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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Drew from USA Very solid with great artwork. The specifications were very close to the actual experience. I have purchased two didj's and both have been great with really good service and shipping! Reliably graded Great website with good pictures and search engine. Favorably
Drew from USA Really nice lows and overtones. Great shipping and service. You even called me to let me know when the didj would be shipped. I have had two excellent purchasing experiences with Workmanship Great website, pictures and search engine, really easy to pick an instrument. It really stands out.
Steven from Italy Rich deep tone. It's very big and heavy however, so it's not so good for taking anywhere. It's not easy to play. Beautiful artwork. I love having it on display. Sound Quality Good newsletter, informative, shows you care. Richer tone but harder to play. Good value.
Warren from United Kingdom Likes: Slow meditative sound keyed to the earth. Good for those tranquil playing moments. But can also be used to play rapid complex patterns for the more expressive player: best of both worlds. Dislikes: Heavy, so not very portable. Excellent, no complaints. Efficicent and friendly just what the didg doctor ordered. Workmanship Well designed, informative and userfriendly website. Infinitely better, no comparision!
Dan Vidler from United Kingdom I love the clarity of tone. It plays perfectly in the key of D, the artwork looks spot on and it's fairly small which I also like. There is nothing I would change! The didge is perfectly made and the artwork brilliant. Service from your company was excellent. Reliably graded It is nice to be able to see the person who made the didge, I think Brad Gosam. No contest whatsoever! It is more then head and shoulders above all the rest put together, I rarely play the others any more!
Kyle from USA I love almost everything about my didjshop didj. From the general apearance (its gorgous) to the sounds I can produce on it. I love the backpressure, I love the note it is in, and I love its resonance. The only thing I remotely disliked about it was having to shape the mouthpiece to my liking, other than that, I love my didj. The didjeridoo came way faster than expected, considering it was coming from across the globe. And as far as workmanship, I have yet to find and place around here carrying didgeridoos with comparable quality. Workmanship Great site layout and everyone was very friendly and helpful when I had questions.  
Anonymously As it's my first didj,i like the ease of playing it. Very friendly service, my wife bought it as a surprise christmas present and I believe she even had to speak to someone for advice, who were really helpful. Sound Quality Nice website, easy to follow Wouldn't know, waiting for my wife to buy me another!
M. Shawn from USA Exactly what I was looking for, a "healer" didj with very tight sound and excellent playability. Very light weight and easy to carry! Much higher quality than I expected and it looked better, once it arrived, than the picture on the internet. Excellent! Better than any I have seen or heard, anywhere. Workmanship Authentic Didjeridus, ABORIGINAL MADE! That was foremost for me. Totally different product, there is no comparison. I will never buy another "fake" didj that is pvc or just hollowed wood. Especially the horrible Indonesian fakes...
Jocelyn Esch from USA There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this didj. Sorry about that. What I like is it's simplicity in appearance, the ease of getting a tone (I'm an utter beginner), that it's in the key of C, and that there is good back pressure. The workmanship is flawless. I had some problems getting my credit card to work (turns out I can't purchase internationally), and my emails were promptly responded to. Then, a marvelous woman called me to help resolve the issues and place the order. I wish I could buy more and more didj's from you all. Workmanship My didj teacher (Sam Boys) referred me to you. Your web-site is fabulous as well.  
Howard from USA This was the first didj that I bought. This is a beautifully painted didj, however, it's always been somewhat hard to play. You guys have always been great to buy from. Fast service and very well packed for shipment. Made in Australia First class website with lots of helpful information. It's about a little above average compared to the other ones.
Anonymously I was the gift recipient of the didj and am filling this survey out in place of the several people who actually shopped for and ordered it. Like: Very nice sound. Because some of your questions are related to the purchaser and some to the user, it was difficult for us to tell which would best fill this out, but decided most questions were more relevant to user than purchaser, so I'm the guy. That said, some of my "purchaser" answers may be a bit irrelevant. I rated your service because it was a required field. I presume your service matches your excellent workmanship, but really don't have any basis to judge. Received the didj as a gift. It is fantastic. Were I to need another, I would purchase from you. Were a friend to need one, I would recommend you.  
Jason Aurila from USA I love everything about it and is a great conversation starter at parties. Product was exactly as was described, shipped in perfect condition and sounds great (still to this day) Workmanship Excellent selection and can see / hear the exact didj that I would be playing/ Much better than my homemade PVC didj:)
Lee Ann from USA This was my first termite-hollowed didj and I learned circular breathing on it within a week, and without assistance. This didj and I just "bonded" right away (although I know some people don't believe that women should play the didj - this instrument doesn't seem to "mind" that I'm female). I was completely pleased with the workmanship and appearance of the didj I purchased, for its price. The service was excellent!!! Shipping was VERY fast and with the didj packaged well, it arrived in perfect condition. Business Ethics Your website was highly recommended by my acquantance Thomas Anderson, who also purchased from you. The ad936 is my second-favorite. My first favorite is a termite-hollowed didj which I purchased from Phil Jones at a workshop on using the didj for meditation, in Brentwood, TN. USA
Olivier Labrevoir from France I like all in this didgeridoo, well made, by aboriginal people Simon's painting are wonderfull, the inside of the didg is well sealed, and the sound is not affect, this didg has a great sound for a learner like me. Perfect service Business Ethics   I think ah582 is better than I expected, perfect price, perfect painting by S Simon and a great sound. All my friends want to see it and all say it's great.
Howard from USA This didj is one of my favorites. It's short, light and easy to handle and has a big sound. Excellent for doing healing. Excellent as usual. One of you even called me to verify some shipment information. Aboriginal Made Was a satisfied customer from my first buy. It's one of the top two I have in sound quality. It's also one of the most expensive. It's a great didj.
Howard from USA Easy to play. My only dislike is that it very heavy since it's made from ironwood. I knew that when I bought it though. Excellent as always when dealing with you. Aboriginal Made Previous experience in buying from you was very positive. It's in the middle of the pack. I bought this to be one of my regular players, but the weight issue limits how much I take it with to play.
Anonymous from Germany Nothing to dislike I like very much the this special sonoric warm sound I trust in what you do Workmanship Good website It is still the best
Thomas from Australia My son loves it. we waited to give it to him for Christmas. We have been completely pleased with the service and especially the communication received in the transaction. thank you! Reliably graded Your staff was very responsive to my many questions before purchasing. we spent our summer in oz and since my son is a musician it was important to us that he receive a quality instrument that was respectful of the aboriginal heritage.  
Keith Oak from United Kingdom Beautiful and with an excellent sound, easy to play Excellent service, very fast and simple to use Business Ethics   Far more expensive but well worth the extra cost
From USA I like the tone I get out of it. I have had no problems with cracking or splitting. Workmanship My overall impression of your business was very good. Ad017 is way better than the non-termite hollowed one. I don't even play that one anymore. I have another one that has better sound than ad017, but I still mix it up and play both.
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