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Matt Cooper from United Kingdom Beautiful instrument, sounds great, wonderful artwork but I'm a little disappointed that the musical key is just below C, meaning I can't use it with other instruments. Also, a few small cracks have opened up just over halfway down the instrument, but these shouldn't be to problematic to fix. High speed delivery service, best I've used so far. Great customer service after having to send back a cracked Didj. Workmanship always outstanding as your instruments are made the right way....the aboriginal way. Workmanship Because you're the only business I know of that treats the Didgeridoo interior. There is no comparison!
Matt Cooper from United Kingdom Love everything about this Didj, and I mean everything! As before, outstanding in all areas. Workmanship The care taken to seal the interior of your instruments. As before, there is no comparison.
Larry from USA I liked the somewhat unusual shape, the natural unpainted finish and the fact that is of Aboriginal workmanship. I have a resin didge and the sounds seem crisper and more pronounced whereas the black wood didge the sounds are softer and more mellow. I can't decide which I like better. I guess I will practice more and more to find out. Very pleased - but nobody gets a 10.;) Cultural preservation and quality product seemed more important to you than making money. I am new at this. The other didge I have is a resin didge that I bought for sleep apnea and now I am hooked. That is why I opted to spend a $1000 on a quality Aboriginal didge.
Anonymously I love that this didj is very, very light in weight. I dislike that this didj plays better fast, but I was well aware of this fact when I purchased it. Impeccable as always. Sound Quality Best customer service! Same
Laurence Ing from USA Size, art, workmanship, sound. Web site pictures do not do justices to the beauty of the artwork. Looked at many didge shops in Sydney and Cairns, Australia. Only one Sydney art gallery had didges of comparable external quality (did not hear them played), but at a much higher price. Can't beat Didjshop qualit and prices. Workmanship Shiralee and Svargo were extremely helpful and patient. The first didge (al840), I bought for looks. However, for my this one, I wanted the best sound for my money. I narrowed down my selections using the didjshop guidelines and Svargo was extremely helpful and object in evaluating my choices which was greatly appreciated. Much better sound. Burnt art is just as beautiful and very unique.
Yuri Zhdanau from Belarus I don't know. How can I dislike something about this Didj? Can you imagine something I could dislike? If yes, feel free to share!:) Saying in words - I like the colour:) and Sound. I couldn't even imagine before that I will have to make a credit card. So, well done, Didjshop, well done. Now I'll through it away... or maybe order one more Didj with it:) Workmanship I don't know exactly, but I'm totally sure that you are the only shop where I can find geniune Didj. So I'll never try to find any other, exist it or not. Every single Didj is individually original.
Anonymous from Switzerland It's simply perfect. I like it very much, no... better to say I adore it! It's a not painted didj. Anything else is perfect. Workmanship No. It's exactly that what I've serched for.
Anonymously Very happy with the didj....absolutely beautiful Excellent.... Sound Quality Was very important to me that the Didj was made by the Aboriginal people and that they received credit for the beautiful workmanship. Excellent
Steve Schofield from Australia Fantastic sound, beautiful paint work. I love the fact that it is painstakingly handcrafted by a skilled aboriginal artist. I also like the fact that I paid good money for it which has gone to an ethically sound organisation. Extremely professional. It really was a pleasure to trade with you. Shiralee is very responsive and courteous. I chose am732 because its sound really stood out from the rest of the healing didges. When it arrived, I was delighted to find that I could recreate the same tones that I had listened to on your website. Workmanship Huge range available from your online store. It was clear that a lot of effort goes into the grading process. I chose am732 because its sound really stood out from the rest of the healing didges. I have not had the opportunity to play many didges, probaby less than 5. Only one of them was in any way comparable to am732. I played it a long time ago, and always regretted not having made an offer on it to the owner. The one I 'learned' to play on was very basic, but was available to me for 5 days during a whitsundays voyage on the old tallship 'Golden Plover' rip. the other didges were in tourist shops, and I did not get a positive feel from them. They played quite dead.
Mat Enright from Australia The sound is amazing, vocals come through really well! I love this didj, it looks and sounds awesome. The service was great too - easy to research the didj I wanted and was very prompt in delivery Sound Quality Through your website you can get the feeling of a trustworthy business not trying to sell cheaper inferior didjes It cost a lot more but was worth every cent. It is the main didj I use now! cant wait to use it in a gig
Anonymous from USA Love the look and the sound of the didj. just what I wanted. Every body was great. Could not ask for better service and workmanship. Workmanship The best didjs out there! My first didj but will not be my last from the didgshop.
Louis from Canada Love the quality of craftsmanship of this didje and the light weight of the koontama wood selected.Did not like the tiny dead little Aussie spiders I found inside the bell end.Nothing the vacuum hose couldn't handle though!9 Some of the most incredible aboriginal works of art I've ever seen.Your didjes are the real deal and every single one is unique and original hand crafted and well preserved for highest quality. Workmanship Always have the most unique and original works of aboriginal art. Best didje I have played yet!*
Laurence Ing from USA Really like the art work. Also noticed how well the cracks are sealed. Also liked the packing. Still trying to learn how to play it. As mentioned above, really like the sealing and artwork. Also the sealing inside and the finish outside are outstanding. Can hear the didj before I buy Because of your willingness to correspond with me vial email.  
Ron from United Kingdom Very good appearance with pleasing decoration. Service and workmanship are both listed above as 10 Business Ethics Your website was impressive and I felt confident buying from you. Nothing to compare it with, but different to sound on You Tube clips. Not as deep a sound.
Anonymous from Australia We love the didj! The didj is perfect. The only reason I did not give service 10 out of 10 was the problems with delivery which caused some angst. However, Shiralee was lovely to deal with and we got there in the end. Workmanship I wanted a genuine didj from a genuine dealer.  
Terrill from USA I like the craftsmanship and sound quality I found my didj to be of better quality and sound than expected Aboriginal Made Experience and made by indigenous people of Australia  
Alisha from USA Absolutely loved it. I got it for my husband for Christmas and he was do thrilled. If I could give higher than a 10 I would. It was more than I expected. A beautiful piece of art Business Ethics I read the mission statement and I just thought y'all were really trustworthy. I have never seen a didgi before but my husband used to always say oh I want one. Just to have. Now he is learning to play and he really loves it Great
Yann from France I JUST LOVE IT....I keep on discovering the sound potential of it.. The look is great...With a very nice organic sound.. It is great to feel that Didjshop is not only selling a product but they put all their heart in it..I could feel it was like sharing something....And Shiralee is so sweet... Business Ethics My intuition tell me,it was the place to get it... NOTHING TO COMPARE TO MY OLD ONE...jUST AMAZING!!!
Melissa from USA It's beautiful and extremely well made and it sounds amazing!!! The artwork on the didj is beautiful! I was very pleased with the service, you all were a pleasure to deal with! Thanks so much! Can hear the didj before I buy I gave the most amazing gift...ever. Thanks for that:))  
Anonymous from USA It sounds great and it fits me perfectly. Service was extremely personable, much more than expected - thanks for being so wonderful. Workmanship: two paint dots came off, but you can barely notice it. Workmanship Extremely informative and knowledgable website / disemanation of  
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