound bad or week, this is, for sure, not the didj, it's me! The didj is awesome, perfect sound, very nice painting Workmanship I heard, that your are the best in the world! and I think it's true!  
Justin Ivey from USA It is lovely. The weight is impressive. The painting is beautiful. The sound is perfectly clean. I love it. You guys have made the experience far smoother than anticipated. I appreciate everything you have done to help make this experience as positive as it is. Sound Quality It felt right. Not surprisingly, it takes the cake.
Marc from USA Sound is amazing and it is so easy to play for such a small didj! Great artwork too! Super high quality Reliably graded Seems like every didj on the site is graded excellently for quality Blows my other didj out of the water
Ugo Alessandro Grasso from Italy I love it. And its voice. I had never seen a bark didj before, al962 is a dream come true.I haven't been playing for at least 15 years and I know al962 is just what I needed.And the didjbag...cangaroo would u know? Work that shows care and love is not easy to find.Every e-mail the didj didjbag t-shirt package this questionnaire is care-full. Such a good feeling.Thank you. Workmanship Good vibrations. very interesting website. concern for aboriginal people. my first purchase on internet and I trusted YOU. I used to have bamboo didjes. very thin italian bamboo, thicker indian ones. good learners.Al962 is totally different no comparison is possible.
Jeremy from USA Sound and size are perfect Svargo helped me find this Didj after me seeing it only once when I visited the shop. Painstaking attention to customer service! Sound Quality No Slightly better backpressure and sound.
Joseph Carringer from USA I love this didge. It sounds better than I could have imagined and at 112 CM I can travel with it in hand carry with my two travel slide didges on a plane :) you guys rock!! Workmanship I only buy from and I only let my students buy from you also:) In the top 7
Bruno Misonne from Belgium I like it's sound. Especially the artwork is awesome. In fact, the didgeridoo is far more beautiful than what the picture in your shop was able to show and I believe that this must be true for any didgeridoo that you sell. The didgeridoo was splendidly described on your website and the MP3 preview is very clever. Very fast delivery and very well packed against damage. Also the notice that you send to save the mp3 and further info on your HDD before it disappears is crucial. I have saved it all following your advice! Workmanship I did trust it perfectly to buy from you because the book "Sound the trumpet" mentions you and I trust that author! It sounds as expected. I'm a composer so I only wanted a really good sounding didgeridoo (concert quality). My well trained musical ears need quality in any instrument's sound, otherwise it would disturb me for sure! I have based my cricics regarding my al799 sound based on an analysis of many of your mp3 recordings to make my choice. Not my own playing (See below).
Gfcase from Italy Mi piace la forma, la semplicità della lavorazione e più di tutti il suono. Ottimo il servizio e ottima la disponibilità. Anche la consegna molto veloce Can hear the didj before I buy Perchè mi siete sembrati seri e professionali Più che buono
Anonymously Sound and art Beautiful didj - looks even better than on the website Workmanship Hearing the didj before purchase is extremely important. However, most recent listings do not have audio files. Instead of audio files the buyer must call - very disappointing.  
Amy Thompson from USA Its beautiful - everything I had hoped...beautiful deep sound, quality craftmanship, and intricate artwork. I had a few emails with Svargo - everything was handled very promptly, professionally, and I was very surprised how quicky I received the didj. Aboriginal Made Vast amount of information about buying and playing a didj. This is a gift for my daughter and I wanted to make sure I bought an authentic and good quality didj for her to learn on. I tried it and was surprised that I could make a decent sound the first time. Would like to have one for myself now.  
Anonymous from Australia I like the paintings, the perfect workmanship, the sound The service was great! I had difficulties with the ordering process because of my Internet connection but the didjshop-team helped me a lot, gave friendly advice and a discount:), chose some great didjes which would be the best for me and so on. The workmanship is outstanding, both the paintings and the workmanship of the didj itself are very nice. I only would have liked the inside of the bell to be more even, so I only give 9/10 for the workmanship;) Workmanship For me it was almost the most important thing to buy an original didj crafted by nature and Aboriginal people. So I really wanted to help an Aboriginal community with my purchase. The combination of a great original didj, a perfect website, excellent service, friendly advice and the support of the Aboriginal people made it easy for me to buy my didj in this shop! Thanks for that!  
Jenny from Australia Lightweight, good sound, easy to play Excellent service, great feedback and assistance Business Ethics As a novice, your feedback and recommendations were invaluable. I could be guided by your experience. More clarity of sound, however, my new one is smaller so may make a difference
Ryan from Australia Love the crispness of it. easy to play. looks superb. couldnt ask for a better beginners didge. want to get a deeper more ressonant didge now Delivery and correspondence was perfect. support team were fantastic with answering my questions immediately and very helpfully. The didge is a masterpiece. Beautiful, clear finish. wood still retaining its original timber look. Superb Sound Quality The correspondence Shiralee was excellent. She suggested this didge for me and was more than happy to answer all my anoying questions. Her intergrity made me glad to have bought the didge from you guys. Thanks Shiralee! For the price, the sound is unbeatable. Value is almost......i almost feel bad for paying so little for it
Mitch from USA The sound is excellent with a very full reverberation. I love the look and feel of the wood -- it just has a presence. Although heavier than I expected, this contributes to its character -- it makes a statement, Very happy about the workmanship, but new to the genre. Your service is excellent. I was able to shop through your inventory extensively and listen to lots of didjes. I played the mp3 for this on over and over and became convinced that 'this one was for me'. Reliably graded Your operation is so far above others, that it cannot be compared to any other I know about. I especially appreciate your dedication to aboriginal culture. 1 US made didj made by an artist/craftsman which I own was cheaper(partially due to less shipping charge) and more attractive, easier to play, but sound quality somewhat less. Otherwise local didjes are a disappointment all around compared to am103
Anonymous from Italy I well received the didj and I'm very satisfied. it' s a very good instrument Professional and serious Aboriginal Made None  
Mitch from USA Like: beautiful full sound, very good design and craft including the painting Not so sure if the reduction in size of the mouthpiece can affect the sound(??) Perfect service as usual and top of the line craftsmanship. Reliably graded That just about covers it, other than you are trusted by my friends. No real comparison on sound quality -- you beat them all. I have one US artist/craftsman didj which is outstandingly beautiful, a total work of art in wood.
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