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Name and Country Please tell us what you like and/or dislike about this didj Please comment on our service and workmanship Please name one important reason for you to be buying from us Any other reasons why you bought from us How does your new didjshop didj compare with your other didjes on price, sound quality and value
Peter from USA It has been a great didj - with great tone and resonance and enough back pressure that I was able to learn to circular breath with it. Recently I had it in my car on a really hot day and the beeswax melted and I need to repair the mouthpiece and don't have enough beeswax for this and would like a lesson in forming a whole new mouthpiece I got my didj from you in the early days of learning so didn't have a lot to compare it to. It came quickly and when I unwrapped it, an insect crawled out! It could have been a termite but if so it was bigger than ours here. I took that as a good omen! Now when I drop in at shops to play the didjs there, mostly I am disappointed compared to the didj I got from you guys Workmanship Ease of on-line purchase with all the info - visual, sound and wide array to choose from I started high with a medium concert didj so will now only consider one of different key of concert quality
I am sorry, but this didj was not good. I changed it for aa702 - this second is perfect now. Your workmanship and service is excellent. I bought from you until now three didj, and all is going perfect with the service. Thank you. Workmanship I was the visitor of Cairns and Kuranda and I have a great remembering of that places. It was not as good and I change it.
Anonymously THis was a birthday gift for my son. He was very satisfied with the didj. We have had no need to report any problems and the didj was sent to us promptly after the order was placed. Reliable Trustworthy Business ALso the fact that it was shipped from Australia. This gave it a more authentic feel for the purchase. This, rather than buying form an American re-seller. Comparable
Anonymously It's got a great tone. When I play it people always gather around, and are interested in it. The love the crazy sounds that comes out of it, and the tone is great. I got a plain dogwood didj. The mouth piece was well formed:) But the sound was spot on. Workmanship Your prices were decent, but I knew that I was getting a good didj, because you had tested it and uploaded the sound files.  
Tom Sloane from USA The Didj has a very solid body, very strong, quite heavy for its size, and with exceptionally fine finish and preservation. The tone is accurate as to pitch, clear and resonant, with wonderful back pressure and ease of play. The tonal power is a bit less than I expected, but excellent nonetheless. Both are excellent. And I am especially impressed by the effort you put into grading the instruments. Actually my confidence in your grading system has caused me to hold in even higher regard a Low A didj I bought elsewhere some years back, and which is still my favorite stick. Reliably graded The authenticity and passion in your work. Excellent on all counts. As mentioned, my low A, which is genuine, and beautifully painted, has my favorite tone.
John from USA Love the look and the sound! It is a beautiful didj! Great People and a fantastic Vibe! Head and shoulders above all others!
Nathan Costello from Japan Love the quality, sound and easy playability. I ordered this didj from Japan, so I was expecting delays in delivery and also buying off the net, you never seem to get exactly what you think your buying. I was plesantly surprised to get a perfect didj, in a very quick timeframe. Aboriginal Made You seem to be more about the didj community and aboriginal community than just selling more product. Much better
Alan from Canada Like: eveything / dislike: nothing:-) Svargo, both your service and workmanship are top rate. I'm very pleased and hope you stay in business a long time. Reliably graded Your website has a phenomenal amount of information which I believe shows just how much how much you believe in your company and your customers experience. Is there really any other place to buy your Didj???  
Anonymously This didj has a smooth yet crisp silky smooth tone, can play it for hours on end or it plays me. Workmanship is excellent and non compares, but it is morally imperative that your customer service, packaging and shipping be a little more together! Workmanship Aboriginal made want to make sure they are making a good trade for their special endangered service! Expensive!
Anonymously Oh wow this didj is truely one off a kind! Its its own person. Does not have a name yet but he does what he wants when he wants anytime he wants. He heals most the time. Oh when I mike this guy the power he rumbles like a clean thunderous lightning bolt from ZEUS himself! Could have packed better, faster service, very spendy, all people are not wealthy, would be very tough for most people to afford. Workmanship Aboriginal people deserve more. Hope I am helping with purchase. Spectacular!!
Les from Qatar Artwork is very good. Authentic didj Excellent service Aboriginal Made Wanted an authentic didj  
Anonymously It's a delightful and beautiful instrument. My dad really enjoys it. Excellent! Workmanship It was a gift for my dad who has sleep apnea and enjoys musical instruments of all kinds. I heard that playing the diji would help his sleep apnea, and I knew it was something he would enjoy. (And I enjoy hearing him play it!) N/A
Dustin from USA It's the only authentic didj that I own, or have played on, so I can't compare its sound to other aboriginal works, but compared to anything else I've played on; PVC, bamboo, carved wood; the sound is remarkable. There's really nothing I dislike about it. It's the best didj I've ever heard or played. I'd love to help you out by providing some constructive criticism, but I have only good things to say and I'll just sound like a broken record. I'm very pleased with both. Perhaps when I come across some more money I can do business with you more often and find things to nitpick! Workmanship Good detail pictures of the didj, good selection, good community, lots of other information The others are PVC, so price doesn't compare. the af450 is completely out of the PVC didj's league.
Kevin from USA It is absolutely amazing, the sound quality and appearance is outstanding and I couldn't be more happier. Your staff was extremely helpful, they replied to every question I had within a day and were able to satisfy my every question and curiosity. Workmanship Overall it was the customer support and knowledge provided by your website that sold me. I plan on doing business with you again soon. There is no comparison. Al872 is a superb musical instrument.
Bryan from USA I haven't found anything that I dislike about the didge. It is a very well made and playable instrument. The Didjshop was very prompt and courteous in facilitating my purchase. Shipping costs were very reasonable and delivery was much quicker than I expected. Workmanship   I make pvc didges for resale myself. There really isn't much comparison, though the plastic does have good sound quality.
Tiago from Portugal Good backpressure Clear drone, rich and warm Good harmonics, could have wider amplitude. Good for meditation, slow playing. The didje feels great, it was clearly carefully crafted, handled and packed. The service was very good, always replying fast to my emails with a caring thoughtful attitude. Can hear the didj before I buy I have search everywhere in my country for a good, termite hollowed, original aboriginal didjeridoo. And there was none with any of the characteristics mentioned above. I made several didjes starting from PVC 3, bamboo 4 and agave 2. kept the some that I like playing but I can't get a backpressure, finish and warmth like ah597. Recently bought a didje at a fair, it was a fast playing cheap hand crafted didje, but the quality doens't compare to ah597
Anonymous from USA Love the sound and the way it feels while playing. Very good service and workmanship. Sound Quality Excellent website. N/A
Anonymously Gift for my wife to help her sleep apnea Outstanding/personal Workmanship    
Tim from USA Good size and excellent quality Your service is top shelf excellent Workmanship Being a repeat customer I can buy with confidence It's in the middle
Anonymously I love this Didj everything about it I love, from the sound to the way it plays to how it looks I love the borer trails up and down the didj it looks like someone has just snapped it straight off a tree. Service is always good very helpful and friendly sales staff I love dealing with you guys Low Price I have looked at alot of other didj sites and been to a lot of aboriginal art stores I still find I like your didjs better I think the sound quality and look and the price I paid was very cheap I am very happy with this didj
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